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Novell's Mission & One Net Vision Novell's Vision: One Net – A World Without Information Boundaries Novell's Mission: Novell helps customers profit from.

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2 Novell's Mission & One Net Vision Novell's Vision: One Net – A World Without Information Boundaries Novell's Mission: Novell helps customers profit from the opportunities of the information economy. We enable them to realize the value of their information and deliver it securely and economically to any stakeholder, anytime, anywhere, through any device and across any platform.

3 Novell Story Novell one Net Business Solutions Opening the door to Web Services Novell exteNd Securely getting the right information to the right people Novell Nsure The best foundation for you mixed environment Novell Nterprise The experience to solve your business problems Novell Ngage : : : : 1-8

4 Novell Products and Solutions Cluster Services, eDirectory, Evolution, Evolution Connector, Groupwise, iFolder, Netmail, Netware, Nterprise Branch Office, Nterprise Linux Services, Open Enterprise Server, Red Carpet Enterprise Server, Small Busines Suite, Ximian Desktop, ZENworks Novell Nterprise™ products give you the power to enable and manage the constant interaction of people with your business systems. Novell Nterprise Account Manager, BorderManager, eDirectory, iChain, Novell File System Factory, Novell Modular Authentication Services, Nsure Audit, Nsure Identity Manager (formerly DirXML), Nsure Secure Login Novell Nsure™ products give you the power to control access so you can confidently deliver the right resources to the right people. Novell Nsure eDirectory, exteNd Enterprise Suite Novell exteNd™ is a web service oriented application development suite, that simplifies and accelerates the development of interactive business solutions that leverage existing systems. Novell exteNd ProductsSummaryNovell Solution

5 Identity Management What is Identity Management? Our customers today are faced with the management and security of information and applications that are broadly distributed across a number of internal and external systems. They need to provide access to the information and applications to individuals both inside and outside of their organization. All this must be done by not compromising their organizations sensitive information. Identity Management solutions enable the management and security of individual identities accessing corporate information and applications. Core Components of Identity Management- Password Reset Password Synchronization Single Sign-on Access Management

6 Why Novell Nsure Industry Leadership: Industry Leadership: Gartner listed Novell in the leader quadrant of the Metadirectory Services Magic Quadrant (September 2003).* META Group ranked Novell eDirectory as a leader in the LDAP directory market (January 2004). IDC identified Novell as the fastest-growing worldwide security 3A vendor, with 51.4% market share growth between 2001 and 2002 (September 2003). According to The Radicati Group, Novell has 25% of the Full Suite Identity Management market (October 2003). Differentiators: Comprehensive and modular solution Based on market-leading technology Leverage your existing investments Automate your existing business processes Provide a foundation that will support your evolving business strategy Global ecosystem for training, services and support

7 Novell Linux Offerings SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9 (SLES 9) Novell Nterprise Linux Services Novell Open Enterprise Server Novell Linux Desktop Productivity Applications Linux Collaboration GroupWise 6.5 for Linux SUSE Openexchange Server SUSE/ZENworks Linux Management Suite 1-2

8 8 Novell Linux Desktop 9 Enables End-user Productivity Novell Linux Desktop provides the basic applications required to support a productive workforce Novell Evolution Linux Kernel 2.6 Mozilla Firefox Novell Edition Office Suite Email, Calendaring and Collaboration Web Browser Broad Hardware Support

9 © Novell Inc. Novell ® Open Enterprise Server Greater Choice and Flexibility Unmatched Enterprise SecurityCommon Management Realize Benefits from Open Source Reliable, Scalable, Enterprise Services Thousands of Applications

10 © Novell Inc. Applications/Hardware Support SUSE ® LINUX Application vendorsHardware vendors

11 Basics of Novell Licensing Programs

12 3 licensing engagement levels 1 base agreement Volume License Agreement (VLA)Corporate License Agreement (CLA)Master License Agreement (MLA)

13 terms All Novell licensing agreements: –Are based on a term –are based on cumulative discounts –offer worldwide availability –respect past-version rights –allow you to add supporting upsells to the licensing package MLA: automatic renewal –require contracts –MLA – self audits & maintenance due annually – SSA partner is required to help

14 details: worldwide availability & past version rights Who can purchase with an existing Novell licensing agreement? The organization that made the agreement... AND... All divisions, subsidiaries and worldwide affiliates of that organization (with signed membership form and $5000 purchase) Past version rights Flexibility - Customers can install a later product version but still be licensed to use an earlier version Lower costs - No upgrade charge when to transition to the newest version

15 details: upgrade protection vs. maintenance maintenance: REQUIRED for MLA –works similar to upgrade protection –also includes some technical support –technical support upgrades available for purchase –is required for MLA purchases

16 Usage rights comparison Much of SUSE products are Open Source; there is no purchased license associated with them. Novell products require the customer to buy the perpetual license, with optional Upgrade Protection. SUSE products have no purchased license, but require an initial Upgrade Protection purchase to receive the product. 1-23

17 SUSE MLA Offering –Maintenance functions the same as with other Novell products –Includes both updates/upgrades and technical support –Once a customer adds a SUSE product to the MLA, they must continue paying Maintenance on that product for the life of the MLA –Maintenance added in mid-year can be prorated monthly until the end of the Annual Period

18 Deployment Questions –NO. Some customers may have the misunderstanding that Open Source code in SUSE LINUX means they can freely deploy. –Upgrade Protection rules for VLA/CLA require that once selected for a product, all licenses must be covered. This means that all SUSE LINUX licenses must be covered under Upgrade Protection. –MLA Maintenance similarly requires that all licenses of all products be covered. May a customer buy one media kit & one server of Upgrade Protection and deploy SUSE LINUX across their organization?

19 Important Notice – Netware 6.5 Maintenance Discontinued On March 16th Novell discontinued maintenance for Netware 6.5 It has been replaced with Novell Open Enterprise 1.0 maintenance (877-000157-001, $24.00). Open Enterprise contains all of the functionality of Netware with additional functionality for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9 Novell will honor Netware 6.5 maintenance orders which were quoted prior to March 16th. Netware 6.5 will still be offered as a license but must be sold with Open Enterprise maintenance.

20 Resources Information on Linux benefits compared to Windows Information on Novell Linux Desktop Program collateral, contracts, price lists & sales guides Additional training material on Novell licensing All academic program collateral, contracts


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