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1 Introducing Levanta David Dennis, Director of Marketing.

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1 1 Introducing Levanta David Dennis, Director of Marketing

2 2 Agenda Levanta Background – who we work with, and the problem we address Benefits – ROI of Levanta’s approach The Technology – our approach to virtualization & management New Levanta Directions & Product Offerings

3 3 Levanta Background 10

4 4 1 Minute History of Levanta Early Origins: LinuxCare, Linux Services and Support Changed Focus: IBM mainframe Linux virtualization (Levanta product was born) 2004: Expanded to x86 Environments: Scale-Out, Commodity Hardware Environments July 2005: New Product Line: Intrepid M Appliance for SMB, SME, Departmental, and Enterprise Winner: Most Innovative HW, LinuxWorld 2005

5 5 Who We Work With  "With Levanta's simplified provisioning and change management capabilities, we have more than doubled the number of servers a system admin can manage while at the same time have reduced downtime through easy patch deployment and enhanced restore capabilities." Mark West, former-CIO, Electronic Arts  "We went from weeks to provision a real server without Levanta to minutes using Levanta." VP of Emerging Technologies, Wells Fargo  "With Levanta, creating new Linux instances has become very easy. The requests for new functionality are pouring in, and Levanta enables us to create custom tailored instances with the right mix of components, ready to run in minutes instead of hours." Joe Poole, Technical Services Manager, Boscovs

6 6 The Problem We Solve: Linux Systems Management Complexity Commodity HW model scales-out rather than scales-up Multiple Linux boxes have replaced fewer Unix boxes Diversity and specialization higher with Linux servers System management tools not as mature as Unix & Windows Result: Disappointing Linux TCO savings due to higher management costs compared to Windows & Unix* *Yankee Group, “Linux, Unix, and Windows TCO Comparison”

7 7 Benefits of Levanta’s Approach 10

8 8 How Levanta Addresses the Problem Levanta provides end-to-end Linux lifecycle management. Marries network-boot provisioning with data virtualization and change control. State-based, portable solution that can: –Provision a new server in under 5 minutes –Migrate and reactivate a system from one hardware platform to another in minutes –Provide a seamless transition between virtual servers and physical hardware –Track byte-level changes with rollback –Rapidly restore a server, even an unbootable one, to a previous, known, stable state –Completely secure file systems, even from superuser changes –On-demand functionality –Supports commodity hardware, blades, and even virtual machines

9 9 Levanta’s Technology: Simplicity, Speed & Flexibility Centralized capture of all server states Manage 10’s to 1000’s of servers concurrently Reduce labor efforts by 50% or more Reduce deployments from hours to minutes On-demand flexibility without vendor lock-in Roll-back at will for disaster recovery Auditability for standards (SarbOx) compliance Free resources to focus on LOB efforts, not infrastructure

10 10 Example ROI: City University of New York *Does not include business impact costs **Based upon CUNY effort reduction, CUNY Case Study “Levanta reduced an 8-hour process down to 5 minutes” -Arty Ecock, Manager Enterprise Systems, CUNY

11 11 The Technology 10

12 12 Anatomy of Servers and Desktops Bootable O/S Kernel Runtime Environment Applications ConfigurationsFiles and Content Platform Attributes Storage Software & Data Server MainframeLaptopWorkstationBlade

13 13 Changing the Game: Dynamic State and Storage Virtualization Repository Shared Read-only Overlay All managed modified files Private Unmanaged Smart Mirror State Transition Vectors per-file from the Overlay. Only stores bits that have changed since last checkpoint Checkpoint Roll-back (single-file granularity) Transient Non-Persistent Shared Storage Copy-On-Write Brokered by Levanta MapFS

14 14 Virtualization Leads to Easier Management

15 15 New Product Line: Intrepid M 10

16 16 Levanta Intrepid M Complete Version Control and Roll-back –Comprehensive change management at single-file granularity –Rollback any change in minutes Portability: Hibernation and Migration –Migrate systems from one hardware to another in minutes –Portable environment Rapid Provisioning of Servers and Workstations –Customizable pre-configured templates –Provisions in minutes Centralized Software Deployment and Maintenance –Rapid patching Service on demand –Cost effective resource allocation Low Costs –Shared storage –Minimal Management –Can run diskless Quick & Easy Setup NAS & SAN support early 2006 Turnkey Linux Lifecycle Management

17 17 Levanta Intrepid Specs Inexpensive – from $8995 Manages 40-100 servers and workstations, depending on config. –Additional cooperating appliances for larger populations Includes 1.4TB of shared storage (optionally 2TB) –Additional storage from Levanta or 3 rd party vendor Very reliable –Hot-swap RAID-5 storage –Hot-swap redundant power supply –Hot-swap fans –Optional redundant Failover appliance Includes 2 10/100/1000 Ethernet NICs Includes templates for various server types and workstations, or make your own Includes 10 licenses for servers and workstations –Additional licenses for $250 per target

18 18 Instant Workgroup From A Box “ Just add inexpensive platforms and stir” Web Server Mail Server POP3 IMAP Anti-Spam Anti-Virus SMB File Server Checkpoint MS Windows files Calendar Server Source Code Server Perforce CVS To Internet, or Optionally, an external firewall Levanta Intrepid DHCP server Shared Storage Firewall & Gateway (optional) Levanta Manager Software To other NAS or SAN Storage (future) VOIP Server Workstations Included Templates

19 19 Summary: Strengths of Levanta’s Linux Management Virtualization –Redeploy vServers practically anywhere, anytime Speed –Faster than imaging or procedural Setup –Appliance Line allows for ‘Management in a Box’ quick setups –Up and running in <1 hour Change Control –Granular, byte-level tracking –Rollback or Restore within minutes –Super-user secure Flexibility –Widest variety of supported HW (x86 & mainframe), virtualizations (UML & VMWare), and storage options Storage Savings –Repositories reduce storage by order of magnitude Best TCO Reduction / Best ROI –Faster, better, & cheaper than either manual or procedural solutions Best of Breed –The experts in Linux systems management, provisioning, & CCM

20 20 Questions? 10

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