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God’s way.. The business world understand a sagacious rule: “If you want to gain wealth, then you have to outsmart others.” Many people considered honesty,

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1 God’s way.

2 The business world understand a sagacious rule: “If you want to gain wealth, then you have to outsmart others.” Many people considered honesty, virtues and moral values as weaknesses if your want to be financially successful.

3 However, gaining riches may not be the total meaning of a prosperous life. In fact, wealth is a very dangerous foundation of a man’s life. During the Global crisis of 2008, we read of several millionaires who committed suicide when their business suddenly became bankrupt.

4 Genuine prosperity which is based on the word of God includes not only accumulation of wealth but also good health and peace of mind springing from spiritual security from God. The bible said: “The blessing of the LORD makes a person rich, and he adds no sorrow with it.” Pro 10:22

5 King Solomon, who ruled in the golden days of prosperity of Israel from 971 BC to 931 BC, wrote the book of Proverbs under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. In Proverb Chapter 3, he recorded the secrets of living in good health, success and peace. Let us study these biblical principles to find their secrets.

6 I.Pillar No. 1 PRIORITY Pro_3:1-4 Set your priority according to God’s word. Instruction from God: Pro 3:1 My son, do not forget my teachings, and keep my commands in mind. Promise if you will obey: Pro 3:2 because they will bring you long life, good years, and peace.

7 Instruction toward others: Pro 3:3 Do not let mercy and truth leave you. Fasten them around your neck. Write them on the tablet of your heart. Promise if you will obey: Pro 3:4 Then you will find favor and much success in the sight of God and humanity. The arrangement or your priorities today will determine the product of your future.

8 Priority Check 1) Worship – Love above law 2) Fellowship – Compassion above regulations 3) Discipleship – Growth above comfort 4) Ministry – Service above office 5) Mission – Mission above ambition

9 Pillar No. 2 RELIANCE Pro_3:5-6 - Rely on the wisdom and power of God and not of your own understanding only. Instruction: Pro 3:5 Trust the LORD with all your heart, and do not rely on your own understanding.

10 Promise: Pro 3:6 In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths smooth. Relying and trusting God required the activation of our 6th sense which is the eyes of faith. The bible said: Faith assures us of things we expect and convinces us of the existence of things we cannot see. Heb 11:1.

11 Pillar No. 3 OBEDIENCE Pro_3:7-8 Obey God’s word and not your own will and desires. Instruction: Pro 3:7 Do not consider yourself wise. Fear the LORD, and turn away from evil. Promise: Pro 3:8 Then your body will be healed, and your bones will have nourishment.

12 Though God has a wonderful plan for our future we can only come to the fullness of God’s plan into our lives by the walk of faith. Faith is the ability to see our future based on the promises and guidance of the word of God. You have to choose to believe on the word of God even if it is opposite with our feelings and human understanding. Our faith is what allows us to enter the future -- not with a question mark -- but with an exclamation point!

13 Pillar No. 4 SOWING Pro_3:9-10 – Acknowledge God’s ownership of everything by giving back what is due to Him and be generous also with other people. Instruction: Pro 3:9 Honor the LORD with your wealth and with the first and best part of all your income.

14 Promise: Pro 3:10 Then your barns will be full, and your vats will overflow with fresh wine. Sowing is part of natural and universal law and giving to the Lord is compared to it. God measures the allocation of our blessings by our generosity. You can never have a time of harvest in the future unless you start sowing today.

15 Pillar No. 5 PLIABILITY Pro_3:11-12 - Be teachable! Brokenness and pliability of the heart is the beginning of maturity Instruction: Pro 3:11 Do not reject the discipline of the LORD, my son, and do not resent his warning,

16 Profit: Pro 3:12 because the LORD warns the one he loves, even as a father warns a son with whom he is pleased. Blessing can be a disaster if we are not ready when it comes. That is the same reason that God wants to shape us first to fit in for the blessing that God is going to pour on us. The preparation time plus the process of shaping maybe hard and painful, but the outcome is surely for our own benefit.

17 Pillar No. 6 EDUCATION Pro3:13-24. - Take divine wisdom by diligent study of God’s word Instruction: Pro 3:21 My son, do not lose sight of these things. Use priceless wisdom and foresight. Pro 3:22 Then they will mean life for you, and they will grace your neck.

18 Promise: Pro 3:23 Then you will go safely on your way, and you will not hurt your foot. Pro 3:24 When you lie down, you will not be afraid. As you lie there, your sleep will be sweet.

19 Pillar No. 7 RISK TAKING Pro 3: 25-26 - Do not be afraid to take the step of faith. Take your confidence in the power of God. Instruction: Pro 3:25 Do not be afraid of sudden terror or of the destruction of wicked people when it comes. Promise: Pro 3:26 The LORD will be your confidence. He will keep your foot from getting caught.

20 Pillar No. 8 OPENHANDEDNESS Pro_3:27-28 - Practice compassion and sympathy with less fortunate people. Pro 3:27 Do not hold back anything good from those who are entitled to it when you have the power to do so. Pro 3:28 When you have the good thing with you, do not tell your neighbor, "Go away! Come back tomorrow. I’ll give you something then."

21 Pillar No. 9 UNITY Pro_3:29-30 - Be at peace with all people as much as possible. Pro 3:29 Do not plan to do something wrong to your neighbor while he is sitting there with you and suspecting nothing. Pro 3:30 Do not quarrel with a person for no reason if he has not harmed you.

22 Pillar No. 10 SATISFACTION Pro_3:31-32 - Be satisfied with what you have and practice the spirit of thankfulness. Pro 3:31 Do not envy a violent person. Do not choose any of his ways. Pro 3:32 The devious person is disgusting to the LORD. The LORD’S intimate advice is with decent people.

23 DO YOU WANT TO BE PROSPEROUS AND SUCCESSFUL THIS YEAR? Jos 1:8 Do not let this Book of the Law depart from your mouth; meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do everything written in it. Then you will be prosperous and successful.


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