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360Exchange (360X) Project Provider Directory Workgroup 09/07/2012.

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1 360Exchange (360X) Project Provider Directory Workgroup 09/07/2012

2 This meeting is being recorded (maybe), if you disagree, please hang-up. If you’re not speaking, please mute your line. Please don’t put us on hold. 1 Reminders

3 Review charter and deliverables for the PD workgroup Review the HPD vs HPD Plus recommendation Begin discussion on “base” functional level of Pilots for PD workgroup Identify leaders for each topic and grouping discussion Next Steps 2 Agenda

4 360X PD Workgroup Charter & Deliverables Charter: To Support 360 Exchange closed loop referral use case and pilot communities in providing guidance regarding integration with PD services. When available, existing vetted industry specifications and guidance will be referenced. Deliverables: Documentation of the functions, issues and the interface requirements to the provider directories Side Note: This SWG is not writing requirements for the Provider Directory but the focus is to write the Provider Directory interface functionality guidance for 360X Pilots.

5 360X Provider Directory Scope HPD and HPDPlus Overall Workgroup Direction: HPDPlus would be preferred as the S&I Framework standard and the current consideration for inclusion into IHE HPD Discussion and Considerations: Current discussions within IHE to incorporate HPDPlus into base HPD (Sept. – Oct. timeframe) For the pilots, we must be pragmatic and determine if HPDPluse can be supported by participants in a reasonable amount time? If not, can the guidance move forward with HPDPlus as the preferred minimum standard with the benefit of backwards compatibility? Recommendation: Move forward with HPDPlus and determine functional expectations and nuances for pilots based on this capability.

6 Scoping for 360X PD Workgroup TopicDiscussion on 08/03/12 WG CallIn Scope Out Scope GrpSeq. 1Internal PD query (within the senders EHR or HISP) Simple Direct address look-up, returns address, org or individual, if not found, query external PDs. X12 2External PD query (outside the senders EHR of HISP) Simple Direct address look-up, returns address, org or individual, query external PD(s), full federated or centralized PD. X12 3Query for Address1.1. Can return individual or organizational addresses 1.2. Can return multiple addresses 1.3. Cross PD lookup is optional 1.4 This WG will define Minimum Data Set (separate topic) XXXXXX 22 4Query for CertificateDirect certificates (vs authentication)X22 5Minimum data setX32 6Query for Interoperability and Payload Capability of the Edge System (ESI Discovery) Will this be necessary for this use case if a minimum data set is defined? ?2 7Authentication (Between Provider system and the PD) Use of Direct certificates (see 4). FBCA/L3 Cross Certified certs for authentication (parking lot, community policy issue) ? 8Edge System (EHR, EMR, or a HISP querying the Provider Directory) The guidance from this work group should be edge system independent? X5 9PD Entity (EHR, EMR, HISP, HIE, State) PD could be any or combination of EHR/EMR, HISP, HIE or a State level PD) X5 10PD Data Maintenance (Identification and Vetting Process) Rely on the vetting processes of the PDs (Could be HISPs, Large Organizations or the State or Federal level PDs) (parking lot, community policy issue) ? 11Provider Directory Standards (HPD or HPD+) Refer to existing standards and documentation. Provide link to HPD+ specifications X51

7 Leads for next topic group discussion. – Develop key topics for considerations and discussion regarding our use case – Draft possible recommendations Next meeting, same time and place. 6 Next steps…

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