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Russell Otter, May 2013 Staffing: Evolution or Devolution?

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1 Russell Otter, May 2013 Staffing: Evolution or Devolution?

2 Morson - Our History Morson Projects win Queen's Award 1969 Gerry Mason, Chairman formed J Morson & Company Limited Expansion into Commercial, and Clerical Recruitment 1980 1996 19982010 2009 2012 Move to new company Head Office in Eccles, acquire Wynnwith and Acetech 40 Years in Business Turnover £50million 2000 Contractors

3 Our Sectors

4 Recruitment: The Beginning

5 Introductions

6 The Staffing Sector – Evolution or Devolution?  The last 40 years – what has changed?  Developments and improvements that have affected the industry  Have we moved on, and what remains the same?

7 TECH 1980s

8  Era of relationship selling, power lunches and meetings  Print advertising, shop front locations  Fax, database and word-processing  Generation X employees entering the work place, managed by Baby Boomers and the silent generation Industry Turnover (£1.2bn)

9 TECH 1990s

10  Dedicated sales teams, Business Development focus, partnerships  Advent of the internet, introduction of jobsites  Email, internet, online advertising and mobile phones  Generation X in leadership positions Industry Turnover (£3.9bn)

11 TECH 2000s

12  The workforce doubled. Corporate sales key, Account Management career  Evolved websites, collaborative approach  Connectivity, broadband, social media, the ‘Crackberry’  Generation Y enters the workplace Industry Turnover (£22bn)

13 TECH 2010s

14  Industry headcount shrinks, value added services and corporate sales increase  Job boards and LinkedIn rule the junior space  Senior space dominated by personal networks  Smartphones, social media (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook)  Generation X and Y leading together = conflicting values Industry Turnover (£30.5bn)

15 TECH 2020s

16 2020s and Beyond  Job boards and social media – what does the future hold?  External communications – how will we reach our audience?  How will technology evolve, and what will that mean for the industry?  Intuitive, interactive, integrated technologies Industry Turnover (£ ? bn)

17 Conclusion Survival of the fittestThe team with the best players winsWe find people for jobs & jobs for people

18 Thank You Staffing: Evolution or Devolution?

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