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Sulfur 1s22s2sp63s23p4 Chromium 1s22s22p63s23p64s23d4 Lead (give the noble gas configuration) [Xe]6s24f145d106p2 Barium [Xe]6s2

2 Name the element… 2p3 nitrogen 4s2 calcium 4d6 rhodium 5 p6 xenon

3 Identify As Either Ionic Or Covalent
potassium hydroxide ionic Pb3S2 Nitrogen dioxide Covalent Carbon tetrachloride covalent ammonium sulfate Carbon monoxide covalent Magnesium chloride ionic Sulfur dioxide Dihydrogen dioxide

4 Give the oxidation numbers So, how many protons and electrons?
Oxygen -2 Calcium +2 Aluminum +3 Chlorine -1 Oxygen 8 p, 10 e Calcium 12 p, 10 e Aluminum 13 p, 10 e Chlorine 17p 18 e

5 Writing Formulas And Naming Ionic Bonds
KOH  potassium hydroxide (NH4)2S  ammonium sulfide KCl  potassium chloride Li2S Lithium sulfide Calcium iodide CaI2 Ammonium hydroxide NH4OH Aluminum chlorate Al(ClO3)3 Lead(II) sulfide Pb3S2 Magnesium hydroxide Mg(OH)2

6 Writing formulas and naming covalent bonds
Carbon dioxide CH4 Carbon tetrahydride S3O Trisulfur monoxide Sulfur trioxide SiO3 Dinitrogen trisulfide N2S3 P3N2 Triphosphorus dinitride

7 Complete The Blanks In an ionic bond, electrons are ____. Transferred
An ionic bond is always between a__ and a ___. Metal, nonmetal In a covalent bond, electrons are ____. Shared A covalent bond is always between 2 ____. Nonmetals When you name a covalently bonded molecule, you use ____. prefixes

8 Given the two chemical equations, circle the one that is balanced. 
a. 2Na + Cl2 → 2NaCl b. 2Na + 2Cl2 → 2NaCl (a is balanced)   a. C3H O2 → 3CO H2O b. 2C3H O2 → 3CO H2O a. 2NH O2 → 2NO + 3H2O b. 4NH O2 → 4NO + 6H2O  (b is balanced)

9 Balance the equations ____ Al + ____Fe3N2 → ___ AlN + ____ F 2,1,2,3 ____Ag2S →____Ag + ____ S8 8, 16,1 ____ ZnS + ____AlP → ____Zn3P2 + ____Al2S3 3, 2,1,1 ____ Cu2O + ____ C → ____ Cu + ____ CO2 2,1,4,1

10 The oxidation number of calcium is _____.
+2 Is calcium a metal or nonmetal? Metal Because it forms a positive ion, it is called a __. cation The oxidation number for chlorine is ____. -1 Is it a metal or nonmetal? Nonmetal Because it forms a negative ion, it is called an ____. anion

11 Definitions… The amount of matter in a substance? Matter
The amount of space an object takes up is Volume A ratio that compares the mass of an object to its volume? Density If you cut a piece of gold in half, it’s volume and mass change. Does it’s density? No- density is an intrinsic property

12 Another half-life problem
What is the half-life of an isotope if 125 g of a 1000 g sample of the isotope remains after 3.0 years? To go from 1000 g to 125 g means that 3 half lives have passed. The half life must be 1 year year (1 half-life= 500 g) 2 year (2 half-lives = 250 g) 3 years (3 half-lives = 125 g left)

13 Identify The Reactant(s) In The Equation
SnO2 + 2 H2 → Sn + 2 H2O SnO2 + 2 H2 What are Sn + 2 H2O? The products

14 SOLID, LIQUID OR GAS? Fastest moving particles Gas
Particles are tightly packed together Solid The state of matter with an indefinite shape and definite volume Liquid Particles are in constant motion gas

15 The state of matter with an indefinite shape and indefinite volume
gas The state of matter with a definite shape and definite volume Solid List the 3 types of nuclear radiation in order from most massive to least massive. Alpha, beta, gamma

16 What type of nuclear reaction occurs in the sun?
Fusion What type of nuclear reaction produces electricity? Fission When a chemical reaction occurs, the mass of the reactants ___ the mass of the products. Equals If the mass of the reactants is 10 g, then the mass of the products is ___ g. 10 Which law explains why these must be equal? Law of Conservation of Mass




20 SCIENTISTS… Bohr Bohr Model Mendeleev
Organized Periodic Table by atomic number Rutherford The atom is mostly empty space JJ Thompson Plum pudding model Democritus First came up with the idea that all matter is made of atoms, but that it cannot be broken down any further

21 Review all the worksheets!!!
Good luck!


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