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Describe Obligations and Benefits of Small Animal Ownership

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1 Describe Obligations and Benefits of Small Animal Ownership
Small Animal Management Taken From:

2 What is involved in owning a pet
Brainstorm all the obligations that come with owning one of the following Dog Cat Fish Bird Rodent Reptile How long is your list?!

3 Today we will…. List the six obligations of pet ownership according to the AVMA Define AVMA. Describe three benefits of pet ownership.

4 Responsible Pet Ownership
According to the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), owning a pet is privilege, but the benefits of pet ownership come with responsibilities

5 According to the AVMA… There are 6 areas to consider when deciding on pet ownership Commit Invest Obey Identify Limit Prepare Refer to the brainstorm list you created. How many of the items you listed fall under one of these 6 areas?

6 Commit Avoid impulsive decisions when selecting a pet.
Select a pet that's suited to your home and lifestyle. Keep only the type and number of pets for which you can provide appropriate food, water, shelter, health care and companionship. Commit to the relationship for the life of your pet(s). Provide appropriate exercise and mental stimulation. Properly socialize and train your pet.

7 Invest Recognize that pet ownership requires an investment of time and money. Make sure your pet receives preventive health care (vaccinations, parasite control, etc.), as well as care for any illnesses or injuries. Budget for potential emergencies

8 Obey Clean up after your pet.
Obey all local ordinances, including licensing, leash requirements and noise control. Don't allow your pet to stray or become feral.

9 Identify Make sure your pet is properly identified tags,
microchips, or tattoos Keep its registration up-to-date.

10 Limit Don't contribute to our nation's pet overpopulation problem: limit your pet's reproduction through spay/neuter, containment or managed breeding.

11 Prepare Prepare for an emergency or disaster, including assembling an evacuation kit. Make alternate arrangements if you can no longer provide care for your pet. Recognize any decline in your pet's quality of life and make timely decisions in consultation with a veterinarian.

12 Obligations of Small animal Ownership--Activity
Break into 6 different groups Each group will develop a scenario aimed at one of the 6 categories of responsible pet ownership Each group will present their scenario to the class. The class will try to determine which category is being demonstrated

13 Benefits of Small Animal Ownership--Activity
Using the internet, Google, “benefits of pet ownership” Report your findings to the class

14 Evaluation List the six obligations of pet ownership according to the AVMA Define AVMA. Describe three benefits of pet ownership.

15 Summary Small animal ownership has many benefits and obligations. It is important to weigh these before becoming a small animal owner.

16 References Responsible Pet Ownership: onsible-pet-ownership.aspx 5 Ways Pets Can Improve Your Health: pressure/features/health-benefits-of-pets The Therapeutic Benefits of Pets: Potential Benefits of Pet Ownership in Health Promotion: Five Steps to Choosing the Right Pet:

17 Texas College and Career Readiness Standards
English/Language Arts III. B. 1, b; English/Language Arts III. B. 3, a, b; English/Language Arts V. B. 1, b, 2 b.

18 Developed by the Department of Agricultural Leadership, Education & Communications, Texas A&M University for the Texas Education Agency, Educational Excellence Project for AFNR ©Texas Education Agency, 2013

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