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Storytelling Workshop Learning through Stories. Story maker.

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1 Storytelling Workshop Learning through Stories

2 Story maker


4 What do you see?

5 How far do you need to run in a marathon? 10 Kms 26.2 Kms 42.195 Kms 3 Kms 18 Kms

6 The Marathon Runner Must Be … True or False Healthy Weak Dedicated Unfit Determined Under 25 Lucky Motivated Crazy!

7 The Olympics The first Olympics were held over 2,700 years ago. Can you answer these questions about the Ancient Olympics? Use this site from BBC Schools to help you: olympia/index.shtml olympia/index.shtml

8 The Ancient Olympics Where did the Ancient Olympics take place? Why did they happen? How often did they take place and how long did they last? How many events were there in the first Olympic Games? Who could perform in the early Games? What could women do?


10 Write three facts you now know about the marathon race Homework - Find out: Who is Israel’s fastest Marathon Runner? How old is he? Where does he live? Who is the fastest Marathon Runner in the world?

11 BritLit

12 Orange Juice Pre-reading Try to guess the answers to the following questions: 1. Who is the man? 2. What is he doing? 3. Where do you think the story takes place? 4. What is it about? 5. Who else is involved?

13 Read and listen to the first part of the poem We get orange juice delivered to our door with the milk, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. We get one pint of milk one carton of orange juice. So, one Monday morning I go out there and there's one pint of milk and no orange.

14 The narrator doesn’t get the orange juice delivered. What reasons can you think of to explain why there is no orange juice?

15 While reading Cloze activity

16 What do you think the plan was? Suggest different ways to finish the sentence. If someone stole my orange juice, I would …

17 Thank you and enjoy telling stories!

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