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1 Workgroup #4: Marketing and Public Awareness Initial Recommendations.

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1 1 Workgroup #4: Marketing and Public Awareness Initial Recommendations

2 2 Workgroup #4: Contributors

3 3 Workgroup #4: Considerations  Rising energy demands  Greater consumer awareness and desire for behavior change  Mandated savings goals for region needed  Additional generating resources costly  Support for recommendations coming from other NEET workgroups may be needed

4 4 Workgroup #4: Our Objectives  Increase energy efficiency in the region  Complement existing programs

5 5 Workgroup #4: What We’ve Done  Inventoried existing programs throughout the region  Shared best practices with each other  Avoided reinventing the wheel  Developed and delivered initial go-forward strategy for NEET executive committee  Examined more than a dozen case studies (Power of One, Flex Your Power, One Thing, etc.)  4 in-person meetings; 3 phone conferences  More than a dozen case studies harvested during process

6 6 Recommendation From Workgroup #4 Strategy and framework for region-wide, scalable marketing program

7 7 Go Forward Plan For Workgroup #4 Action item: Form 3 breakout subgroups to refine and deliver final strategy and recommendations: Group 1: Market Research Strategy – Group 2: Coordinated Marketing Effort Strategy – Group 3: Tools for easy execution in each market – Goal: The workgroups will outline recommendations for final deliverables

8 8 Group 1: Market Research Goal: Develop strategy and recommendations for research  Leverage existing regional segmentation research  Recommend benchmarks to measure effectiveness  Collect region-wide data for both rural and urban centers and identify gaps  Look for areas of opportunity to test prior to execution

9 9 Group 2: Coordinated Marketing Effort Goal: Develop marketing strategy and go- forward plan for overcoming coalition challenges  Scale effort based on markets, geography and size of utility  Coordinate with other NEET workgroups for implementation of marketing needs  Build on existing best practices  Define goals, strategies and metrics  Recommend toolkit components for easy adoption (once marketing effort is defined)

10 10 Workgroup #4: Desired Outcome  Increased energy efficiency for consumer, business and industrial customers  Added value for existing marketing efforts to increase educational reach  Broad support for effort from Northwest utilities, public sector, businesses and NGOs  Behavior change through enhanced consumer awareness

11 11 Challenges for workgroup:  What is the funding structure  Where to house marketing effort  How to address energy efficiency vs. renewables  Will multiple campaigns be necessary  What support is needed for workgroups #1-6  How should effort build on other energy and environmental concerns  How to introduce a regional marketing effort for regions already branded

12 12 Next steps:  Research group:  Outline research requirements  Deliver recommendations by mid-Dec. Timeline: Oct. 6 to Dec. 15  Regional marketing and tools group:  Refine strategy and requirements for regional marketing effort  Create framework for toolkit  Deliver final recommendations by mid-Dec. Timeline: Oct. 6 to Dec. 15

13 Erin Holland Edelman Teri Duncan Bonneville Power Administration QUESTIONS?

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