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News Workgroup Report February 25, 2004 Phoenix, AZ.

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2 News Workgroup Report February 25, 2004 Phoenix, AZ

3 My Yahoo News

4 PPIN, P2Rx and News PPIN – easy access, searchable information P2Rx – increase awareness, accessibility and usability of P2 information News – quick, timely, fresh (daily) content, critical information, marketable

5 Purpose of News System Builds awareness of activities, issues, products, or services for P2 Community Can be integrated into Topic Hubs to increase value Minimize efforts for collecting important News Can help with branding of P2Rx

6 What Do We Consider News? News that Raises the Awareness or Understanding about P2 Issues/topics: –Event announcements –Product/Services Announcements –Changes in Policy/New Program Initiatives –Funding Announcements –Environmental issues that can be impacted by P2 Approaches –New Technologies

7 News Means Traffic

8 Workgroup Accomplishments Survey of Center news services Identified News Sharing Standard – RSS Developed a Policy Issues Paper Developed Code to Create RSS Feed Implemented News Collection Databases at Peaks, PPRC, NEWMOA and P2RIC

9 Terms RSS – computer code (like HTML) that lets a computer collect news content and display it for human eyes RSS Feeds – a feed is the place on the web where you publish your page in RSS format – just like the news page you currently have

10 My Yahoo News

11 Two Products to Consider 1.AggregEditor (Alligator) - a software application that collects news from other sites and puts it into one spot for use by your center news editor. They will be able to pick among the news items (from sites that they select) and choose those for publication on their own site. 2.CAP2NEWS - a software application that allows selected news headlines to be published in a window on other sites.

12 Alligator Automated – less time spent looking at other sites, less time spent crafting summary/story language. Remember screen capture of MyYahoo –List pertinent RSS feeds available –List cost/benefit of proposed change –List of potential partner candidates –Screen capture of sample publication

13 My Yahoo News



16 Alligator Benefits More items available at one spot; less time spent pulling together stories Trusted sources & previous review of story; reduces time verifying content Format makes it easier to describe information and build a collection and narrowcast

17 Alligator Benefits Stories that editors choose to post (received by email or flyer) made more widely available (orders of magnitude greater) A headline news service (ex: GreenBuzz, Headwaters) provides marketing for P2Rx and/or centers

18 Alligator - Short Term Effort Collecting News in a database Uploading a pre-programmed page Training editors to use the tools Actual level of effort <2 hours

19 Alligator Full(er) Feature Effort Automated system to select and sort news from Alligator - pushbutton “cut and paste” Convince external news providers to publish in RSS Training for external news providers wishing to conform to RSS Headline news (CAP2NEWS)


21 CAP2NEWS Headline Service once Alligator is in place, and centers are publishing news headlines

22 Discussion Who will participate in publishing their news in the easy to install RSS format? Who wants to have the capability to select & publish from this news collection? Who wants to help market/promote the RSS news standard to other news providers in their regions and spheres of influence? CAP2NEWS issues

23 CAP2NEWS Issues –P2Rx product? –CAP2News as a name – Regional or National orientation If national, who will do the editing? –Audience

24 Primer on How P2Rx Centers Currently Publish News

25 How We Deliver News Now E-mail distribution with many news stories Enter stories into a database and present on center sites Hardcode (html) links to a static page Link to other news publishing sites Flow diagram of news collection and publication

26 News Publication Process Gather 1.1 Treat 2.1 Publish 3.1

27 News Publication Process Gather 1.1 Rec’d email, hard copy; review external sites 1.1.1 Verify content, source (URL), publish-ability 1.1.2 Interviews (if necessary) 1.1.3

28 News Publication Process Treat 2.1 Proofread 2.1.2 Check links 2.1.1 Write copy 2.1.1

29 News Publication Process Send email 3.1.3 Compile stories 3.1.1 Post to online forms (OR hardcode) 3.1.1 Check published version 3.1.2 Post links 3.1 Enter in email program 3.1.2 Email WEB Publish 3.1

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