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Authoring Instructional Materials (AIM) Roadmap

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1 Authoring Instructional Materials (AIM) Roadmap
NETC Authoring Instructional Materials (AIM) Roadmap 20 August 2014 Bruce Bare

2 Agenda Enterprise Training Management Framework (ETMF)
ETMF Integration between AIM-CPM and CeTARS AIM and CeTARS Data Exchanges (As-Is) AIM and CeTARS – Courses of Action Future Workgroups Other Items of Interest Questions



5 AIM and CeTARS As-Is


7 Current AIM and CeTARS Data Exchanges
The Course Master Schedule (CMS) provides a detailed sequential period-by-period course structure outlining learning topics for each Course Outline of Instruction (COI). CeTARS and AIM maintain CMS at the CDP level. Two methods are currently in place for input of the CMS into CeTARS: Manual Input by the Learning Center or Learning Site using user input forms in JCERS. A direct one-way AIM I/II to CeTARS web service. NETCINST A (18 Feb 2010) identifies CeTARS as the Authoritative Source for Course Information. The Resource Requirements List (RRL) is maintained in AIM I/II as part of the TPP and TCCD. Course RRL data is maintained in AIM and can be provided to LC via a PDF file. LC manually input RRL data, with the exception of Publications, into CeTARS using AIM PDF file. CNATT used ATEM for RRL minus Pub data. This produced an ERL – Equipment Requirements List. CNATT ERL is manually downloaded via a flat file from CeTARS and uploaded into AIM for RRL updates. Assessments No current interfaces exist between AIM and CeTARS for Assessment data. A data output capability from AIM II to export test items is maintained in AIM in a “.csv” format compatible with direct import to CeTARS testing. This function has been used by CNATT to transfer test items between AIM II and CeTARS.

8 AIM and CeTARS – Notional Course of Action


10 Courses of Action COA #1: This shows AIM-CPM providing the RRL to the CeTARS eTEM module and the CMS to the CeTARS CERS module. AIM does not currently version the RRL for a specific CDP CeTARS eTEM module is at the CIN level and can not accept CDP RRL from AIM-CPM CeTARS applies versioning to the CMS once it is received from AIM II COA #2: This is the opposite of COA #1 as it shows CeTARS providing the RRL and the CMS to AIM-CPM. This COA will significantly make changes the TPP and TCCD process in regards to RRL development CeTARS eTEM will still be required to re-program from CIN to CDP Level AIM-CPM will receive PDF version of RRL and CMS from CeTARS Workgroups: The selection of either COA will require the formation of several workgroups and a project management strategy for implementation. How are we going to implement those three goals. Do all the people who hsee PII or SSN9S) have a need to know? Are the people viewing



13 Future Workgroups CMS Working Group: Database differences between CPM and CeTARS indicate a deep dive into the requirements of CeTARS and CPM for the Course Master Schedule (CMS). COA #1: As the data density of CPM increases, current CMS Web Service from AIM II will need to be revisited for inclusion or revision of data elements from CPM. COA #2: A structural change will be made to AIM and CeTARS to accommodate the original CMS in CeTARS and transfer it in PDF formatted to CPM. RRL Working Group: Currently, CNATT has exclusive equipment data sharing with AIM II via a downloadable Equipment Resource List (ERL). However, the ERL does not contain all data elements of the RRL: specifically, Publications and IETMS. COA #1: An RRL interface will need to be made for other CDPs and include all remaining RRL data elements. Also, AIM-CPM does not currently have the programming capability to designate the final approved RRL as “Approved”: versioning will need to be incorporated through programming of AIM. COA #2: Major structural changes will be made to CeTARS eTEM to house the original RRL by CDP. AIM will receive the RRL from CeTARS where needed in PDF format. Workgroup Team Make-up: (Jim F.) - Not sure why one would need a 'switch' or a 'milestone'. Do it, put it online, and keep both available until the old one no longer serves a purpose. (Jim F.) – AIM II only for CMS. Project Manager Database Steward eTEM Analyst and Developer CERS Analyst and Developer Course Analyst and Developer AIM analyst and Developer TPP/TCCD Process Owner

14 Other Items of Interest
OCCSTD – JTA – JDTA Impact SIPR and NIPR Analysis and Development Testing – Test Item Analysis – Assessments – Advancement Exams Enterprise AIM Performance Training Policy Capacity of Internal Storage MACROS and Outside Systems – Internal Text Generation Non NETC Commands using AIM How are we going to implement those three goals. Do all the people who hsee PII or SSN9S) have a need to know? Are the people viewing

15 Questions

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