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CHAPTER Peer-to-peer Network Installation and Configuration.

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1 CHAPTER Peer-to-peer Network Installation and Configuration

2 Chapter Objectives First, provide an overview of peer-to-peer network installation Describe the step-by-step installation procedure –NIC resource setting, client and protocol installation etc Illustrate the step-by-step configuration procedure –Preparation for sharing and identification of the network and its components Include actual screen demonstrations of the installation and the configuration procedure

3 Chapter Modules Installation Specifications and Preview LAN Hardware and OS Software Installation Obtaining Resource Values Setting Resource Values Peer-to-peer Networking Specifications Peer-to-peer Configuration Workstation and Workgroup Identification Logon Specification Summary of Peer-to-peer LAN Installation and Configuration

4 MODULE Installation Specifications and Installation Preview

5 Module Objectives Windows 9X networking features Peer-to-peer case example –Environment and hardware Overview of installation considerations –Hardware and NIC configuration –Driver, protocol and services configuration –Network identification

6 Windows 9X Networking Purpose –Peer-to-Peer networking with Windows 9X Connect –Workstations running a client operating system Windows 9X Share –Folders and files on peers –Printer –Fax

7 WINDOWS 9X Cont. Service –Electronic mail Access facility –Facilitate remote LAN access

8 Peer-to-Peer Network: Case Example CanadaMexico US Group: NAFTA

9 Network Specifications Network type –100BaseTX Hardware –Twisted Pair Category 5 –Built-in 100/10 mbps card Software –Windows95, Windows 98 and Windows 2000, Windows XP

10 Installation Install raw hardware and raw operating system Perform hardware level configuration of the NIC –This is not necessary in the case of modern NIC Configure peer-to-peer networking

11 Installation of Raw Hardware and Software Install network hardware Install any Windows client OS –Network card may be automatically installed –Otherwise, skip the installation of the network card for later operation

12 Hardware Level Configuration of NIC In modern NIC –The resources are automatically assigned Otherwise –Find available IRQ, I/O etc. –Set IRQ, I/O etc. on the NIC –Depending on the card, use jumpers or software provided by the vendor

13 Configuring Peer-to-Peer Networking Two Step process –Ensure the proper configuration of the following: Driver (adapter), protocol and services configuration –Network identification Computer ID Workgroup ID

14 Network Driver, Protocol and Services Configuration Client Adapter Protocol Services –File and Print Sharing

15 Network Identification Workstation name –Windows or NetBIOS name –It is customer to keep the windows name and the TCP/IP name of the computer as the same Workgroup or domain name Purpose is to facilitate LAN access

16 Note on Identification Canada Mexico US NAFTA ganesan Computer Name Note: Do not change the computer name if it is already specified.


18 MODULE Initial LAN Hardware and OS Software Installation

19 Module Objectives Initial hardware and software installation overview Hardware Installation –NIC, cables and connectors –Network connection Software (OS) Installation –Preparation and installation

20 Initial Installation Hardware –Basic physical hardware installation for linking the devices on a network Software –Initial installation of the client operating system without the networking feature

21 Hardware: NIC Newer network –10/100 100BaseTX card already built into the computer Older network –SMC Ethernet 16 Ultra –D-Link NE 2000 compatible –Both are 10Base2 ISA cards –Some computers are equipped with SMC and the others with D-Link

22 SMC NIC Cards Black Ring

23 D-Link NE 2000 NIC Card White Ring

24 Built-In NIC Port

25 Hardware: Cables and Connectors Cable –10Base2 –5, 10, 15 and 25 feet segments Connectors –T-connectors –Terminators

26 Cables and Connectors

27 Network Connection SMC NE2000 SMC NE2000 Router Windows 95 Stations Back- bone

28 The Installed Network Connection

29 Windows 9X: Preparation for Installation Preparation –Format drive c: as a bootable drive using Windows DOS –Install device driver to recognize CD-ROM drive as drive d: Note –The above steps are not necessary if start-up diskettes are used to launch the OS installation –In this case, the OS can be installed directly from the CD

30 Windows 9X Installation Method 1 –Install from the CD Method 2 –Copy the Windows 9X CAB files to the c: drive and install from the hard drive Both methods –Windows 9X will guide through the installation –Skip the installation of the network feature in the process


32 MODULE Obtaining Resource Values

33 Module Objectives Overview of resource statistics and assignment Obtaining resource statistics Configurable resources for the NIC Obtaining resource statistics in Windows 9X Available resources and resources in use

34 Resources to be Set IRQ I/O Address Base Memory Address –If present DMA Channel –If present

35 Resource Statistics and Assignment Resource statistics for each work station –Obtain –Identify available resources Set resources on NIC to match availability –Jumperless cards –Cards with jumpers

36 Obtaining Resource Statistics Windows95 Approach –Using Control Panel MS-DOS approach –Run MSD (Microsoft Diagnostics) In searching for available resources, one must bear in mind the range of values that could be set on the network card

37 Configurable Values for a NIC IRQ – I/O Address – Base Memory Address – DMA Channel –

38 Windows 9X Approach StartSettings Control Panel System Device Manager Properties IRQ DMAI/OMemory Select Computer

39 Obtaining Resource Statistics: A Demonstration

40 Available Resources IRQ – I/O Address – Base Memory Address –

41 Resources in Use Note available for assignment Example –IRQ 7 –I/O 300H –D000- –DMA 5


43 MODULE Setting Resources Values

44 Module Objectives Overview of resource settings on the NIC NIC configuration –Cards with jumpers and jumper-less cards Software configuration of SMC card Check for conflicts

45 Setting Of Resources On The NIC Set parameters on the network card choosing from available resource values Cards with jumpers Cards without jumpers

46 NIC Configuraton for Cards with Jumpers 1. Older type cards J1 J2 J3 IRQ DMA - Adjust jumpers to set the parameters

47 NIC Configuration for Jumperless Cards Newer type cards Use software provided by the vendor to set the parameter values

48 SMC Card Supports both options Resources can be configured using the jumpers Resources can be configures using the software as well –Preferred option

49 Jumpers in the SMC Card Jumpers BNC Connectors

50 Jumper Configuration Up Down

51 Jumper Configuration for SMC I/O 300 IRQ 10 Memory CC00 Software Configuration

52 Software Configurable Resource Values on SMC IRQ –2/9, 3, 5, 7, 10, 11 and 15 I/O Address Base –200, 220, 240 …… up to 380 Base Memory Address –C000, C200, C400 up to EC00 More options are supported under software configuration

53 NIC Hardware Configuration Software NIC Installation Software Floppy SMC Subdirectory NE 2000 Subdirectory

54 SOFTWARE CONFIGURATION SMC –SMC subdirectory –Use the program EZSTART D-Link –NE2000 subdirectory –Use the program E16SD

55 SMC Network Card Configuration Demonstration

56 Hardware Setup Completion Hardware installation and configuration are now complete The network is now ready for peer-to- peer configuration

57 A Final Check for Conflicts: Demonstrations


59 MODULE Peer-to-peer Network Specifications

60 Module Objectives Recollection of procedure and network identification Overview of configuration components Network and component names Network specifications

61 Recalling the Procedure Install –Client –Driver –Protocol –Services Identify –Individual computers –Grouping of the computers

62 Network Functional Components Adapter Protocol Client Services

63 Network Components for Identification Canada Mexico US NAFTA Workgroup Name Computer Name

64 Network Specifications Client –Client for Microsoft Networks Adapter –SMC with predetermined parameters –NE 2000 with predetermined parameters Protocol –NetBEUI Services –Print and File Sharing


66 MODULE Peer-to-Peer Configuration

67 Module Objectives An outline of Windows 9X peer-to-peer configuration procedure Client installation, NIC values assignment check and the selection of file and print sharing process –Outline of procedure –Description of the Steps to follow –Demonstration of the process

68 Windows 9X Peer-to-Peer Configuration Procedure Select and install Client for Microsoft from Network/Configuration window. Ensure the correct assignment of NIC resource values. Install File and Print Sharing services. Name the computer, identify the workgroup and provide a computer description.

69 Select and Install Client for Microsoft Done through the Network option under Control Panel Install Client for Microsoft Networks Automatically launch the installation of the network card

70 Correct Assignment of NIC Resource Values Previous step does not ensure the correct assignment of NIC resource values The assignment of correct values must therefore be ensured Exception –A fully plug-and-play compatible hardware –The correct assignment of resource values is possible

71 Completing the Configuration with File and Print Sharing The previous two steps would have configured the following: –Client for Microsoft Networks –SMC EtherCard Elite 16 Ultra –IPX/SPX-compatible Protocol –NetBEUI Completion of Peer-to-Peer configuration –File and Print Sharing service must now be installed

72 Configuring Client for Microsoft Settings Control Panel Network/ Configuration Client Add Microsoft OK SMC EtherCard Elite 16 Ultra Start Add

73 Ensuring the Correct Assignment of NIC Resource Values SMC EtherCard entry from Configuration Properties Resources Set resources to correct values, if necessary

74 Installing File and Print Sharing Select File and Print Sharing from Network Configuration. Check ‘I- - - give others access to my files’ Check ‘I- - - allow others to print to my printer(s). OK

75 Peer-to-Peer Configuration Demonstration


77 MODULE Identification of Workstation and Workgroup

78 Module Objectives An overview of computer and workgroup identification Identification details The procedure Completing the identification process The demonstration

79 The Final Step: Identifying the Workstation and Workgroup Name the computer Specify the workgroup for the computer to join Provide a description of the computer –Optional

80 Computer and Workgroup Identification CanadaMexico US Group: NAFTA

81 Identifying the Computer and the Workgroup Select Identification from Network window Computer Name (US) Workgroup Name (NAFTA) Computer Description (Pentium 166)

82 Completing the Configuration Select OK from main network configuration window Insertion of original Windows-95 CD may be required Restart computer for the networking feature to take effect At this point, the workstation is ready to share its resources

83 Identification Demonstration


85 MODULE Logon Specification

86 Module Objectives Logon options for a Microsoft client Windows NT logon –logon options Peer-to-peer logon Demonstration of the selection of the logon option

87 Logon Options as a Microsoft Client Windows NT client-server network Windows 95 peer-to-peer network Other Windows peer-to-peer network

88 Windows NT Logon Windows NT Specify domain name.

89 Additional Logon Options Quick logon Logon restoring network connections such as restoring links established through mapped drives

90 Peer-to-Peer Logon Deselect NT Logon. Select either of the following. Quick logon. Logon restoring network connections.

91 Logon Specification Demonstration


93 MODULE Summary of Peer-to-Peer LAN Installation and Configuration

94 Install hardware Install Windows 9X Obtain available values for IRQ, I/O and Memory Next Slid e

95 LAN Installation and Configuration Cont. Set a chosen set of resource values on the NIC using NIC configuration software. Select and install Client for Microsoft Ensure the correct assignment of resource values within the NOS. Previous Slide Next Slide

96 LAN Installation and Configuration Cont. Implement file and print sharing Identify the workstation and the workgroup Previous Slide End Select the logon option


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