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JIM THORPE’S BRIGHT PATHJIM THORPE’S BRIGHT PATH by Joseph Bruchacby Joseph BruchacJoseph BruchacJoseph Bruchac illustrated byillustrated by S. D. NelsonS.

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1 JIM THORPE’S BRIGHT PATHJIM THORPE’S BRIGHT PATH by Joseph Bruchacby Joseph BruchacJoseph BruchacJoseph Bruchac illustrated byillustrated by S. D. NelsonS. D. Nelson Day 1Day 1 Day 4Day 1 Day 4Day 4Day 1Day 4 Day 2Day 2 Day 5Day 2 Day 5Day 5Day 2Day 5 Day 3Day 3 Vocabulary DefinitionsVocabulary Definitions Vocabulary SentencesVocabulary Sentences Additional ResourcesAdditional Resources


3 STUDY SKILLSSTUDY SKILLS Genre: Biography Comprehension Skill: Fact and Opinion Comprehension Strategy: Text Structure Comprehension Review Skill: Graphic Sources Vocabulary: Dictionary and Glossary

4 GENRE: BIOGRAPHYGENRE: BIOGRAPHY A biography is a story of a real person’s life as told by someone else. As you read this biography, think about why the author chose to write about this athlete.

5 SUMMARY It wasn’t easy for Jim Thorpe to become a famous and respected athlete. As an American Indian, he was discriminated against and separated from his family. His twin brother died when they were only nine years old. His mother and father also died when he was still in school. But he learned to move forward with his life because he was so inspired by his family and his people.

6 COMPREHENSION SKILL REVIEW GRAPHIC RESOURCES A graphic source shows or explains information from the text. Pictures, maps, charts, time lines, and diagrams are all examples of graphic sources. Graphic sources can help you draw conclusions about what you are reading.

7 DAY 1 - QUESTION OF THE WEEKDAY 1 - QUESTION OF THE WEEK How can our abilities influence our dreams and goals?

8 VOCABULARY - SAY ITVOCABULARY - SAY IT society dormitory endurance manual reservation boarding school

9 MORE WORDS TO KNOWMORE WORDS TO KNOW inconsolable recruiter confident hurdle rival prove

10 COMPREHENSION STRATEGY TEXT STRUCTURE Good readers use text structure, or the way text is organized, to help them understand why they read. For example, a non fiction article may compare and contrast two things, put events in sequence, or be a series of clear main ideas. When you preview, look for text feature such as titles, heads, and underlined words to help you know what to expect.



13 COMPREHENSION SKILL TESTED- FACT OR OPINION A fact is a statement that can be proven either true or false. An opinion is a statement based on someone’s judgment, belief, or way of thinking about something.

14 PRACTICE FACT AND OPINIONPRACTICE FACT AND OPINIONStatement How to Check Fact Is Opinion Valid or Faulty? Jim led a professional football team called Oorang Indians. Unfortunately, the team was owned by a selfish man named Walter Lingo. Frankly, they were not very good. 1. Look up Jim Thorpe in encyclopedia 2. no support 4. They won only a few games. 3. faulty 5. valid


16 1.As a young man, Jim thorpe experienced many missfortunes. 2.His twin brothers death broke his heart, his mother and his father died soon afterwards.

17 CAPITAL LETTERSCAPITAL LETTERS All sentences begin with capital letters. W e enjoyed reading the book. T hose girls finished cleaning the counter.

18 CAPITAL LETTERSCAPITAL LETTERS Proper nouns begin with capital letters. M rs. C lark asked if A my would help. U ncle R ob took us to T exas.

19 CAPITAL LETTERSCAPITAL LETTERS The pronoun I is always capitalized. I don’t need your help. My aunt and I picked up the papers.

20 CAPITAL LETTERSCAPITAL LETTERS A capital letter begins the first, last, and any important word in the title of a book, magazine, song, movie, poem, or other work. Read the last chapter of T om S awyer. She saw S now W hite when she was five years old.


22 SPELLING WORDS PREFIXES MIS-, NON-, RE- misplace nonsense reread repack misfortune remove mishandle nonstop recover reseal

23 SPELLING WORDS PREFIXES MIS-, NON -, RE- misbehavior reunion nonfiction rebound nonprofit mistreat readjust misprint nonstick misquote

24 CHALLENGE misinterpret mispronounce noncommittal reconstruct reorganize


26 DAY 2 - QUESTION OF THE DAYDAY 2 - QUESTION OF THE DAY Why was Jim so unhappy at school?

27 VOCABULARY STRATEGY DICTIONARY / GLOSSARY Some words have more than one meaning. Sometimes readers need to check a dictionary or glossary to find the meaning that makes sense for the sentence.

28 VOCABULARY STRATEGY DICTIONARY / GLOSSARY The dark, or bold, words defined are called entry words. The entry word may not match the word in the selection exactly. Entry words are often are words without endings, prefixes, or suffixes.

29 SOCIETY the people of any particular time or place

30 DORMITORY a building with many rooms for sleeping in. Many colleges have dormitories for students whose home are elsewhere.

31 ENDURANCE power to last and to withstand hard wear

32 MANUAL done with the hands

33 RESERVATION land set aside by the government for a special purpose

34 BOARDING SCHOOLBOARDING SCHOOL school with buildings where the pupils live during the school term

35 INCONSOLABLE not able to be comforted

36 RECRUITER a person who gets new members, who gets people to join or come

37 CONFIDENT having a firm belief in yourself

38 HURDLE 1. a barrier for people or horses to jump over in a race. 2. something that stands in the way ; an obstacle, difficulty 1. a barrier for people or horses to jump over in a race. 2. something that stands in the way ; an obstacle, difficulty

39 RIVAL 1. person who wants and tries to get the same thing as another or who tries to equal or do better than another. 2. wanting the same things as another ; trying to equal or outdo another; competing

40 PROVE to show that a thing is true and right

41 WEEKLY FLUENCY CHECK - STRESS EMPHASIS ● Read aloud “The highest Hurdle on p. 660m. ● Explain that you will emphasize important words with more strength. stressing important words helps convey emotion and meaning.

42 3. Jim’s father was bitten by a poisonous snake or did not recuver. 4. Jim began to play football serious at school in Carlisle, Pa.

43 GRAMMAR SKILL :CAPITALIZATION Capitalize both letters in a state postal abbreviation. Tulsa, OK Dandridge, TN Capitalize days of the week, months, and holidays Saturday, June, Labor Day Capitalize titles that are used before people’s names. Mr. Warner Dr. Smith

44 GRAMMAR SKILL – CAPITALIZATION Capitalize the first word and every important word in a proper noun. He went to Carlisle Indian School in Pennsylvania. Capitalize the first letter of an abbreviation 14 Columbus St.

45 GROUP WORKGROUP WORK Readers & WB 254 Language Day 2 Spelling Day 2 Tri-Fold Section 2 SmartBoard- Fact and OpinionFact and Opinion





50 DAY 3 - QUESTION OF THE DAY What can you learn about reaching goals from Jim Thorpe’s experiences?

51 REVIEW QUESTIONSREVIEW QUESTIONS 1.What is the main ideas of this story? 2.How was Jim different from Charlie? 3.Why did the recruiter from Carlisle like to Jim? 4.Why did the teachers hit him with a ruler when he spoke Sac? 5.What kind of students were at the Agency Boarding School and the Haskell Institute?

52 REVIEW QUESTIONSREVIEW QUESTIONS 6. What was Jim’s main reason for participating in sports? 7.What is the purpose of the timeline? 8.What might have happened to Jim if he had stayed home and not attended Carlisle? 9.What did the name “Wa-tho-huck” mean? Was it a good name for Jim? Why or why not?

53 He was so fast and had so much endurance that he could run down a rabbit on foot.


55 The Indian Agency that oversaw the reservation said the children had to go to the Agency Boarding School at age six.


57 The school kept Jim inside all day and locked up in a cold dormitory at night.


59 Manual training was mixed with classroom studies to teach them a trade.


61 Learning these trades would make them useful to white society.


63 Jim’s mother tried to comfort her son after his brother died, but he was inconsolable.


65 The recruiter had heard of Jim’s success as a runner at Haskell.


67 Sometimes the biggest hurdle we have to overcome is ourselves.


69 The athlete was called a “quitter’ by the rival track athletes.


71 Sometimes we have to prove to others how much we can do.


73 It was strange how all of a sudden he felt relaxed and confident.




77 5. Jim Thorpe became one of the better football players of all time? 6. He form the Oorang indians in 1922.

78 GROUP WORKGROUP WORK Partner read & WB Spelling Day 3 Language Day 3 Tri-Fold Section 3 SmartBoard- VocabularyVocabulary






84 DAY 4 - QUESTION OF THE DAY - REVIEW How important is a positive attitude when facing challenges?

85 7. If Jim Thorpe played football today hed’ be a big star. 8. He was fast, strongly, talented, but smart.

86 GROUP WORKGROUP WORK Reading Computer Test Essay Questions Language Day 4 Tri-Fold Section 4



89 ESSAY QUESTIONSESSAY QUESTIONS 1.What is the purpose of the timeline? 2.How might Jim’s life have been different if he had stayed at home instead of attending Carlisle? 3.Why was the name “Wa-tho- huck” a good one for Jim?

90 DAY 5 - QUESTION OF THE WEEKDAY 5 - QUESTION OF THE WEEK How can our abilities influence our dreams and goals?

91 RESEARCH SKILL MAGAZINES/PERIODICALS 1.A periodical is a publication issued regularly, usually weekly or monthly. 2.A magazine is a type of periodical. The title of a magazine usually identifies the kind of information it contains. 3.Magazines contain a variety of articles, such as news stories, fiction stories, interviews, and editorials or opinion columns. They also include graphic sources and, usually, advertisements.

92 RESEARCH SKILL MAGAZINES/PERIODICALS 1.Many articles follow the 5 Ws and H format, answering the questions: Who? What? When? Why? and How? 2.A table of contents lists the titles of articles and the page on which each article begins.

93 9. Jim Thorpe was proud that was part indian. 10. A town in Pennsylvania were named after Jim Thorpe, it used to be called Mauch Chunk.

94 GROUP WORKGROUP WORK Reading WB Language Arts Day 5 Writing Assignment Tri-Fold Section 5





99 WRITING ASSIGNMENT TIMELINE Make a Vertical Timeline of Jim Thorpe’s life from pages 678 and 679. Use more than one sheet of paper, and tape them together in sequential order when completed. You may illustrate the timeline when completed.

100 FUN STUFF AND PRACTICEFUN STUFF AND PRACTICE Famous Native Americans Famous Native Americans Timeline on Jim Thorpe Timeline on Jim Thorpe Vocabulary Review Vocabulary Review Vocabulary Fill in the Blank Vocabulary Fill in the Blank Fact and Opinion Lesson Fact and Opinion Lesson Brainpop- Capitalization Brainpop- Capitalization Brainpop- Paraphrasing Brainpop- Paraphrasing BBC Prefix/Suffix Game BBC Prefix/Suffix Game Quia: Fact or Opinion Quia: Fact or Opinion Figurative Language Figurative Language



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