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The Governments of S.W. Asia

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1 The Governments of S.W. Asia
SS7CG5: The student will explain the structures of the national governments of SW Asia. a. Compare the PARLIAMENTARY DEMOCRACY of the STATE OF ISRAEL, the MONARCHY of SAUDI ARABIA, and THEOCRACY of the ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF IRAN, distinguishing the FORM OF LEADERSHIP, and the ROLE OF THE CITIZEN in terms of VOTING RIGHT and PERSONAL FREEDOMS

2 Bell Ringer – 5 minutes Practice Test Question
How does a Democratic government differ from an Oligarchic government A. Judicial system B. Role of the citizen C. Law making process D. Executive Branch

3 Israel - Type of leader Israel is a parliamentary democracy.
The president is head of state and serves in a primarily ceremonial role. The prime minister is the head of government.

4 Israel – Becoming the leader
President is elected by the Knesset (parliament). After election, President nominates a member of the Knesset to become the Prime Minister (following a vote of confidence from the Knesset)

5 Israel – Role of Citizen
Citizens over 18 can vote for members of the unicameral legislature called the Knesset.

6 Israel – Personal Freedoms
Freedom of Speech – Yes Freedom of the Press - Yes

7 Questions about Israel
How is the power distributed in Israel? How do you know this? Does the President have any real power in government? Can men and women vote in Israel? All of them? Is the Head of Government elected or selected?

8 Saudi Arabia – Type of Leader
Saudi Arabia is an Islamic Absolute Monarchy. King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud is the is the current King of Saudi Arabia and Head of the House of Saud.

9 Saudi Arabia – Becoming the Leader
The right of succession is hereditary (passed down through the family). A newly established council selects a successor among the crown princes of the Saudi royal family. The King’s power is limited by Islamic law and he must build consensus among religious leaders and other influential Saudis.

10 Saudi Arabia – Role of Citizen
The role of the citizen in Saudi Arabia is to obey the King.

11 Saudi Arabia – Personal Freedoms
Freedom of Speech – No Freedom of the Press – No There are no voting rights or official political parties in this country.

12 Questions about Saudi Arabia
Does Saudi Arabia have a Unitary, Federal, or Confederation type of government? If the leader dies, who becomes the next leader, and how is this decided? Does the king have absolute power? Who can vote in Saudi Arabia?

13 Iran – Type of Leader Iran is a theocratic republic with a presidential system. The government of Iran is based on Islamic law. The Supreme Leader of Iran, who is a religious leader, is chief of state and has final say on all matters. The Supreme Leader is commander-in-chief of the armed forces.

14 Iran – Becoming the Leader
The Supreme Leader is selected by the Council of Experts. The Supreme Leader maintains control over some key executive powers, including the role of commander-in-chief of the armed forces The Council of Experts, as well as the legislature and president, are elected by popular vote. While the president is head of government, he may be removed by the Supreme Leader at any time.

15 Iran – Role of Citizen There is universal suffrage (voting) for everyone over 18. The role of the citizen in Iran is to obey the Supreme Leader.

16 Iran – Personal Freedoms
Freedom of Speech – No Freedom of the Press - No

17 Questions about Iran Iran is a theocracy based on what religion?
Who has more power, the Supreme Leader or the president of Iran? Who can vote in Iran, and who do they vote for? Is the Supreme Leader elected or selected?

18 Now it’s your turn – work session let’s look at an example United States
Type of Leadership Presidential System Federal form of government Role of the Citizen democracy High participation Personal Freedoms Voting rights for all citizens 18 and over Vote for all members of our government

19 Your task – 10 min (work session)
Using the example as your guide, create three charts just like the example for each of the countries from the essential question. Iran Israel Saudi Arabia For each country, tell the type of leadership, role of the citizen, and personal freedoms.

20 Leader Takes Power by… Role of Citizen Personal Freedoms Israel
Saudi Arabia Iran Leader President Prime Minister (Parliamentary Democracy) King (Monarchy) Supreme Leader (Theocratic Republic) Takes Power by… Election Hereditary Selected by Council of Experts Role of Citizen Vote Obey Obey and “Vote” Personal Freedoms Freedom of Speech: Yes Press: Yes Speech: No Press: No

21 Middle East Governments Comic Strip Activity
Create 3 comic strips including; (Israel, Saudi Arabia, Iran) Identify the title of the leader Identify how the person becomes the leader Determine what role the citizen plays in the government Determine personal freedoms (Freedom of Speech, Freedom of the Press)

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