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Dear friends, Let us introduce our primary school. It is Sirotkova School in Brno – Žabovřesky. Here are some projects done by our pupils from 6 – 9 classes.

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2 Dear friends, Let us introduce our primary school. It is Sirotkova School in Brno – Žabovřesky. Here are some projects done by our pupils from 6 – 9 classes in the school year 2005/2006. We, their English teachers, are sure the work was interesting for the children. They created somethig what has importance and sence. We are sure the project helped them to realize they like their school. Thanks the English teachers who motivated their pupils you can read these sites. I am very thankful to Michaela Vildová and Nikola Müllerová from 9.D and Dominik Doubek from 7.B,who designed and typed them. And as the last but not the least be tolerant after finding mistakes in English. Enjoy our scool projects. Mgr. Katarína Valouchová, English teacher

3 The school Sirotkova is one of the best in the city of Brno.


5 Children learnt German language 8 hours a week (for comparison - Czech language is taught 4 hours a week now). No one of the teachers could be Jewish and they had to attend German lessons and they had to pass the exams there. In September 1941 the name of the school was changed. Its name was The main school for boys in Brno-Žabovřesky. 1.10. 1941-Karel Sirotek, who had been teaching in our school for 20 years, took the responsibility for the school. He did reforms of teaching Czech language, Geography, History and Civics. Mr.Karel Sirotek died after the torture in concentration camp. The school is named after him. J. Hellar,P. Lang,J. Vančuřík 9.D Our school was built in 1907-1908 years. For boys and girls, but some of its classes weren‘t finished at that time. The first headmaster was Jan Brandýs. The classes were equiped and so the first school year started on 16th September 1908. 314 pupils attended the school in that year. The school year 1910- 1911 meant a big development for the school. In March 1910 the construction of the school was finished. There were 17 classrooms and a gymnasium. And even an oltar was built there. Both World Wars had bad effect for our school. The building was damaged and the education of children was bad. The school organized charities during the World Wars. Compulsory teaching of German language was established from 5.10 1939. One of many reasons was that Brno was declared as a German town. Children had to learn German language more and more hours weekly at the expense of the other subjects.

6 Since 1994 Mrs Jana Niznerová is the head of our school. She teaches Czech language. She realized a big reconstruction of the school. Great done! The present of Sirotkova Primary School.


8 Mr.Daniel Jedlička is our deputy of headmistress for higher grade.He teaches Biology. This is our deputy of headmistress for lower grade. His name is Lukáš Ulč. He teaches Geography and PE.



11 In school year 2005-2006 there are 29 classes, which means 15 classes of lower grade and 14 higher grade. Our school attend 728 pupils. It is about 25 pupils in per one class. School has got 12 special classes: schoolroom of chemistry, schoolroom of biology, computers e.t.c. In public nursery are 7 units whith 178 pupils. We have got a school canteen, where are served 570 lunches in day.



14 Where are you from? Teacher: I am from the Czech Republic, but I come from Slovakia. I was born in a beautiful town Žilina which is surrounded by mountains.I love my birthplace very much. What do you think of class 7.B.? Teacher: I like my kids, I teach English.They are very polite. But I know some pupils who sometimes don’t obey. This is what I hate. What do you think of modern technology ? (Computers, DVD,…) Teacher: Everything changes quickly.I’am sometimes afraid of power. And to be openhearted it’s not my cup of tea. Do you like cooking ? Teacher: Do you believe that I’m a good cook? I like cooking for my family. Everybody says that my ‘‘China‘‘ is delicious.

15 How long have you been teaching at this school ? Teacher: I have been teaching at this school since 1991. It means hundred of pupils ! What was your favorite subject at Primary school ? Teacher: Many years ago, when I was in your age, I liked drawing. And I hated physics. Have you ever been to England or other English speaking country ? What do you like when you are not teaching ? Teacher: Something about myself: I like travelling very much. I visited many countries of course England and the U.S.A too.We have no pets and I‘m not interested in sports. Do you like London ? Would you like to live in England ? Teacher: I like travelling and visiting interesting places. London is a huge and beautiful city with many sights. It has everything – history, architecture and wonderful parks- peaceful places for everyone. It’s really worth seeing. The same England. But I am not sure about living there. What do you do in your free time ? Teacher: In my free time I read books, magazines or watch TV. I like walking and working in our little garden. Do you like the food in our school canteen? Teacher: Yes, I do. And what about you? Are you able to cook better?

16 1.What´s your favourite color? Mrs. Hotová My favourite color is red and purple. Mr. Kalinec My favourite color is blue. 2.Do you like your job? Mrs. Hotová Yes,I like this job Mr. Kalinec Yes,I like this job and above all English. 3.What´s your favourite city? Mrs. Hotová My favourite city is Brno. Mr. Kalinec My favourite city is Brno. 4.Do you like shopping? Mrs. Hotová Yes,I like shopping in the,,Vańkovka“,I don´t like shopping food,but I like shopping clothes. Mr. Kalinec Yes,with my girl. 5.What´your favourite film? Mrs. Hotová My favourite film is,,Pelíšky“. Mr. Kalinec My favourite fiml is,,Alien“ and,,Vetřelec“ 6.What´s your favourite meal? Mrs. Hotová My favourite meal is spagetti and tomato sauce. Mr. Kalinec My favourite meal is pizza and fried chicken. 7.Do you like our class? Mrs. Hotová Yes,I like this class. Mr. Kalinec Yes,I like this class. 8.Do you like animals? Mrs. Hotová Yes,I like all animals,except of mice. Mr. Kalinec Yes,I like all animals and pudl dog Pařízkové.

17 9.Do you like sport? Mrs.Hotová No,I don´t like spotr. Mr. Kalinec Yes,I like very all sports and body building. 10.What do you think about Global warming? Mrs.Hotová It is serious problem. Mr. Kalinec Peoples don´t care. 11.What do you thing about our class? Mrs.Hotová I thing,there are too many pupils,so I would like to from two smaller groups. Mr. Kalinec This class is full very hard working peoples and I go with him on Mountins. 12.What´s your favourite holiday? Mrs.Hotová My favourite holiday is chrismas and brithday my childrens. Mr. Kalinec I like chrismas holiday and summer holiday. 13.Who is your favourite pupil? Mrs.Hotová I haven´t favourite pupil. Mr. Kalinec I haven´t favourite pupil. 14.Who is your favourite day? Mrs.Hotová My favourite day is Sunday. Mr. Kalinec My favourite day is Monday. 15.What do you think about this project? Mrs.Hotová The project shows some clever and hard working pupils. Mr. Kalinec This project have full interesting question.


19 My class – 6.C My name is Michal Špok and I am in class 6.C. Let me introduce my class. We have 28 pupils in our class. There are 21 boys and only 7 girls, because we are a „mathematic class“. My best friends are Jakub Hovorka, Jakub Vorel, Jan Křivánek andTomáš Halada. I like Matěj Sedlák, too. We all like basketball, especially NBA. We are the members of basketball club SK Brno Žabovřesky. Sometimes we play floorball in the Salesian´s centre and sometimes we go to the library. I am a quite tall. I am as tall as Jakub Vorel. Jan Křivánek is taller than me. Tomáš Halada is the tallest boy in our class. The oldest boy is Vilém Faigel. The youngest boy in our class is Ondra Vaněk. The best skier is Adam Zahradník. The longest hair has Bára Kulíková and Adam Zahradník. The best swimmer is Jakub Hovorka. The shortest hair has jakub Vorel and the fastest runner is Jan Křivánek. Our class teacher is olga Pečenková. She teaches Maths and IT. MY CLASS - IS THE BEST CLASS IN OUR SCHOOL. Michal Špok

20 I like Czech and History, but my favorite subject is English. We learn grammar, new words and read articles too. I like reading. I’m looking forward to reading English stories. We have a very good teacher of this subject! His name is Mr. Kalinec. We like studying with him, but we don’t like tests!! We play games too. We have English three times a week. I’m always looking forward to this lesson. Written by: Stela Pouzová, VI.B

21 Our favourite subject is physics. Mr.Látal is our teacher. Physics is a very interesting subject. Maths is a basic of Physics. We have Physics on Wednesday and Friday. We are never bored in Physics,because Mr.teacher Makes a lovely perfomance for us. We are looking forward to have funny lessons in the future. Written by:Patrik Bauer,Jan Bartošek


23 For example we had to find oculist, hospital, reality office or find where you can buy for example carrot. We were doing Czechs in Cambridge, Inswich, Norwich, Folkston and other. We lived for ten days with teachers Mrs.Čadová, Mrs.Farlíková, Mr.Ulč and our guid was Mrs.Kučerová. We had to cook ourself and just had seen as it. When we were in camp we could play collective games or we could rerlax. The way home was during a night.We were very satisfied. With the trip of course … Written by Mrs. Angela and Mr. Rujbr In England we were the first time. Our trip was in 2005. We went across Germany, France, maybe some land from BeNeLux and if we were came to Calais, we got a ferry to Dover. After 1,5-2 hours we came to Dover and from there we got a way to London. There we visited Westminster Abbey, Tower Bridge, The Tower of London with jewellery, Buckingham Palace and some green parks with little lakes, birds, fresh grass and beautiful flower-bets. From London we went to Ipswich, where we had our accomodation. It was a scout camp without beds. From the camp we visited various towns where we were asking different question to stray suspicionless passers by people.

24 One day, on Friday, we made a visit to the Technical Museum in Vienna. The weather was quite bad. Even worse, the driver of the bus was very ill- humoured and he drove very quickly and in a very dangerous way. I personally liked it, but not the other participants. We reached the place in Vienna in about 1 hour 30 minutes. Of course, we needed to find a parking place. First, we visited the museum. It was very interesting and educative, but it lasted too long. Afterwards, the bus took us closer to the Centre of the town. We could see many cultural sights of Vienna. We finished the trip at??? After a short instructivon we had personal free time for one hour. Most students started to look for the close Mc Donalds and disappeared there. Then, we left for Brno and everybody went home. Written by G. Samson, 9.D


26 We were there in 2004. We went by train there and we spent seven days in Štědráková Lhota. Our class was accommodated in the chalet named Lasenka. The chated was situated in Štědrákova Lhota. Štědrákova Lhota is near Šumperk in Jeseník moutains. This place is a small village were we didn‘t find a shop and teachers couldn‘t find a pub. The cottage was old and there were about twenty-one rooms. On the ground floor there were a kitchen, a dining room and a saving place for skis. On the first and second floor there were bathroom, toilets and room. We used two skilifts there and we had three skislopes for our disposal. Our class was divided into for groups-two for snowboarding and two for skiiing. We were on the slopes twice a day- in the morning and in afternoon. In the evening we had different activities. Written by F.Juren, T.Kobza,9.A

27 ŠTĚDRÁKOVA LHOTA We lived in pension in Štědrákova Lhota. It is in Jeseníky mountain. This pension had many rooms with 3, 4, 5 and 6 beds. The pension had a dinning room, bufet and WC in every floor. In the evening we watched skiing and snowboarding on TV every day. We played an UNO and other card games with friends. We had a good mood every day. Food was very good. We had four meals a day. In pension we had much fun. We had free discoes too. They were very super. SKI SLOPE We went skiing about 2 kms. There were 3 ski slopes. Two slopes were together. The third was near. Skiers were filling into 3 groups. One was for beginners. Snowboarders were filling into 2 groups. Written by Sabina Havlínová & Nelly Gruberová


29 Our school, the Basic school Sirotkova, was as the only one chosen from our city of Brno to represent itself in the Olympiad in Sloup. It was a big tournament of many schools from the whole Southmoravian region and it took four days. On 26 th June few children were picked to go and show what there‘s in them. There were to age categories- 6 th & 7 th and 8 th &9 th grades. There were boys and girls taken into each age group.It was an Olympiad of many disciplines, from running, jumping, throwing and climbing, to swimming, shooting and dancing expect team games like volleyball, floorball etc. Our school took part in most of them, but we did not compete in the colective once, because we were not allowed to. We slept in the little wooden house just next the school that organized these games and so we did not have to go far to compete every morning. It was a nice trip for the end of the year. Everybody met new people, made new friends and was happy. We all liked it very much (at least from our school) and we all hope to have the honour this year again. After they dare to challenge us, of course. We must not forget to thank also the teachers, our P.E. teachers for their support, Mr. Jedlička that helped this Olympiad to be, and also Mrs. Ludvová and Mrs. Pařízková, that had the courage to take care of us and were with us all the time. We all liked it very much and hope it will be arranged at least once more Written by J.Hobl

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