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Democracy Develops in England

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1 Democracy Develops in England
Chapter Prologue Pages 18-23

2 Gradual Process The idea of democracy developed gradually over the centuries. From Ancient Greece to Rome, democracy finally took root and formed permanence in England in the late Middle Ages (14th and 15th Centuries).

3 Henry II Controlled western half of France as well as all of England.
Achievements Jury Trial-A royal judge review the crime then ask 12 men to answer questions about the facts of the case. Common Law- reflected customs and principles established over time.

4 King John King John lost a costly war with France.
Lost many holdings in France. Raised Taxes to pay for the war. Led to conflict between the English nobles and the king. 1215 the angry nobles rebelled and forced John to grant guarantees of certain traditional political rights. Magna Carta

5 Magna Carta Is a major source of traditional English respect for individual rights and liberties. It was a contract between the king and nobles of England It contained important certain principles that limited the power of the English monarchy over all his English subjects. It implied the idea that monarch had no right to rule in any way they pleased. They had to govern ACCORDING to LAWS.

6 The Magna Carta is considered one of the cornerstones of democratic government.
The underlying principle of the document is the idea that all must obey the law, even the king. Its guaranteed rights are an important part of modern liberties and justice.

7 The Magna Carta Read the Magna Carta.
Explain 2 specific rights it claims or protects. Explain how this document extended democratic ideals of self-government and individual liberty.

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