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CASA Energy Workgroup Regulatory Update SCAP Energy Management Committee May 30, 2013.

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1 CASA Energy Workgroup Regulatory Update SCAP Energy Management Committee May 30, 2013

2 CASA Energy Workgroup Newly formed group, had kickoff meeting in March Response to growing importance of energy issues for POTWs –Rising energy costs –Climate change a central issue in state politics –New opportunities for renewable generation and energy efficiency –Number and complexity of state programs has grown CWCCG was in transition, CASA stepped in to take on this direct role

3 Role of Energy Workgroup Advocacy for California POTWs on state-level energy legislation and regulation Review bills and make recommendations to CASA Legislative Committee Engage in relevant regulatory proceedings at CPUC and CEC Inform state policymaking and advocate for POTWs

4 Current Issues Feed-in Tariffs Pipeline Biomethane Water-Energy Nexus Funding Programs – EE Incentives, SGIP, CSI, EPIC Proposed Legislation Low Carbon Fuels Standards

5 Feed-in Tariff Changes legislated in 2011 –Project sized increased to 3 MW –Market-based price –Three categories: baseload, peaking, as-available Carries over 750 MW cap Final decision passed by CPUC last Thursday

6 Feed-in Tariff Results Re-MAT pricing mechanism Limited remaining capacity Little flexibility to change contract capacity Guaranteed Energy Production Difficult for POTWs to participate under these conditions

7 Feed-in Tariff Final Decision The City of San Diego contends that in an excess sales situation, it is unreasonable to require the Seller to predict Contract Quantity because the site load is often unpredictable. We find predictability in Contract Quantity to be a fundamental element of the standard contract and that the proposed provision, only permitting a one-time change, is a reasonable means of providing the buyer and seller with the ability to plan accordingly. Regarding the concerns raised by the City of San Diego, we will monitor the impact of the contract provision in the context of excess sales.

8 SB 1122 250 MW Feed-in Tariff carve-out for bioenergy projects 110 MW for wastewater treatment, municipal organic waste diversion, food processing, and co-digestion 90 MW for dairy and agriculture 50 MW for forestry

9 Pipeline Biomethane Mandates open access to common carrier natural gas pipelines for biomethane based on standards to be adopted by the CPUC –Set concentrations of COCs to protect public health and ensure pipeline integrity and safety –Establish requirements for monitoring, testing, reporting, and recordkeeping –Health protective standards to be based on recommendations of ARB and OEHHA which were released on May 15

10 POTW Biomethane Health Protective Standards Constituent of Concern Risk Management Levels - Health Based Standards (ppmv) Trigger LevelLower Action Level Upper Action Level Carcinogenic Constituents of Concern p-Dichlorobenzene 0.959.524 Ethylbenzene 660150 Vinyl Chloride 0.843.38.3 Non-carcinogenic Constituents of Concern Hydrogen Sulfide 222161,080 Alkyl Thiols (Mercaptans) 12120610 Toluene 2402,40012,000

11 AB 1900 Provisions The CPUC shall: –Hold public hearings to identify impediments that limit procurement of biomethane in California –Adopt policies and programs that promote the in-state production and distribution of biomethane Costs addressed after standards established, may consider subsidies

12 SoCalGas Proposed Biomethane Tariffs Biogas Conditioning/Upgrading Tariff Service –SoCalGas to design, install, own, operate & maintain biogas conditioning/upgrading equipment Need about 1000 scfm of biogas for project to be economical Settlement agreement issued May 3

13 SoCalGas Proposed Biomethane Tariffs Proposed “Sustainable SoCal Program” For Small to mid size wastewater treatment plants (200 to 600 scfm) SoCalGas to design, install, own, operate & maintain biogas conditioning/upgrading equipment SoCalGas to own biomethane Part of general rate case

14 Water-Energy Nexus Governor’s Workshops SCE Water- Energy Program Advisory Group CPUC Water and Energy Programs –2013-2104 EE program cycle to expand water-energy nexus efficiency program –Staff proposal for a Cost Effectiveness framework for Water-Energy –Water Energy Project Coordination Group being formed

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