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802.11b/g/a Wireless Technology Devices

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1 802.11b/g/a Wireless Technology Devices
Using x Gear in HSMM 802.11b/g/a Wireless Technology Devices Jeff Fant, N5OLF, CWNA, CCAI, CCNA

2 Types of Wireless Networks
Ad Hoc PC to PC with no Access Point IBSS Infrastructure All PCs communicate with each other through a common Access Point(s) BSS EBSS

3 Infrastructure Networks
Basic Service Set Only on Access Point Usually connects network to the Internet Extended Service Set More than one Access Point Wired connectivity between Access Points Usually connectivity to the Internet is through the wired network

4 Types of Wireless Devices
Wireless Gateways Wireless Routers Wireless Access Points Wireless Bridges Wireless Workgroup Bridges Wireless Clients Usually found in the same device Bridges are an upgrade to an Access Point Clients

5 Wireless Gateways & Routers
Wireless Gateway (Default) Runs PPPoE out to an ISP Router is the edge router Wireless Router Runs RIP1 or RIP2 Router is within the network, but not the boundary router

6 Wireless Gateways ISP Internet Network #2 Network #1

7 Wireless Router Internet ISP Wired Gateway Router Network #5
Wireless Routers Network #1 Network #3

8 Wireless Clients PCI Interface Card USB Cards PCMCIA Insertion Cards
Desktops USB Cards Desktops, Laptops & Notebooks PCMCIA Insertion Cards Laptops & Notebooks Build-in Chipset Notebooks


10 Wireless Access Points
Access Point does not route traffic between networks It only performs the function of a portal Ethernet uses frames Maximum size 1518 is bytes Wireless uses frames Maximum size 2346 is bytes

11 Access Points All wireless clients can be on the same IP network.
Wired Router All wireless clients can be on the same IP network. Network #2 Ethernet 802.3 Client Roaming is Possible SSID: RED SSID: RED SSID: RED AP #1 AP #2 AP #3 Channel #1 Channel #6 Channel #11 Wireless Network #1 About 20% to 30% of Cell overlap required for roaming

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