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Post Herpetic Neuralgia Stephen May. Introduction "O’er ladies’ lips, who straight on kisses dream;Which oft the angry Mab with blisters plagues." Romeo.

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1 Post Herpetic Neuralgia Stephen May

2 Introduction "O’er ladies’ lips, who straight on kisses dream;Which oft the angry Mab with blisters plagues." Romeo and Juliet (W. Shakespeare). "Whether or not the unknown infectious material of chickenpox could under certain circumstances manifest itself instead as a zoster eruption." James von Bokay 1892.

3 Introduction Smallpox and chickenpox different 1904 Ernest Tyzzer Zoster fluid could infect with varicella 1925 Kundratitz Weller et al in 1958 : same virus responsible for both Hope-Simpson : zoster is due to varicella virus reactivation

4 Introduction PHN is one of the most painful neuropathic conditions Usually VZV reactivation PHN : 1-6 mth post acute HZ Risk increases with age Usually a single unilateral dermatome Thoracic and V1 most common

5 Pathophysiology Acute infection : necrotising reaction in dorsal horn Large myelinated fibres are most extensively damaged Increased transfer at dorsal horn from smaller fibres (nociceptive info) Reduced innervation noted at affected skin Changes evident in CNS

6 Pathophysiology PHN – 2 types of pain Steady, aching, boring pain Paroxysmal lancing pain Allodynia, hyperalgesia, hyperaesthesia often occur Explained by 2 different mechanisms

7 Pathophysiology Sensitisation Acute injury -> ongoing discharge and hyperexcitability of nociceptor (peripheral sensitisation) Prolonged nociceptor discharge -> enhanced dorsal horn response to afferent neurones with expansion of receptive field (central sensitisation) Explains allodynia without marked sensory loss

8 Pathophysiology Deafferentation VZV reactivation in DRG - >inflammation -> neural damage and oedema Reduced endoneurial blood flow (↑P) Neural destruction Loss of afferent neurones -> spontaneous activity in deafferenated central neurones Constant pain in area of sensory loss and minimal allodynia

9 Pathophysiology Reactive sprouting of spinal terminals of A B mechanoreceptors to receptors formerly occupied by C-fibres results in hyperalgesia and allodynia

10 Pathophysiology 3 subtypes 1) Irritable nociceptor subtype Damaged primary afferent nociceptors responsible for allodynia Little deficit in sensory thresholds as sensory signalling still occurs

11 Pathophysiology 2) Deafferenated allodynic subtype Primary afferents more extensively damaged C fibres develop neuromata (spont discharge ) -> dorsal horn sensitisation Selective loss of C fibres (touch preserved) Surviving A B fibres discharge normally -> light touch signalling pain

12 Pathophysiology 2) Deafferenated non-allodynic subtype V. Extensive nerve damage Skin insensitive to all modalities Pain as a consequence of central sensitisation and neuronal reorganisation

13 Management : Prevention Increasing evidence for vaccination Acts to increase cell mediated immunity 2006 : UFDA have approved use Amitriptyline has been suggested as prophylactic drug

14 Management : Acute HZ Antivirals Corticosteroids Standard analgesia ? Epidural LA + steroid beneficial for pain Possibly only short term effect and no clear evidence in reducing PHN incidence

15 Management : PHN Mainstay of treatment is Anticonvulsants Antidepressants Opiates Increasing evidence for lidocaine patches as first line therapy

16 Management : PHN TCA’s : NNT 2.3 for 50% pain relief 30% minor SE’s, 4% more severe SE NNH 22 (major), 3.7 (minor) SSRI better tolerated but less effective GONIP trial (nortriptyline v gabapentin) : similar effects on pain and sleep, gabapentin better tolerated

17 Management : PHN Only 2/3 taking carbamazepine or gabapentin for neuropathic pain get benefit ? Best for lancinating or burning pain NNT 3.9, RR 2.5 Pregabalin may be tried where gabapentin not tolerated ? Lamotrigine – not licensed for PHN in Europe

18 Management : PHN Lidocaine patch 5% Reasonable first line choice and cost effective NO SIGNIFICANT SYSTEMIC SE’S Can get mild skin reaction Shown to have central effects

19 Management : PHN Opiates – partially effective, not 1 st line Capsaicin –NNT 5.3 for 0.075% Will increase pain in irritable nociceptor subgroup – contraindicated TENS – to be effective : need sufficient innervation from normally conducting fast fibres

20 Management : PHN Epidural LA + Steroid Evidence of effects on reducing pain General consensus is of little effect on PHN development ? Intrathecal methyprednisolone Occasional small scale evidence for peripheral or sympathetic blocks – no RCT

21 Management : Miscellaneous Prostaglandin E2 UVB in acute HZ ? Myofascial component in resistant cases LA + steroid local infiltration Botulinum toxin A Local skin excision (irritable nociceptor subgroup) Intrathecal baclofen Iv ATP

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