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Stock Workgroup Update Bill Kerr, Oracle Corporation.

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1 Stock Workgroup Update Bill Kerr, Oracle Corporation

2 Who Are We?  Objective: provide schemas to enable exchange data related to the operation of employee stock option plans. Possible parties involved are: Employer, Plan Administrator, Stock Plan Participant, Broker,....  Participants: Oracle, SAP, Transcentive, PWC, Charles Schwab & Co, Authoria, Commerzbank, Peoplesoft, Deutsche Bank, eTrade, Citigroup...  KickedOff: Feb 20th 2002 Version 1.0: Approved 7th October 2002 – Thank you!

3 Scope of Version 1.0  Initially support Stock Options  Five Schemas Defined: StockPlan StockPlanParticipant Grant ExerciseRequest ExerciseConfirmation Additional Worker Schemas to delete StockPlan, StockPlanParticipant, Grant, etc. What are we working on now?

4 Next Version 1.x  What is in the next version??  Employee Stock Purchase Plans (ESPP) Modified StockPlan schema to add Stock Purchase Rules Modified Participant schema to add eligibility info  Two New Schema StockDeposit (future enhancement for Stock Awards) StockSaleConfirmation (disqualifying disposition reporting) Reuse existing and upcoming schema Payroll Instructions Defined Contribution Benefits Enrolment (Additional fragment)  Target Delivery - June 2003  Process Flow…..




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