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Windows iOS Android … and

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1 Windows iOS Android … and more! @shahedC

2 Introduction > Visual Tools > Visual + Programming > Programming Next Steps

3 Introduction

4 PeriodBackground/Experience 1997 – present Microsoft web/software development 2011XNA games on XBLIG 2D Math Panic Angry Zombie Ninja Cats 2012Tools for XNA developers XBLIG Sales Data Analyzer ( XNA Basic Starter Kit (CodePlex) Online:

5 PeriodBackground/Experience 2013 Ninja Cat Runner on Win8, WP8, Web (Construct 2) Video Q&A with MS Tech Evangelist Frank La Vigne Founder/Admin of FB groups: Construct2, Xbox One & Unity Indie Devs Started Public Speaking in DC area and East Coast 2014 Public Speaking on Indie Game Development Joined Microsoft as a Sr. Technical Evangelist Gallant Glider on Win8, WP8, Web (Construct 2  Universal App) Video Q&A: MVA:

6 Source: Official Xbox Magazine, March 2014, Page 65 `

7 Tools & Technologies

8  Smartphones  Tablets  Laptops  Netbooks and smaller laptops  Laptop/Tablet hybrids

9 Visual Tools

10 Website:

11 Endless runner sample from

12 Website:

13 Flapping Bird template (included with Construct 2)

14 Visual + Programming

15 Website: Language: GML Platforms Supported:

16 Platformer Tutorial from YouTube video:

17 Website: Platforms Supported: Languages: C#, JavaScript, Boo

18 Angry Bots sample project (included with Unity, free in Asset Store)

19 Programming

20 Visual Studio Website: Platforms Supported: DirectX Website on MSDN:

21 Website: Platforms Supported: Language: C++ (UnrealScript before v4)

22 From Editor Documentation:

23 Website: Supported Platforms & Languages:

24 Next Steps

25 Construct 2: Index page: Facebook group: Unity (3d or 2d): Index Page: Facebook group: C++ and DirectX: Resource List: 15 Essential Mobile Game Dev Tools: Top Game Dev Tools: Pros & Cons


27 Email: Twitter:

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