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Taking Your News Team to the 21 st Century Chris Walsh Boone County Schools.

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1 Taking Your News Team to the 21 st Century Chris Walsh Boone County Schools

2 How we started

3 What is needed to produce a 21 st century news cast?

4 Video Switcher Audio Mixer Computer(s) Lights Cameras Microphones Software Graphics & Video Playback Chroma Key (Green Screen) Sharing your Video(s) & Streaming

5 Video Switcher Considerations Do you really need one? Pre-Record vs. Live Future Compatibility High Definition vs. Standard Definition Number and types of inputs. Effects (Chroma Key, Digital Video, etc.) Other required items for functionality (included audio mixer). Output method. Cost - $500 and up!

6 NewTek - TriCaster Pros Easy to transport LiveType (Built in Graphics) Single device for graphics, video, and some audio Cons Cost - $5,000 and up! Base model is analog only One Point of Failure Only 2 audio inputs Only 4 Video inputs

7 Our Choice: Black Magic Design ATEM 1 M/E Cost: $2350 Runner Up: Black Magic Design ATEM Television Studio Cost: $975 Video Mixer Recommendation

8 Audio Mixer Considerations Do you really need one? Number / type of inputs. Type of outputs. Compatibility with other equipment. Cost - $50 to ???

9 Audio Mixer Recommendation Our Choice: Behringer Euro Rack Pro RX1202FX Cost: $219 Runner Up: Yamaha MG 102 Cost: $99

10 Computer Considerations Do you need a computer? Laptop vs. Desktop How many do you need? Can you use what you have? Cost - $500 - ???

11 Computer Recommendation Our Choice: Use What We Have/Repurpose Older Machines for Specific duties. Cost: $0 Runner Up: Buy the Best you can Afford Cost: ???

12 Lighting Considerations Do you need lights? Are you going to use a Chroma-Key? Then, most likely YES! How many? Cost - $50 to ???

13 Lighting Recommendation Our Choice: Try going without first Cost: $0 Runner Up: Buy the cheapest kit (Lights, stands, diffusers) you can find Cost: $200

14 Camera Considerations High Definition vs. Standard Definition How many do you need? Compatibility with other equipment. Do you need any special connectors/cords? Do you need a microphone? Can you hook an external microphone up to it? Cost - $150 - ???

15 Camera Recommendation Our Choice: Canon Vixia HFR 20 (no longer made) Cost: $250 Runner Up: Canon Vixia HFR 300 Cost: $250

16 Microphone Considerations Do you need them? Can you connect them to your camera directly? How many inputs do you have on your soundboard? How many microphones do you need? Hand held vs. Lavalieres Wired vs. Wireless Cost - $50 - ???

17 Microphone Recommendations Our Choice: Wireless Audio-Technica ATW-T701 (no longer made) (Replaced with PRO-501) Cost: $220 Wired Shure SM58 - $80+ Cords

18 Graphics & Video Play Back Live vs. Pre-Recorded iMovie vs. Windows Movie Maker Computer running one of the following: – Cam Twist Studio – Mac – Free – ManyCam – PC – Free – *Window Media Player – PC - Free – *Quick Time – Mac – Free – *VLC – Mac/PC – Free – PowerPoint/Keynote – Graphics, Video, etc. *Can only do video playback, no graphics.

19 Chroma Keying Live vs. Pre-Recorded Appropriate Background Good Lighting iMovie has it built in Free w/Mac Chroma Keyer on Video Switcher Paid alternatives Virtual Sets

20 Sharing Your Video Internal vs. External Internal - playback via Video Distribution System (Vbrick, computer to VCR), drop video in a shared folder, etc. External – Live, see streaming. Pre-Recorded YouTube, School Tube, Vimeo, own server, etc.

21 Streaming Do you have enough bandwidth, particularly upload? Do you have a powerful enough computer to encode? (If not, check out the Black Magic Design H.264 Pro Recorder) Capabilities depend on device; most support Flash Media Live Encoder (FMLE). Service selection – Ustream, Justin.TV, LiveStream, etc. Dealing with ads and inappropriate content.

22 Streaming Applications Adobe Flash Media Encoder – Works with most video streaming websites. MXLight designed for BMD ATEM Products to use any service that supports FMLE format. LiveStream’s ProCaster – Easy to use application and LiveStream’s ad supported model supports unlimited viewers for approved channels. NEW - YouTube & Google

23 Miscellaneous Items Don’t forget about wiring; microphone cables, HDMI cables, etc. Green Screen fabric/paper. Tele-Prompter(s). External hardware encoder. File Storage.

24 Recommend Vendors Audio Video Equipment – B&H Photo – Fast Service – Low Prices – Huge Selection – Jewish Calendar* All wiring – Mono Price – Low, Low Prices – High Quality – Excellent Warranty – Slow, Slow Shipping

25 Funding PTA/PTO Grants Donations from businesses, news stations, etc. Fund Raisers (Little Caesars pizza kits, book fair, etc.)

26 How Our News Team Works Entirely student run with the exception of the upload to our distribution networks. 20 minutes per day. 4 computers, 4 microphones, 2 cameras, 2 lights. All “extra” content such as commercials, special announcements, etc. are pre-recorded. News cast recorded one day in advance.

27 Goodridge News Sample Video



30 Contact Us Chris Walsh email – Twitter - @Chris_M_Walsh

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