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Management Engineering & Process Improvement Community September 10, 2010 Chair David Butler, BS, MBA

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1 Management Engineering & Process Improvement Community September 10, 2010 Chair David Butler, BS, MBA

2 HIMSS Announcements –HIMSS Feedback to HHS on final and proposed rules –The September Vantage Point addresses meaningful use survey bd1dd bd1dd –Online Buyer's Guide Resource –HIMSS Virtual Conference Exp; November 3-4, 2010

3 MEPI Community Support and promote the profession of management engineering and process improvement among the members of HIMSS by providing opportunities for networking, collaboration, publication, promotion and professional development of Management Engineers and Process Improvement professionals in healthcare organizations.

4 ME-PI Workgroups 1.Liaison & Membership 2.Communication 3.Business Intelligence 4.Education 5.Tools and Topics Toolkit 6.Public Comment

5 Liaison & Membership Workgroup Chair, Susan Wozniak, MPH, CPHIMS, FHIMSS

6 Liaison & Membership Workgroup 2010-2011 Deliverables: –Develop & Share ME-PI Fact Sheet & Service Offering for Chapters– Who we are, What we offer, ME-PI tools, speakers, etc. Present to at least 2 chapter meetings. –Share ME-PI tools and expertise with HIMSS Organizational Affiliates by presenting once on toolkit / educational session –Annual ME-PI Survey and results dissemination

7 Communication Workgroup Chair, Karen Green, CPHIMS

8 Communication Workgroup 2010-2011 Deliverables: –Produce electronic newsletter three times per year – Solicit stories ‘windows on success’ from the greater community –Enhance networking and collaboration online &/or through social media technologies / blogs

9 Business Intelligence Workgroup Chair, Cindy McKinney, MBA, FHIMSS

10 Business Intelligence Workgroup –Produce a BI deliverable which supports MU requirements. –Produce an educational session series on BI deliverable for full HIMSS membership

11 Tools and Topics Toolkit Workgroup Chair, Eric Johannesson, PMP, CPHIMS

12 Tools and Topics Toolkit Workgroup Develop and publish 7 new impactful tools within the MEPI toolkit to address workflow redesign, change management and implementation needs for Meaningful Use.

13 Tool of the Month Don Ellis

14 Public Comment Workgroup Tools and Topics Toolkit Workgroup Chair, Rick Biehl

15 Public Comment Workgroup The purpose of the Public Comment Response is to ensure, when appropriate, that the ME-PI professional voice and perspective is incorporated within HIMSS public comment responses. Process Guide for Public Comments

16 Education Workgroup Chair, Pauline Hogan

17 Education Workgroup –Provide 9 topics and speakers for educational sessions via WebEx to MEPI Community –Provide 3 Synergy Sessions for HIMSS Annual conference in Orlando – Feb 2011

18 Education Presentation 2010/11 ME-PI Survey Results presented by David Butler

19 2010/11 ME-PI Survey Results 2010 Survey Posted: April 26 to May 24 422 Responses

20 Question #1: Tell us a little about yourself Name, position held, organization

21 Question #2: Type of organization

22 Question #3: What is your principal education/training background?

23 Question #4: Do you have a formal ME or PI Department? Question #5: Do you have a separate Quality Dept from ME or PI Dept?

24 Question #6: Where does your organization report to?

25 Question #7: Why did you join ME-PI Community?

26 Question #8: Did you attend HIMSS 2010? Question #8a: What would ensure you attend HIMSS 2011?

27 Question #9: Which “Hot Topics are of most interest to you?

28 Responses Bucket into the Following Areas : Financial challenges Implementing and proving the value of EHR/EMR Change Management Process Improvement ARRA / HITECH / Meaningful Use Achieving integration of complex clinical and administrative applications Staffing Question #10: What are your most important challenges?

29 Question #11: Are you familiar with the ME-PI toolkit?


31 Question #12: I would like to suggest the following upgrade to ME-PI

32 Next Meeting: October 1, 2010 Meetings are scheduled the 1 st Friday Monthly at 12:00 PM ET October 1, 2010January 7, 2011April 1, 2011 November 5, 2010February 4, 2011May 6, 2011 December 3, 2010March 4, 2011June 3, 2011 Education Session: Using Process and Architecture Improvement to achieve Health Transformation Eric Pupo & Dr. Geeta Nayyar

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