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WEDI New Member Orientation Spring 2012. WEDI New Member Orientation Agenda 2 ● Introductions ● WEDI 101 – Who is WEDI – WEDI Structure – Benefits – Engagement.

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1 WEDI New Member Orientation Spring 2012

2 WEDI New Member Orientation Agenda 2 ● Introductions ● WEDI 101 – Who is WEDI – WEDI Structure – Benefits – Engagement – Communication – Smartbrief ● Web Resources – Your Profile – Listservs & Documents – Online Education – Health IT Legislative and Regulatory Tracking

3 WEDI 101

4 WEDI: Who are We? 4 ● The Workgroup for Electronic Data Interchange (WEDI) is a leading authority on the use of Health IT to improve healthcare information exchange in order to enhance the quality of care, improve efficiency and to reduce costs of our nation’s healthcare system. ● WEDI is an industry organization named in the 1996 HIPAA Law as advisor to the Secretary of Health and Human Services. ● WEDI is a consensus based organization when bringing forward policy recommendations that have been vetted by its membership from all key stakeholders ● WEDI’s membership includes a broad coalition of organizations, including: hospitals, providers, health plans, vendors, government agencies, consumers, not-for-profit organizations and standards bodies.

5 WEDI: Who are We? 5 ● WEDI is seen across the industry as a neutral facilitator that involves representation from providers, plans, clearinghouses, vendors, government, SDOs, ORAEs, DCCs and others. ● WEDI’s work groups have the depth in SME participation to discuss policy, business and implementation issues of each transaction based on regulations, standards and operating rules (e.g. the PAGs). ● WEDI is well known for hosting multiple Industry Forums on key healthcare initiatives and has held hearings on HIPAA implementation progress, barriers, and best practices.

6 WEDI: The Facilitator 6

7 WEDI: Our Advisory Role 7 ● The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996 requires the Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS) to adopt standards for health care transactions to enable electronic exchange of health information. WEDI is an organization named by the Secretary of HHS that is required to consult with prior to the adoption of standards.

8 WEDI Structure How We’re Structured 8 ● Committees & Workgroups – WEDI Board of Directors – Committees – Workgroup Leadership – Task groups ● Adhoc Groups – Public Advisory Groups – Technical Advisory Committees ● Staff

9 WEDI Structure: Board Committees 9 ● The WEDI Board of Directors has a number of Committees that help drive the operations of various functional areas, including: – Workgroup Leadership Committee – Peer Review Committee – Government Relations – Membership & Communications – Education Committee – Regional Affiliates – Nominating Committee (*) – Policy Committee (*) – Finance Committee (*) – Executive Committee (*) * Reserved for Board members only

10 WEDI Board of Directors 10 ● 32 Members of the Board ● Board has a defined number of seats for: – Health Plans – Providers – Nonprofits – SDOs ● Responsible for the overall strategic direction of the organization ● Board committees include: strategic planning, nominating, standards advisory, executive, membership and communication, and education ● List of Board Directors: w?id=6C600000064 w?id=6C600000064

11 WEDI SNIP: What is it? 11 ● Strategic National Implementation Process (SNIP) ● Mission: Facilitate a collaborative, industry-wide approach and readiness for the implementation of health information technology (HIT), HIPAA, ARRA/HITECH, other healthcare regulations, clinical initiatives, and standards including those for security, privacy, EDI transactions, code sets, and identifiers. ● Foster implementation of healthcare regulations, clinical initiatives, and standards in a manner that preserves the confidentiality, integrity and availability of health information, while enabling efficient business processing. ● The Workgroup Leadership Committee (WLC) provides oversight and is comprised of workgroup leaders ● List of WLC Leaders: ● Details on SNIP workgroups:

12 WEDI Structure: SNIP 12 ● Dental Workgroup ● ICD-10 – Clinical SWG – Crosswalks SWG – Impact Assessment SWG – Testing SWG – Timeline SWG ● Health Plan ID ● ACO & Bundled Payments ● Health Insurance Exchanges (HIX) ● Health Information Exchanges (HIE)

13 WEDI Structure: SNIP 13 ● Security & Privacy – Breach and Breach Notification SWG – Business Associates SWG – Cloud Computing SWG – Enforcement SWG – Federal Work SWG – Health Information Exchage (HIE) SWG – HITECH Updates SWG – Mobile Health SWG – Privacy and Risk Management SWG

14 WEDI Structure: SNIP 14 ● Transactions & Code Sets – 5010: 27X SWG – 5010; 837 SWG – 5010: Early Adopters SWG – 835 SWG – Acknowledgments SWG – COB SWG – EFT SWG – Electronic Medicl Bill SWG – Property Casualty SWG – Health ID Card SWG – NPI SWG – Testing SWG

15 WEDI Structure: Staff 15 ● Located in Reston, VA at: 1984 Isaac Newton Square, Suite 304, Reston, VA 20190. 6 total Staff Members: – Devin Jopp, President & CEO – Ann Marie Railing, Vice President of External Relations & Strategic Initiatives – Lisa Berretta, Vice President of Membership & Administration – Mario Marzette, Director of Marketing & Partner Development – Amy Verd, Director of Meetings & Industry Education – Samantha Holvey, Community & Education Coordinator ● Go to for contact information

16 Member Benefits 16 ● Joining WEDI is more than just a membership. It’s your passport to vital information that can help you improve your business and shape the direction of healthcare information exchange. ● Your membership benefits include access to: – Your peer’s in order to exchange best practices or seek advice – WEDI’s whitepapers, issue briefs on critical topics that impact your business – WEDI’s Health IT federal and 50-state legislative and regulatory tracking system – Attend WEDI’s free monthly townhall meetings – Discounted rates to WEDI’s educational programming

17 Get Engaged 17 ● Evaluate what are your goals for participating in WEDI? – Be a part of helping to shape future health IT regulation – Seek advice from your peers – Access information (e.g. regulatory, legislative, or resource documents) – Seeking Educational opportunities. ● Get engaged early, and engage often. Identify your interest and reach out to the workgroup co-chairs or staff to express your interest ● When you join WEDI, your entire organization is a member. If you’re a hospital system with 6 hospitals, all of your hospitals have the same ability to participate in WEDI for no additional costs. Spread the word to others! ● Consider being a leader

18 WEDI Communications 18 ● SNIP Synopsis (monthly). Update on key WEDI and SNIP activities for the prior quarter ● Member Bulletins (daily). Late breaking news and/or WEDI letters of comment ● Special promotional mailings (e.g. conferences) ● Health IT Smartbrief (see next page) ● Manage your subscriptions by going to, login and click “Manage Profile”

19 Health IT Newsletter Smartbrief ● Daily Newsletter ● Features top industry stories related to Health IT ● Updates on key WEDI activities ● Current audience of 18,000 readers ● Available to WEDI members and non-members ● Sign up now at:

20 WEDI Web Resources

21 WEDI Resources: Profiles 21 ● When you join, you are given a login to the WEDI website ● Creating a profile is critical to accessing WEDI’s online resources, including your personal information, listserv subscriptions, membership management and meeting registrations ● To edit your profile, go to ● From this link you can modify your personal profile or your company’s (if you’re the primary contact) ● Contact Lisa Berretta if you have questions:

22 WEDI Resources: Listserv 22 ● Listservs are a vital mechanism that WEDI uses to keep members informed as to what’s going on. ● To join Listservs, go to, resources and Listservs. Go to bottom of page where is says “To sign up for or manage your e-mail list subscriptions, please click here”.www.wedi.orgclick here ● To view Listserv archives, go to, resources and Listserv

23 WEDI Resources: Documents 23 ● With your login and profile created, you can access WEDI’s issue briefs, FAQs, comment letters and whitepapers. ● Go to, Resources, Resource Documents and select the category you’re interested in. Click on the document, login in and click on the link below the words: “Related files for Download”

24 Expanded Leg & Reg Tracking Federal & All 50 State Health IT Tracking ● New service is now available: articles/prot/index.cfm?CF TOKEN=34627150&CFID =16930863&id=1125 articles/prot/index.cfm?CF TOKEN=34627150&CFID =16930863&id=1125 ● List of topics, with links to summary and detail legislation and regulation ● Federal & all 50 state ● Updated daily ● Let us know if there is a topic you’d like to see

25 Just Launched Health IT Innovations:

26 New Marketplace Health IT Marketplace:

27 Member Questions ● How did you learn about WEDI? What attracted you to join? ● What can we do to make WEDI’s services more valuable to you? ● How can WEDI help get more people involved from your company to participate in workgroups and events? ● What services do you wish WEDI offered that it doesn’t today? ● What specific topics are you most interested in? ● How can WEDI improve it’s new member program?

28 Do you WEDI? ● Get involved today: – Join a workgroup – Actively engage in the listservs – Leverage WEDI’s website resources (e.g. leg/reg tracking system, listservs, best practice database and documents) ● Pass around the word to your colleagues to get engaged today! There’s no additional fee – unlimited users from your company and subsidiaries ● Make sure you (or others) from your company attend WEDI events. They’re packed full of important knowledge ● Send us your membership story – what does WEDI mean to you? Email Even better – send us a video. ● Let me know what else we can do to make your membership more valuable: THANK YOU!

29 Mark Your Calendars 2013 Meeting Locations ● Spring Conference: – May 12 – 16 – Las Vegas, NV – Hotel: Venetian ● Summer ICD-10 Forum: – July 22 – 25 – Fairfax, VA – Hotel: Marriot Fair Oaks ● Fall Conference: – November 17-21 – National Harbor, MD – Hotel: Gaylord ● WEDI is planning to conduct three to four all-day virtual events. First event is planned for January 2013

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