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Colin Regan ASAP National Coordinator Developing a Club Drug & Alcohol Policy.

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1 Colin Regan ASAP National Coordinator Developing a Club Drug & Alcohol Policy


3 Irish 16 Year olds - European Comparison

4 A.S.A.P. Programme 1 National Officer 4 Provincial Officers 32 County Officers 2,000+ Club Officers 750,000 Club members

5 A.S.A.P. Programme Reduce the harm from alcohol & other drugs National template 32 County Officers Officer in every club in the country DVD for clubs Education for parents/guardians Website & video messages from players Helps resist negative peer pressure Linked in with existing drug/alcohol services

6 1. Prevention of drug and alcohol abuse 2. Education about drugs and alcohol 3. Planned responses to likely drug and alcohol incidents Club Drug & Alcohol policies should include….

7 7 Steps to developing your Club Drug & Alcohol Policy A.S.A.P. Programme

8 The committee for developing the policy must involve of management, coaches, parents and players. Young people must be involved in a meaningful way. Keep the committee to a maximum of 8. 1.Form a committee to develop the policy.

9  GAA Club Manual for Drugs & Alcohol GAA Task Force Report on Alcohol ASAP Programme “Club Matters” DVD Contact your local Health Promotion or Drug & Alcohol service ASAP Website 2. Study relevant resources

10 Every club has different needs. Spend some time discussing the types of problems that have happened before. Think about the type of difficulties that are likely to come up in the future in your area and your policy on these. 3. Review the situation in your area regarding drugs/alcohol.

11 Keep it to 2- 3 (max.) pages in length The least a policy should include is… Reason for having a policy Definition of the word “drug” Rules on alcohol, drugs, tobacco, medicine Roles and responsibilities Education about alcohol and drug use Sanctions & Confidentiality Procedures for monitoring and evaluation 4. Prepare a draft copy of the Club Drug & Alcohol Policy.

12 SEND OUT COPIES TO EVERYONE Invite people to give feedback on the draft policy. Amend it to include relevant feedback. Get club management to ratify the policy and formally adopt its recommendations. 5. Circulate the draft policy

13 Officially launch of the policy to; 1. signify its start date 2. get some positive media coverage 3. let everyone know of its existence Make sure EVERYONE in the club gets a copy. Display it in the club. Move quickly to arrange an education or training event to capitalise on momentum. 6. Finalise, launch and start implementing the policy.

14 The types of drugs being used changes so get annual updates. The policy should be reviewed annually and always after an incident to see if it was effective or it needs to be amended. 7. Monitor, review and evaluate the policy.

15 Club Drug & Alcohol Policy Follow the steps in the manual and your club will be better able to… 1. prevent alcohol and drug problems from happening, 2. know what to do when alcohol or drug problems do occur.

16 A.S.A.P. Programme Resources

17 Colin Regan National Coordinator A.S.A.P. Programme Croke Park 3 Jones Road Dublin 3 (087) 2945705 Contact Details for the A.S.A.P. Programme

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