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500 400 China Geography 400 500 India Geography 100 200 300 400 500 Ancient India Ancient China Numbers.

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2 China Geography India Geography Ancient India Ancient China Numbers

3 What are two concepts that contribute to the Hindu religion? Karma and Reincarnation Ancient India 100

4 Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro Ancient India 200 Name the two major civilizations in the Indus River Valley that were found in 1922?

5 What is the national religion of India? Who brought the religion to the Indus River Valley? HinduismAryans Ancient India 300

6 The caste system controlled society in Ancient India. What three major aspects of life did the caste system decide for you? Ancient India MarriagePartner 2. Job 3. Friends

7 List the 4 main levels of the caste system and the lowest level 1.Priests, Teachers, and Judges 2. Warriors and Princes 3. Merchants and Farmers 4.Laborers and Craftsmen Untouchables Ancient India 500

8 Numbers 100 Yangtze River-Yellow River= How many miles? 400 miles 3,400-3,000= 400 miles

9 Numbers 200 Ancient China existed for a very long time. How many years did the civilization exist? 3,911 years = 3,911 years

10 Numbers 300 How many years did the Indus River Valley civilization exist? 2,315 years = 2,315 years

11 Numbers 400 The Great Wall of China is the prevailing symbol of China. What is the total distance of the Yellow R., Yangtze R., and the Great Wall (in miles)? 4,163+3,400+3,000= 10,563 miles

12 Numbers 500 What is taller, the Terracotta Army stacked up or Mt. Everest and what is the height in feet? Terracotta Army- 36,000 feet Average height 6 feet x 6,000 soldiers= 36,000 feet

13 China 100 In China, how would your name be written? Last name first

14 China 200 Name 5 problems traders would face traveling the Silk Road? 1. Extreme temperatures 1. Extreme temperatures 2. Lack of Water 3. Robberies 4. Sandstorms 5. Blizzards 6. Altitude Sickness 7. Animals

15 China Obey their fathers in youth 2.Obey their husbands in marriage 3. Obey their sons in widowhood Name the 3 obediences of a Chinese woman?

16 China 400 What was the dynasty name that the Khan family implemented in China? Yuan Dynasty

17 China 500 Name the three major religions and their leaders in Ancient China? Confucianism, Buddhism, Taoism Confucius, Buddha, Lao-Tse

18 India Geography 100 What river was the Ancient India focused around? Indus River

19 India Geography 200 What modern day country was Harappa and Mohenjo-daro located in? Pakistan

20 India Geography 300 What is the longest river in India? Ganges River

21 India Geography 400 What three bodies of water surround the southern tip of India? Arabian Sea Bay of Bengal Indian Ocean Indian Ocean

22 India Geography 500 Name the six countries that border India ? China, Nepal, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Pakistan, and Bhutan

23 China Geography 100 What are the 3 longest rivers in the world? List longest to shortest Nile, Amazon, and Yangtze River

24 China Geography 200 Out of the 12 highest peaks in the world, how many are in China? Seven

25 China Geography 300 What is the tallest mountain in the world and how tall is it? Mount Everest-29,035 ft.

26 China Geography 400 What are the two other names for the Yellow River ? Huang He or China`s Sorrow

27 China Geography 500 DAILY DOUBLE

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