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2 Wait a while and be prepared to explore as the computer is searching

3 Respect for Learning & Teachers

4 لا َيَسٍّتَوِيٍّ الََّّذِيٍّنَ يَعٍّلَمُوٍّنَ وَالَّذِيٍّنَ لا َيَعٍٍّّلَمُوٍّن خدا تع فرماوسس ؛ Those who know and do not know cannot be compared.

5 رسول الله صلع فرماوسس ؛ طَلَبُ الٍّعِلٍّمِ فَرِيٍّضَةَ عَلْى كُلِّ مُسٍّلِمٍ وَمُسٍّلِمَةٍ Seeking knowledge is obligatory upon every Muslim and Muslemah.

6 مولانا علي ع م فرماوسس؛ اَلٍّعِلٍّمُ وِرَاثَـةُُ كَرِيٍّمَةُُ Knowledge is the noblest inheritance.

7 رسول الله صلع فرماوسس ؛ من تعلم العلم في شبابه كان بمنزلة النقش في الحجر... جه شخص علم نسس جواني ما سيكهسس يه ثثتهرما لكهوا برابر ؛ One who acquires knowledge at young age is like inscribing on a stone.

8 رسول الله صلع فرماوسس ؛ علم نا طلب كرنار ثثر ححار شرط لازم ؛ Rasulullah (s.a.) has asserted 4 liabilities for the one who is acquiring ilm.

9 (1) اِسٍّتِمَاعُ الٍّعِلٍّمِ To listen to the knowledge being imparted. (2) وَحِفٍّظُه To learn and remember it.

10 (3) وَالٍّعَمَلُ بِه To act according to the Ilm. (4) وَنَشٍّرُه To propagate it.

11 Al-Imam (9) Moulana Ahmed-al-Mastoor Ahmed-al-Mastoor (a.s). Describes some of the behavioural accountabilities, to be adopted by the students of every age and group.

12 علم طلب كرنار ني نشانيو “Signifying signs for a student”

13 First sign of a student is When a teacher starts a lesson They should face the teacher, and thoughts should not wander. They should concentrate on it. They should listen to him. They should maintain complete silence…. as they are attending a ( خطبة ) Khutba with Imam

14 Second sign is They should obey, follow and acquire knowledge from him properly.. as they follow while performing Namaaz with Imam.

15 Third sign is Whenever they articulate they should speak whatever they have acquired from their teacher…. as Allah’s Messengers Conveyed His divine message as they received it.

16 Fourth sign is Whenever any thought strikes their mind, they should verify it from Him Him before reacting or responding ….. As it happens with the five senses which remain under the influence of the brain for every thing.

17 Fifth sign is They have to help each other as the right and left hand helps the body, or as the eyes and the feet, when the eyes see something and wants it, the feet steps forward to help. While helping like this they never ask for any obligation in return.

18 Sixth sign is Whenever they speak, they should speak unanimously and should not go against or rebuke each other.

19 Seventh sign is Whenever they acquire knowledge they should not quarrel for positions. And in their teacher’s absence no one should come forward to dominate his fellow student unless He is appointed as the monitor.

20 If the above mentioned qualities are adopted then the teacher has to raise them to His level and bestow them with wisdom. Then they live the teacher’s life, observing through His vision, coordinating like the parts of the body.

21 This presentation C. D. is available at Feel free to take your copy absolutely free. Thank you.

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