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Icons: Cisco Products Router- Color and subdued 100BaseT Hub

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1 Icons: Cisco Products Router- Color and subdued 100BaseT Hub
Workgroup Director Server with PC Router Router w/Silicon Switch uBR910 Cable DSU Network Management Appliance Software- Based Router on File Server CDDI/ FDDI Concentrator Wavelength Router Protocol Translator PC Router Card PC Adapter Card TransPath CiscoWorks Workstation Cisco Hub Bridge Small Hub (10BaseT Hub) Workgroup Switch Color/Subdued Access Server NetFlow Router Terminal Server Workgroup Switch Voice-Enabled

2 Icons: Cisco Products (Cont.)
Route/Switch Processor with and without Si PC with Router-Based Software PC with Software ATM Switch Cisco CA Switch Processor LAN2LAN Switch MicroWeb Server PXF IP Transport Concentrator Label Switch Router ISDN Switch ASIC Processor General Processor VIP BBSM Cisco 5500 Family Multi- Switch Device Content Engine ATA Management Engine (ME 1100) Broadband Router ITP

3 Icons: Cisco Products (Cont.)
Program Switch NetRanger IP Standard and Old (Some Prefer) System Controller Cisco 6920 RateMux Router with TDM Voice- Enabled Access Server NetSonar ADM Cisco 7505 Cisco Directory Server Data Switch Processor Cisco 7507 Cisco 1000 Voice- Enabled Router Cisco 7500 (7513) Edge Label Switch Router Cisco 4310 End Office System Edge Label Switch Router with NetFlow Multilayer Switch, with and without Text and Subdued

4 Icons: Cisco Products (Cont.)
Centri Firewall MGX 8220 IOS Firewall MGX 8240 Cisco Security Manager Router with Firewall MGX 8260 Data Center Switch PIX Firewall Right and Left Voice-Enabled ATM Switch Cisco CallManager Optical Transport Data Center Switch, Reversed IP Telephony Router Cisco 6732 Access Server DSLAM Cisco 6705 Access Server Cisco 6701

5 Icons: Cisco Products (Cont.)
Cisco VN 2900 IP DSL Switch VPN Concentrator Cisco 15200 Cisco VN 5900 CSS 11000 CDM (Content Distribution Manager) H.323 Cisco VN 5902 Cisco 15800 IAD Router Access Gateway BTS Softswitch Content Router Cisco Storage Router ICM ICS 7750 Content Switch Generic Softswitch

6 Icons: Cisco Products (Cont.)
Handheld DWDM Network Line DWDM Filter DWDM Ring PC Card Wireless Transport AccessPoint Scanner Wireless Connectivity, Different Orientations EtherClient Tablet

7 Icons: Cisco Products, Optical (Cont.)
Optical Services Router Automatic Protection Switching WDM Voice- Enabled Communications Server Optical Fiber Channelized Pipe ONS15104 Voice- Enabled Router SONET MUX Program Switch Concatenated Payload Optical Amplifier Router with TDM Optical Cross- Connect Digital Cross-Connect Cisco 10700

8 Icons: Cisco Products, Optical (Cont.)
Protected Optical Unprotected Optical Metro 1500 ONS 15540

9 Icons: Cisco Products (Cont.)
SC2200 Signaling Controller IP/TV Server VSC3000 Virtual Switch Controller IP/TV Broadcast Server VSC3000 or SC2200 Host BTS Softswitch Generic Softswitch

10 Icons: IBM Cluster Controller/3174 (Desktop Model, Not Used Much)
IBM Mainframe IBM Mainframe with FEP IBM Mini (AS400) FEP (Front End Processor) Cluster Controller/ 3274 or 3174 (Most Common Type)

11 Icons: WAN DSU/CSU (Add Text in PowerPoint) Network Cloud, Dark
Distributed Director WAN Network Cloud, Gold Local Director MUX Network Cloud, White PBX/ Switch PBX (Small) Network Cloud, Standard Color Hub Gray and Blue DPT Ring NAT

12 Icons: LAN Workstation (Sun) Printer ATM/FastGb Etherswitch Web Server
PC Laptop HP Mini Web Browser Mac File Server Super- computer Repeater Newton Terminal Monitor LAN2LAN Mini or VAX/VMS with DECnet Web Cluster Intelligence Engine 2100 Series

13 Icons: Media Token Rings, with and without Text and Subdued
Line: Serial (Use Thicker where There Is Space) FDDI Rings, with and without Text, Vertical and Horizontal Line: Circuit-Switched (Use Thicker where There Is Space) Line: Ethernet (Use Thicker where There Is Space)

14 Medium Building, Regular, Subdued, and Blue
Icons: Buildings Headquarters, Regular, Subdued, and Blue Government University House, Regular and Blue Medium Building, Regular, Subdued, and Blue Small Business Telecommuter House (Color and Subdued) Branch Office, Regular, Subdued, and Blue MDU Home Office

15 Icons: People Symbol Woman, Various Colors Man Woman
Symbol Man, Various Colors End User Male, Left and Right End User Female, Left and Right Running Man (Color and Subdued) Running Woman End User, CiscoWorks

16 Icons: Multimedia/Voice/Phone
Camera PC/Video Set Top Box (STB) BBFW Phone-Appliance Television BBFW Media Camera PC/Video Fax/ Phone Speaker Phone Feature Cell Phone Class 4/5 Switch Microphone Phone 2 Fax Phone Ethernet Headphones Hoot and Holler Phone Pager IP Phone Phone Polycom Turret

17 Icons: Miscellaneous Firewall, Horizontal and Vertical, Subdued
Satellite Dish File Cabinet Satellite Lock Breakout Box UPS, RPS Key Host MAU Lock and Key Database, Relational PAD Car Modem Diskette (3.5" Floppy) BBS (Bulletin Board System) Truck

18 Cisco Logos Full Color Use on lighter backgrounds
Note: These logos can be resized. It is extremely important to maintain the correct proportions when resizing (hold the shift key down, or use the numeric resize in Format Picture menu). The file type used (PNG) displays better in slide show and in printing than it appears in slide view. Full Color Use on lighter backgrounds Black Use when higher contrast to light background is required White Use on dark backgrounds— this logo is set on the teal box for display only (the box is not a part of the logo)

19 Updated_ © 2001, Cisco Systems, Inc. 19

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