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Building Response Team Initiative Lisa Johnson June 16, 2009.

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1 Building Response Team Initiative Lisa Johnson June 16, 2009

2 Findings from 2008/2009 Exercises Lack of knowledge on basic emergency procedures No centralized building emergency team in some cases Security services will be limited Department emergency personnel unsure how to apply emergency procedures More focus on life safety needed

3 Why BRTs are Needed Several buildings on and off campus –More than 1.6 million sq ft –400K sq ft leased in 5 cities –80+ Buildings Departments scattered among several different buildings Many buildings have SoM and hospital occupants No standardized response among buildings Limited redundant communication systems

4 Beckman Center 5 Floors + Ground 14 Depts 600 rooms identified in iSpace

5 BRT Roles & Responsibilities Preparedness Develop/Maintain Plans –Building –Department –School of Medicine Personnel rosters Safety liaison for occupants Maintain BRT equipment/supplies Participate in exercises and drills

6 BRT Roles & Responsibilities Response Monitor/be aware/notify of emergency situations Assist in evacuation and assembly operations –Take roll/document who is still inside Assist people with disabilities Monitor building entrances for entry Provide damage and hazard information to first responders, SOC, etc.

7 BRT Roles & Responsibilities Response Document, mark, and cordon off areas with possible hazards Provide minor medical care or disaster medical operations if needed Provide comfort and care Arrange for evacuation of critically injured Communicate with HSPO or SOC –Coordinate a runner Assist in maintaining order Assist in re-entry

8 Membership 50 Buildings (on and off campus) At a minimum of 240 members –At least 2 people/floor/wing –Representation of departments with significant occupancy Volunteer membership –Similar to SCERTs of BATs Identified by dept management and emergency coordinators SHC/LPCH to also implement program

9 Training 8 hours – comprehensive, hands on, participatory Some SCERT content BRT members to train together Trained in groups based on geography and function 50 buildings grouped into 15 different trainings Trainings between 15 – 25 people Separate First Aid/CPR training

10 Syllabus SoM emergency operations –EOC, SOC, BRT, BAT, SCERT, Security, DPS BRT roles and responsibilities BRT Organization Safety procedures for different hazards Evacuation and assembly Bomb threat, threatening person, active shooter awareness provided by DPS

11 Syllabus Scene stabilization and damage assessment Fire safety Communications Documentation Disaster medical operations Disaster psychology Emergency Game/Exercise

12 Supplies/Equipment Building Kit –Medical Trauma Kit (25 injuries) –2 way radios –PPE (work & nitrile gloves) –Caution tape/marking supplies –Emergency lighting/access tools Member Kit –Safety vest/hard hat –Flashlight –Whistle –Paper/pens

13 Pilot Project Stanford Menlo Park Scheduled July 29 and 30 2 buildings on SRI campus –Emergency Operations Center –Security and medical teams 22 volunteers 3 EAPs 8 administrative departments Ham radio operator Many of SoM Satellite Operations Center staff at SMP

14 Program Maintenance New buildings coming online –LKSC, SIM1 Quarterly building meetings Annual ‘All BRT Member’ Meeting Exercises/drills Refresher training every two years Training for new members Coordination of recertification of First Aid/CPR

15 Thank You Questions? Lisa Johnson 721.6269

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