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The New Dissolution Qualification System for all dissolution testers Q-Diss.

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1 The New Dissolution Qualification System for all dissolution testers Q-Diss

2 Why Q-Diss? The validation of dissolution testers often requires different logbooks and a lot of paper. There is a lack of consistency and the test procedures are difficult to regulate Q-diss provides a single standard procedure, defined by you, for all testers. It eliminates the need for excessive paperwork, and offers an ongoing history and traceability for any bath

3 Q-Diss The dissolution qualification system Works with all baths Guides you through each test with simple SOPs ASTM or USP Produces full report UV or HPLC add on

4 There are three levels of user offering differing levels of access and control enabling full control over the protocols and how they are performed

5 Use Protocol manager to customise the test that you require for your bath

6 Protocol manager shows all the available tests...

7 ...and allows you to create your specific protocol be selecting the SOPs required for your own configuration

8 Fields in blue can be edited to match bath setup. Such as the number of positions

9 When protocol is complete, switch to protocol runner to run the validation procedure.

10 To start a protocol select the protocol and system ID. – the same protocol can be run for multiple testers, or each tester can have a separate protocol

11 Select the test that you want to run – tests may be run in any order, but the protocol will not complete until all tests have been completed satisfactorily

12 Fill in the data as Q-Diss guides you through the test – it is not possible to perform a test incorrectly

13 When you complete the form, Q-Diss asks you to confirm the data

14 The results of individual tests can be seen in PDF form

15 When the validation is completed it is possible to print out the complete validation logbook, including SOPs, Calibration certificates and any deviations, or simply store as a PDF.

16 Each time a validation protocol is performed a license is used (Pass or fail).

17 Q-Diss is easy Q-Diss is comprehensive Q-Diss is consistent Q-Diss is correct Q-Diss is the only software designed specifially to meet the demands of modern dissolution validation!

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