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Society in The Kite Runner, Cat’s Cradle, and Travels with Charley.

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1 Society in The Kite Runner, Cat’s Cradle, and Travels with Charley

2 The Kite Runner By Khaled Hosseini 2003


4 About the Author Born in Afghanistan in 1965 Came to US in 1980 The Kite Runner was first published work A Thousand Splendid Suns published in 2007 Google Images

5 The Kite Runner Summary Characters: Amir Hassan Assef Sorhab Rahim Kahn Amir’s father Major Themes: Redemption, Religion Places: Kabul, Afghanistan and San Francisco, California

6 The Kite Runner How it relates to the theme of society Amir grows more distant from Hassan because of society Pashtun Afghanis discriminate against Hazaras Amir cannot be publicly close with Hassan Amir later feels guilty about this because of another society Amir moves to America He begins to feel guilty and wonder about Hassan

7 Cat’s Cradle By Kurt Vonnegut 1963

8 About the Author Born November 11, 1922 Died April 11, 2007 Vonnegut was a POW in WWII This had a profound influence on him Fire Bombing of Dresden Main theme of Slaughter House Five and six other works Google Images

9 Cat’s Cradle Summary Characters John Dr. Breed Papa Monzano Mona Monzano The Hoenikkers The Crosbys The Mintons Themes: Falsity of truth, dangers of technology, science vs. religion Places: Ilium, NY, and San Lorenzo

10 Cat’s Cradle How it relates to the theme of society John adopts the religion of Bokonon because of the time he spends on the island of San Lorenzo Bokonon is the native religion of San Lorenzo John dislikes the Crosby’s because they are too normal They are exactly what society expects

11 Travels with Charley By John Steinbeck 1960

12 About the Author Born in Salinas California in 1902 Wrote many famous novels about American people and issues The Grapes of Wrath Cannery Row Died on December 20, 1968 Google Images

13 Travels with Charley A non-fiction account of his cross country trip in 1960 He traveled with his poodle, Charley Route: Google Images

14 Travels with Charley Steinbeck made the journey in a makeshift RV he named Rociante He made the journey to get a true look at the country and its people He ate at truck stops and diners He had distinct impressions about each part of the country He did not enjoy his time in Texas and the South-East

15 Travels with Charley How it relates to the theme Steinbeck wanted to go into the South to see the Cheerleaders This was his name for the people standing by schools protesting integration He called the displays he saw in New Orleans disgusting and horrific Rotten vegetables thrown at kids He discovers that his friends from the South were not representative of southern society

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