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NCES Forum Tech Committee July 2010 Presented by: Kathy Gosa Kansas State Department of Education.

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1 NCES Forum Tech Committee July 2010 Presented by: Kathy Gosa Kansas State Department of Education

2  All data are subject to data governance principles: ◦ Data ownership ◦ Data stewardship ◦ Security ◦ Data quality management  Collection edits  Data audits ◦ Lifecycle and Change management Data Governance Principles

3  Structure ◦ Data Governance Board ◦ Data Steward Workgroup ◦ Data Request Review Board  Definitions ◦ Data Governance Program Handbook ◦ Roles ◦ Mission and Scope of Responsibilities  Work Process ◦ Communication ◦ Culture ◦ Continuous improvement

4 Data Governance Structure Data Steward Workgroup Data Manager / Coordinator & Data Stewards Data Owners Data Governance Board Executive Leadership Executive Leadership Data Stewards & Programmers Data Request Review Board Data Governance Board

5  Director level decision makers from each department / program area.  Meet at least monthly  Mission: …establish and enforce policies and practices related to agency data management.  Guiding Principals: ◦ Ethics and security will be a part of every decision the group makes. ◦ Members have the authority and commitment to make policy recommendations and decisions.  Actionable agendas

6  Individuals (identified by Data Owners) who are responsible for program area data  Data Steward Responsibilities ◦ Identify & manage metadata ◦ Identify & resolve data quality issues ◦ Communicate new & changed data requirements ◦ Determine business, security, and retention needs of data ◦ Provide input to data analysis and reporting  DSW Objectives ◦ Communication & collaboration ◦ Data quality ◦ Build capacity for ownership and accountability of data ◦ Eliminate the silo effect of working with data  Workgroup reports to Data Governance Board ◦ DSW meets at least monthly ◦ Agendas include PD and sharing among Data Stewards

7  DRRB reports to the Data Governance Board  Subgroup of DGB – one member from each agency Division.  Mission: …to implement processes for the provision of accurate, timely data and information to our internal and external customers while protecting personally identifiable student information and other confidential information.  Provides consistent treatment of data requests.  Considers, prioritizes and assigns requests for data.  Data Request process includes automated escalation and tracking process (FootPrints ® ).  Meetings ◦ Review status of requests, approval denials and charges, and consider non-routine requests ◦ Monthly in person; adhoc virtually


9  Executive Leadership – Commissioner and Deputy Commissioners are responsible to ◦ advocate for data governance and data quality; and ◦ resolve issues escalated from DGB or Program Director.  Data Owners – Team Directors are responsible for applications and their associated data to ◦ define and approve access; and ◦ identify data security classification.  Data Custodian – Director of IT is responsible to ◦ ensure safety and integrity of data in custody of IT; ◦ implement application and data access controls appropriate for security classification; and ◦ provide reasonable safeguards for information resources.

10  Provides a foundation for expansion ◦ Master Data Management ◦ Data Quality Certification ◦ Data Audits ◦ Extension to include PostSecondary data ◦ KEDUC  Ensures agency-wide perspective ◦ policies ◦ decisions  Facilitates consistent communication ◦ Between program areas ◦ With external stakeholders


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