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Do you obey the traffic rules?

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1 Do you obey the traffic rules?
A Lesson of Traffic Safety

2 Before the lesson What kind of traffic rules should we obey as a pedestrian (行人)? Have you got any tickets (罰單) from the police? Do you know how much you should be fined (罰款) for your violation (違規)?

3 Let’s take a look Let’s watch a clip. Q&A after the clip watching.

4 Let’s read. An article from Let’s Talk in English, Traffic Rules.
Read your article.

5 Answer the questions: (1) What mistake did Jean make when driving a car? (Article 1) (2) What mistake did Tom make when riding a bike? (Article 2) (3) What mistake did John make when walking? (Article 2)

6 What kind of traffic rules we’ve learned from these articles?
Always stop for people in a crosswalk. Stop before you turn right at a stoplight. Stop in front of the stop sign.

7 Help others understand the rules
Prepare your drawing tools and draw your picture based on the given theme. Each group has one theme to draw. On your poster, there should be: (1) An English slogan to tell others the rules (2) A big picture to catch others’ eyes (3) The more colors, the better.




11 SHOW and TELL!!! Tell us the theme of your poster.
Tell us what the slogan is. Tell us what the picture means. Comments from other groups

12 Reminder: A quick review
Take the crosswalk if you want to cross the road. Always stop for people in the crosswalk. Old people should wear bright clothes to safely cross the road. What goes first? (1) Pedestrians. (2) Cars on the wider road. (3) Cars from the right. (4) Cars going straight.

13 A good pedestrian: Be careful, be smart, and behave.
Have a nice and safe walk on the road.

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