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ScanTrip & Dispatcher Amy O’Hara, Product Marketing Manager Manny Couciero, SEC Manager.

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1 ScanTrip & Dispatcher Amy O’Hara, Product Marketing Manager Manny Couciero, SEC Manager

2 Agenda Intro to SEC SEC Software Security ScanTrip What is it? Main features Why buy ScanTrip? Advantages Live demonstration

3 Agenda Dispatcher What is it? Main features Why buy dispatcher? Advantages: Bates Stamp Case study: BCBS SC Live demonstration How to order Discounts and Volume pricing Questions Where to Find More Information

4 Intro to SEC The Systems Engineering Center (SEC), located in Windsor, CT, is an important part of Konica Minolta's research and development activities. SEC is charged with identifying new market opportunities and with providing solutions for Konica Minolta's customers. We are committed to providing our customers with a wide range of applications to fit their needs. ScanTrip and Dispatcher are just the tip of the iceberg. SEC will continue to provide our unique services to improve and expand our ever-growing solution base. "Vision is seeing things not as they are, but as they will be"

5 Intro to SEC Members of team that created our original IP controllers Introduced solutions into XK (Application Revolution) Market/channel researchers Identify and penetrate new opportunities Support Marketing and Planning functions Programmers/developers of: ScanTrip, ScanTrip Admin, ScanTrip Mac, ScanTrip LINUX Dispatcher, Dispatcher Pro LocoLingo Collector DocuBreeze And many more.. We work for YOU!

6 SEC Software Security Software Security

7 SEC Software Security Purchase software via web or via PCUA and obtain Purchase code (code provided via e-mail for web purchases or on the CD for PCUA purchases) Install software solution and run. A lock code screen is presented and you are requested to provide an unlock code.

8 SEC Software Security Register the software solution at using the purchase code and the lock code provide by the With a successful registration, the SEC web site will display the unlock code required to unlock the software on the PC it is registered on. You will also be provided with an email from the SEC web site with the unlock code information. Please note that all software licenses issued by SEC are uniquely created for use on only the computer they were originally installed on. Under no circumstances are any of the licenses transferable.

9 ScanTrip

10 What is ScanTrip? ScanTrip is an easy to use network scanning solution that enhances the power of Konica Minolta digital multifunctional document systems with scan-to-file functionality. ScanTrip lets you retrieve scanned documents and images quickly and easily from the HDDs of many Konica Minolta MFPs (scan-to-file function) directly to their PC The “Auto-Retrieve” function provides added convenience by automating a periodical check of your mailbox for scanned documents and images to retrieve.

11 Main Features of ScanTrip Simple scanning and retrieval of scanned documents and images from mailboxes on your Konica Minolta MFP Convenience in knowing that the images are stored on MFP HDD and can be retrieved whenever a user desires. Auto-Retrieve Periodically checks your mailbox for images and places them in a pre- determined directory on your PC Auto-Open Automatically open your scanned image with the associated application International Language Support Fully supported Demo Version is available

12 Why Buy ScanTrip? ScanTrip is a proven stable solution. Nothing else to purchase. All patches and updates are provided for FREE. Why not use scan-to-email instead? Scanned images can be quite large in size and some mail servers may block the email. No indication if the email was sent correctly. Email to yourself, nothing arrives Walk back to the MFD and scan-to-email again. Inconsistent image delivery With scan-to-email, you may get your image in 5 minutes or 5 hours depending on the mail servers involved. No Backup copy stored on MFD

13 Why Buy ScanTrip? Why not use Scan-to-FTP instead? Customer must install an FTP server. Users must install FTP client software Excessive support required No backup copy stored on MFD Why not use Scan-to-SMB instead? User must have admin rights on their PC (Most do not). Too much data entry at the MFD touch panel - OR – You must leave your PC information at the MFD where others have accesses to it No backup copy stored on MFD. With one solution, users can scan from legacy MFDs, C350, bizhub Pro 1050 and future MFDs. Same/similar full function GUI for Windows, LINUX and Mac.

14 Different flavors of ScanTrip ScanTrip for Windows ScanTrip for MAC v9.x ScanTrip for MAC v10.x ScanTrip for Linux ScanTrip Admin

15 ScanTrip Compatibility ScanTrip supports the following MFPs: All Legacy Konica MFDs that support “scan-to-box” capability, as well as the following: 7222/7228/7235 7255/7272 7085 7145 bizhub C350 bizhub Pro 1050 And all future Konica Minolta MFPs that support “scan-to- box” function

16 How it works? 1. Define your scanner. 2. Select a mailbox. 3. Retrieve your files, either manually or automatically. As easy as 1, 2, 3…

17 ScanTrip Advantages Gateway to easy network scanning Pull Scanning Scanned images are kept on the MFD’s hard drive and pulled to any workstation on the network Easy to bundle as part of a sale Dedicated PC not required Stable, proven and accepted world-wide solution All future updates at no additional cost! High return on investment.

18 Post-Sales Support Licensing Technical Support/Troubleshooting NSSG Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. – 8 p.m. EST at 1-800- 825-5664

19 ScanTrip Live Demonstration

20 Questions on ScanTrip?

21 Dispatcher

22 What is Dispatcher? Dispatcher document task automation solution allows you to streamline and simplify your most popular and often-used document manipulation functions Scan, clean, split, merge, watermark, annotate, etc. And does it all automatically An easy-to-use task automation application that performs routine document routing, printing, backup and manipulation functions Easy introduction of “document workflow” concepts to customers. Collect Process Distribute Dispatcher helps you save valuable time and money by automating and streamlining mundane tasks, freeing you up to concentrate on more important things.

23 Minimum System Requirements Windows 98 SE, Windows NT 4, Windows 2000, Windows XP 200 MHz Intel Pentium processor 64 Mb (128 Mb recommended) available system RAM IE 5.0+ Network connection required

24 Dispatcher Main Features Automate document scanning, cleaning and preprocessing operations like: AutoScan - Automatically monitor folders and Konica Minolta document systems for new files. “Hot Folders” - Drag files to a folder on your desktop for processing. Image Clean-up - Improve image quality with despeckle and deskew capabilities Split/Merge - Separate or combine scanned (TIFF) documents Annotation / Bates Stamp - Stamp Documents with important information

25 Dispatcher Main Features (continued) Watermark - Overlay text or graphics onto your documents Scanner Support - Supports Konica Minolta products like the bizhub C350 and the bizhub PRO 1050 Backup Documents - Automatically create backup copies of your original and processed documents AutoPrint - Easily print documents without ever opening the original application AutoOpen - Automatically open the processed document with it’s associated application Advanced Scheduling/Batch process - Collect, process and distribute files when you want

26 Dispatcher Main Features Fully Functional demo version available True multitasking solution with support for up to 10 “tasks” at the same time. Batch processor International Language support offered by LocoLingo Send to System Tray functionality

27 Why Annotation / Bate Stamping? Dispatcher’s Annotation/Bates Stamp functionality was derived from customer requests to automate “Bates Stamping” functionality for the Legal market. Bates Stamp solutions range from a couple hundred dollars to $Millions. Most Law firms still manually stamp each document that they received with a date and a sequential number. Dispatcher allows the paralegal to: Scan a document with an MFD Clean the document Add a Bates Stamp Save the document to a network PC Print the stamped copy. All this by just scanning the documents into a mailbox on an MFD!

28 Why Annotation / Bate Stamping? Dispatcher’s Annotation features provide the following Bates options: Positioning on the page, Add text Add sequential numbering Show leading zeros Add a Date stamp Add Confidential or Received Add the file name Select information dividers Other market opportunities exist where it is vital to ensure that no documents are missing: Human Resources Medical Government Manufacturing

29 Why Buy? Dispatcher is a proven stable solution. Nothing else to purchase. All patches and/or updates are provided for FREE. Inexpensive “Bates Stamping” solution Entry level routing and imaging solution that can help you better position PageScope Router and DocuBreeze. Auto despeckle/deskew and automatically opens images in application before you even get back to your desk.

30 Why Buy? Why Dispatcher instead of PS Router or DocuBreeze? No dedicated server required Very easy to install and use Contains most of the everyday functionality required by most customers Least expensive solution With one solution users can scan from legacy MFDs, C350, bizhub Pro 1050 and future MFDs. Accepted as a world-wide solution and easy to bundle with every sale

31 How it Works? Dispatcher can collect (input) files in two ways: Monitor a “hot folder” which can reside on a network share drive or a desktop PC Automatically collect from a Konica Minolta MFP mailbox

32 How it Works? Apply one or more processing functions to a task Up to 10 simultaneous tasks Move (output) the processed file to a predetermined folder on your desktop PC or network share drive

33 2 Versions of Dispatcher Dispatcher Workgroup focused Dispatcher Pro (new) IT focused. More back-office capabilities. More tasks available – data parsing More ways to print

34 Case Study – Blue Cross Blue Shield SC A Custom Solution One of the primary needs for the high-speed production devices in the print shop is the requirement to print out client insurance packs that include individual policy information along with new insurance cards. The data files are provided by an automated system that builds each client package based on the insurance options that they had requested. The data files, hundreds to thousand at a time, can either contain no insurance card OR can include one of four card stocks as the first page and with 100 additional duplexed pages of policy information. Based on multiple information included in each of the files, a determination needed to be made if card stock is need for the packet and if so, which card is to be selected and printed on as the first page. The card is printed to one of four pre-printed stocks (in pre-defined trays), the body is selected as plain paper, and each packet, card and body, is stapled together for the finished product. To accomplish this job, the print shop had a custom proprietary software solution created that was required to be installed on each of the two existing 110ppm production devices from a different vendor. The solution was tethered to each 110ppm product and required the print shop to contact the vender and have their Engineer visit to make any minor corrections.

35 Case Study – Blue Cross Blue Shield SC With the arrival of the bizhub PRO 1050 and its ability for the user to “name” the type of stock and the drawer that it resides in, Fabian wanted to use the bizhub PRO 1050 to offload some of the client packets from the other two devices, due to reliability issues. Because the current program was designed only to work with the other devices, Fabian asked Konica Minolta to find a solution. Konica Minolta’s System Engineering Center (SEC), a custom software development division of Konica Minolta Business Solutions U.S.A, was able to provide multiple software options, consisting 3rd party solutions and SEC’s own developed solution – Konica Minolta Dispatcher Pro. By installing Dispatcher Pro on a PC prior to the print jobs being sent to the bizhub PRO 1050, the data stream could be parsed, altered as needed, without any disruption to the existing process. On the day that the Konica Minolta SEC engineer came to install Dispatcher, Fabian added an unexpected variable. Instead of the four types of card stock that they had been using, the print shop now was required to add a fifth card stock and, worst of all, the process and information required to identify the card stock was 100% different than anything currently existing. “When programming changes such as this were needed with our old software, we would have had to call in the vendor and spend significant time and money to handle the complex reprogramming,” said Fabian. “Konica Minolta’s SEC handled the change in a single afternoon, and more importantly, showed us how to make future changes on our own through simple logic programming. It’s tremendously easy to customize Dispatcher.” As an open, configurable solution, Dispatcher Pro gives the print shop the flexibility to use whatever device they choose to complete this job. In addition, Dispatcher is also able to handle many of the print shop’s scanning tasks such as automated scanning, despeckling and deskewing — eliminating the need for additional software license costs.

36 Dispatcher Live Demo

37 Dispatcher Questions?

38 How to order ScanTrip and Dispatcher?

39 How to Order – 2 Ways Online: Credit Card is needed for online orders Fax via PCUA/Item #s:

40 How to Order – 2 Ways (continued) Price Differences Online: No support provided. A fee of $25 per incident per call to NSSG Download only (no CD media) PCUA/Item #s order: Full NSSG support for channel technicians. Physical CD shipped

41 Discounts and Volume Pricing Online: All volume discounts are provided at Volume discounts are automatically applied when making a credit card purchase. PCUA/Item #s: All volume discounted purchase via CD will need to be made as a special purchase directly from SEC (case by case bases with custom CD). Please contact your channel representative for assistance.

42 Contacts CO, KS, NE, NM, SD, UT, WYBruce Leigh AZ, HI, NV, CA (Southern only)Bonney Huggins IN, KY, MI, MN, OH, WITambra Archibald AK, CA (Northern only), ID, MT, ND, OR, WA Steve Michael AL, FL, GA, IL, MS, SC, TNJeff Berger CT, DE, ME, MD, MA, NH, NJ, NY, NC, PA, RI, VA, VT, WVA Armand Lebeau AR, IA, LA, MO, OK, TXLincoln Spurgin Pre-Sales Support: Dealer Channel

43 Contacts Konica Minolta Product Marketing Manager Amy O’Hara 201-818-5751 SEC Solution information Website – Smart Search Knowledge Base Webinars Debbie Falco 201-236-4386

44 Questions?

45 Thank you!

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