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CHOICE Community Outreach Manual: Materials and Best Practices Marketing your LARC FIRST Practice.

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1 CHOICE Community Outreach Manual: Materials and Best Practices Marketing your LARC FIRST Practice

2 Community Outreach Table CHOICE study findings QR code buttons Candy to attract visitors Method models and info cut-outs Table runner with CHOICE logo Method effectiveness cylinders Question wheel

3 TABLE MATERIALS Community Outreach

4 Method Cylinders: Used to visualize the difference in effectiveness between LARC, refillable methods (birth control pills, patch, and vaginal ring), and no method use Glass Cylinders—purchased at Target $15/each Glitter Styrofoam Balls— Purchased at Michaels Craft Store $100/total For instructions on creating the cylinders, refer to: Instructions for Creating Method Effectiveness CylindersInstructions for Creating Method Effectiveness Cylinders

5 Birth Control Question Wheel: Provides an interactive element to the community outreach table Wheel—purchased online at Amazon $70 Questions can be changed to cater toward different audiences, depending on the outreach event (i.e., adolescents, teachers, general public, health professionals) For a list of CHOICE wheel questions, refer to Community Outreach Wheel QuestionsCommunity Outreach Wheel Questions

6 Method Models & Facts: Increases awareness about all methods of birth control in the community Methods—Received from pharmaceutical rep Method Info cut outs—printed on white paper; colorful cardstock backing; laminated to preserve life For printable versions, refer to Method Info Cutouts for Model DisplaysMethod Info Cutouts for Model Displays

7 Tablecloth & Runner: Increases aesthetic value of the outreach table and improves visibility of the organization’s name Tablecloth—purchased online $ – Table cloth has corner darts to fit an 8 ft. table. Can be inconvenient if outreach table is smaller/larger Table runner—purchased from local graphic design company $100

8 Retractable Display: Vibrant colors help draw visitors to the table 36”x80” purchased at local graphic design company $278 Comes with convenient travelling case

9 CHOICE Results Poster: Technique used by CHOICE to disseminate preliminary study findings PDF design created by CHOICE; replicated and enlarged on sustainable material by local graphic design company, $100 For the PDF version of CHOICE results, refer to CHOICE Study Findings in the Evidence moduleCHOICE Study Findings

10 BEST PRACTICES Community Outreach

11 Finding Outreach Opportunities Involve entire staff in the search Sign up for community listservs Conduct a web search for “upcoming community health fairs” Network for upcoming events while at an event (take and hand out business cards of/to other exhibitors) Keep record of events for the following year

12 Tracking Community Outreach Keep track of events attended on a simple Microsoft Excel or Word spreadsheet. For the CHOICE spreadsheet, refer to: Community Table Event Database Have staff keep tally on paper of how many people visited the table during their shift at an event; enter into spreadsheet afterward Keeping track helps decide whether to attend the following year, as well as helps to evaluate your marketing and outreach efforts

13 Other Logistics Best to have at least 2 staff persons available for each shift at an event Outreach can help promote practice & gain patients Give out free items such as candy, pens, buttons, or t-shirts Great opportunity for ‘on-the-spot’ contraceptive counseling and myth debunking

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