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5/10/2015Created by Shirley Wilborne1 Social Studies 3.10 Vocabulary.

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1 5/10/2015Created by Shirley Wilborne1 Social Studies 3.10 Vocabulary

2 5/10/2015Created by Shirley Wilborne2 Community: A place where people live, work, and play. Community: A place where people live, work, and play

3 5/10/2015Created by Shirley Wilborne3 Rules: What people must or must not do.

4 5/10/2015Created by Shirley Wilborne4 Laws: Rules people live by.

5 5/10/2015Created by Shirley Wilborne5 Government: A group of people who make rules and laws, carry out rules and laws, and decide if rules and laws have been broken.

6 5/10/2015Created by Shirley Wilborne6 Rights and Responsibilities People who live in a state have a responsibility to pay state taxes. State taxes pays for the services that states provide. People have the right to those services.

7 5/10/2015Created by Shirley Wilborne7 Rights and Responsibilities Voting is an important right that Americans have. By voting, Americans exercise the right to choose their government. Voting is a responsibility, too. It is every voter’s responsibility to help choose the best leaders. Candidates are people running for a government job. Voters are citizens who are 18 or older. They vote on candidates and questions.

8 5/10/2015Created by Shirley Wilborne8 Rights and Responsibilities Americans have rights, some of which are stated in the Constitution. The Constitution is the basic laws that our national government follows. All new laws must agree with the Constitution. People use their rights all the time. The Bill of Rights says that Americans have freedom of speech. That means they are free to speak out about things that matter to them.

9 5/10/2015Created by Shirley Wilborne9 Rights and Responsibilities When people have rights they also have responsibilities. If you speak out, you have the responsibility not to hurt others unfairly with your words. People need to know their rights. But it is just as important for them to remember their responsibilities. Having rights also means having responsibilities.

10 5/10/2015Created by Shirley Wilborne10 Activities: Define vocabulary: Rules, Laws, Government, Rights, Responsibilities Write vocabulary in notebook. What are the classroom rules? Explain why we have rules. (These rules are for our protection) Explain how all citizens must obey rules (laws). Explain who makes these laws (government). Who carries out laws and decide if laws are broken? What would our lives be like if we had no laws or government? Read about local, state, and federal levels of government. Draw a pyramid diagram and illustrate to show local, state, and federal levels of government.

11 5/10/2015Created by Shirley Wilborne11 Local County State National Litchfield Sherman County Nebraska U.S.A. Different Levels of Government in Our Country Work Together.

12 5/10/2015Created by Shirley Wilborne12 Resources SOL 3.10 Study Guide Share Our World Gr. 3 Textbook pp. 289, 283, 297, and sst3-10 Power Point Watch for other resources to be added.

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