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SCAN & RUN is only one activity!

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1 SCAN & RUN is only one activity!
Comprehension skills must be taught early in the school year so the students’ journey of reading is not as difficult. Model and use effective “teacher talk.” Always review and re-teach for redundancy and lots of practice. Teach the “process” and don’t worry about grading the “product.” Comprehension can be learned and by using motivation, bringing history “alive” and setting the stage…. the very, heavy, “boring” textbooks can help bring the characters and events to the “cutting edge.” Kelly Smith – 5th grade teacher – Comprehension Strategies Save the Date – Jr. History Academy session

2 What is SCAN and RUN? It is a comprehension strategy that uses mnemonic cues that assists students with their planning and monitoring before reading, during reading, and after reading.

3 Before reading… The student uses the SCAN cues to assist with activating prior knowledge and previewing the selection for understanding.

4 During reading…. The student uses the RUN cues to monitor comprehension and further his or her understanding of the text selection.

5 After reading…. The students extends his or her understanding of the text by answering questions at the end of the selection and participating in a class discussion.

6 Teaching the SCAN and RUN Strategy
Four steps: 1. Introducing, modeling, and memorizing the strategy 2. Previewing the chapter text before reading using the SCAN cues 3. Reading the text selection using the RUN cues 4. Answering questions and discussing the text material after reading.

7 Combination of activities:
Whole-class instruction Independent reading Peer-assisted reading Small group discussions Tasks and activities are introduced and only require three to five 30-minutes sessions!

8 “Teacher-Talk” “Today we are going to learn a simple and effective reading strategy called SCAN and RUN that will help you better understand the textbooks and materials in your classes. Most of you will be able to learn to use the strategy in your classes and homework assignments within one week.”

9 SCAN and RUN is like a runner
A cross-country runner is like a good reader. A good runner plans before the race by walking and previewing the race course, scanning and analyzing the terrain, and remembering key information that could be helpful in understanding the race course. During the race, the runner needs to anticipate and monitor the surroundings using prior knowledge and adjust his/her pace accordingly.

10 7 mnemonic cues S = Survey headings-turn them into questions. C = Capture the captions and visuals A = Attack boldface words N = Note and Read the chapter questions at end of chapter

11 R = Read and adjust speed U = Use word “chunking” sounding out skills N = Notice and check parts I don’t understand and reread or read on And…

12 In addition… Students can learn how to record the SCAN and RUN cues they used when reading by checking them off on a student self-monitoring progress chart. The students are provided practice time across all subject-area courses until students can recall the mnemonic and sayings without visual cues and teacher prompts.

13 References Salembier, George B., (1999) SCAN and RUN: a reading comprehension strategy that works, Journal of Adolescent & Adult Literacy, Vol. 42, Issue 5,

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