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Proportion Test Review Questions Mrs. Ercoli Test 11/6.

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1 Proportion Test Review Questions Mrs. Ercoli Test 11/6

2 A

3 B Harry Potter’s wand weighs 1.25 oz. How many grams is that? 1oz = 28.4 grams

4 C Minnie Mouse made 48 cookies. 25% of the cookies were eaten How many cookies were eaten?

5 D The price of Candy Crush went from $3.49 to $3.89. What was the percent change in the game price?

6 E

7 F Lady Gaga made $29,000 one month. The next month it decrease by 4%. How much did her monthly income change?

8 G Gru shot 5 quarts of jam at the minions to change them back to good. How many liters is that? 1qt =.946 liters

9 H The Maze Runner book was 22.50. If the price of the book was increase 42% what is the books new price?

10 I Taylor Swift says “shake” 77 times in her song Shake It Off. In the remix she says “shake” 35% less. How many times does she say shake in the remix version?

11 J

12 K Lloyd and Harry are only correct 5% of the time. If they answer 30 questions how many will they get correct?

13 L Scooby and Shaggy ate 255.6 grams of Scooby snacks. How many ounces is that? 1 oz. = 28.4 grams

14 M LeBron James scored 90 points in his first game and 45 points in his second game. What was his percent change in points scored?

15 N The Grinch paid $29 for the sleigh he used to steal all the Whoo’s gifts. If he paid an 8% sales tax, What was the total cost of the sleigh?

16 O Selena Gomez was texting Justin Bieber 64 times a day. If she decreased her text message to him to 21 per day, what is her % change in message sent?

17 P Ariana Grande had 36 problems, If she had 1 less problem (change) what was her % change?

18 Q Demi Lovato’s hair was 26 inches long. How many centimeters is that? 1 in = 2.54 cm

19 R You received 136 pieces of candy for Halloween. If 15% of your candy was Twizzlers, how many Twizzlers did you receive?

20 S Pharrell is happy 95% of the time he is awake. If he is awake 15 hours a day, how many hours of that is he happy?

21 T The Cowboys scored 48 points in their last game, their opponent only scored 21 points. What % of 48 is 21.

22 U Hiccup knew 26 different kinds of dragons. If that number increased to 150 dragons, what was his percent of change?

23 V Kobe Bryant makes $2,000,000 a month. If he spends 15% of his monthly budget on shoes, how much does he spend on shoes each month?

24 W Tony Romo earns $1,000,000 every month. If he spends $40,000 on medical bills each month. What portion of his monthly income is medical.

25 X Bugs Bunny spent $425 on carrots last month. If he paid $25.50 in sales tax on the carrots, what was the tax %? (Hint: $25.50 is what % of $425)

26 Y

27 Z Only 40% of the class completes their work on time. If there are 27 students in the class, how many students complete their work on time?


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