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Hydro power systems. Loch Sloy dam: 290 m head, 130 MW rated output.

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1 Hydro power systems

2 Loch Sloy dam: 290 m head, 130 MW rated output

3 Lairg dam and power station, Sutherland

4 Kilmorack, near Inverness: 15 m head, 20 MW rated output

5 Shira power station, Argyll: 45 m head, 5 MW output

6 Augst-Whylen power station, River Rhine: 13 Kaplan turbines

7 Kaplan turbine runner, 8.4 m diameter, 20.5 MW

8 Pelton Wheel rated at 117 MW under a head of 686 m

9 6-jet Pelton wheel, rated at 122 MW under head of 650 m; Aoos River, Greece

10 Francis runner, 9 m diameter, rated at 248 MW under a head of 44.5 m. Stainless steel, 260 tons; Hunan, China

11 Large Francis runner: hand finishing prior to delivery

12 Sectional drawing of modern Francis turbine installation showing the inlet valve and spiral casing, guide vanes, runner and draft tube. Direct shaft drive to the generator mounted above.

13 Schematic drawing of a hydro-electric power plant using a reaction turbine (valve and surge chamber on the inlet side have been omitted)

14 Cwm Dyli power house, built in Wales in 1906

15 Underground power station: Ceannacroc, near Fort Augustus. 90 m head, 20 MW total power output from two turbines

16 Exposed pipework for hydro plant, Peru, S. America

17 Clunie dam, Pitlochry: 50 m head, 61 MW rated output. Fish ladder to give access to upper reservoir

18 Construction of Longyang dam, China. 178 m high, it will incorporate 3 turbines each rated at 320 MW

19 Construction of 1200 MW pumped storage scheme at Yantan, China

20 1200 MW pumped storage scheme, Guangzhou, China

21 Cruachan pumped storage scheme, Argyll: 365 m head, 400 MW rated output; 4 Francis pump/turbine units

22 Aerial view of Cruachan site showing upper reservoir and dam. Administration and visitor centre is on the shore of Loch Awe below; power station is underground, some 400 m from the loch-side

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