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Joe Mahoney Managing Director June 2013. ProductionBase.

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1 Joe Mahoney Managing Director June 2013

2 ProductionBase

3  Established in 1996, ProductionBase is the UK’s leading network for people working in film, TV and commercial production  Over 7,000 production companies registered  Over 5,500 freelancers subscribe each month  Exclusive job postings  Regular news and advice from industry professionals  Discussion forum: The Watercooler  Regular networking events and career advice workshops Who Are We?

4  Production Companies  Endemol  Tiger Aspect  Aardman Animation  Optomen  Talkback Thames  Shine  Broadcasters  BBC  ITV  Channel 4  Five  Sky Key Company Employers

5  Key Partnerships:  BECTU  BAFTA  New Producers Alliance  British Film Institute  Directors UK  PMA  DFG  Skillset Partnerships

6  Freelancers  Runners  Researchers  APs  Editors  Studio Technicians  Camerapersons  Production Managers  Producers  Directors Typical Job Profiles


8 New Mobile Site - Edit your profile - Apply for jobs on the go - Never miss that opportunity again -

9 The Complete Multimedia Package Create and share customised play lists External webpage for you to promote yourself and work Tag your media and make it available in company searches Access your profile and apply for jobs on the move

10 Networking: The Watercooler Connect with other industry professionals

11 Networking Events Regular networking parties held in London and Manchester Mingle with other industry professionals Career advice workshops CV surgery with senior production company executives

12 Over 2,300 members on Facebook and 10,000 Twitter followers Job teasers and industry news posted on a daily basis. Social Networking

13 Getting In and Getting On in TV

14 (The Good, the Bad and the Ugly)

15 “I love the fact that you can get inside people’s lives in a way that you could never do in any other job” Liz Mills, Former Head of Reality, Endemol “Nothing, nothing beats seeing the final product and knowing all the blood, sweat and tears was worth it” Harjeet Chhokar, Development Producer, Channel 4 “You get privileged access. You get a unique view of the world that not many other jobs do” Moray Coulter, Production Executive, ITV The Good

16 The Bad “You have to put your personal and social life on the back burner.” Richard Drew, Executive Producer, Big Brother “People drop out as it’s so unforgiving. You have to give your all.” Moray Coulter, Production Executive, ITV “…expect that things are going to go a little wrong…not be someone who’s going to lose their head or get annoyed.” Richard Hopkins, Executive Producer, Fever Media

17 The Ugly “There are many more candidates trying to get into the TV industry than there are jobs. You need to be realistic.” Julia Waring, Head of Creative, RDF Television “It’s a very selfish industry and its very ruthless. It doesn’t suffer fools gladly or tolerate weakness.” Jo Taylor, Talent Manager, Channel 4 “…instability, insecurity and the knowledge that however right or wrong you are, it might not be enough. It’s a labour of love.” Moray Coulter, Production Executive, ITV

18 What Qualities Do You Need? “You’ve got to be hard working, energetic, optimistic and reliable.” “If you’re not charming then you need to be incredibly talented.” Daisy Goodwin, MD, Silver River

19 What Qualities Do You Need? Stamina and capacity for hard work Managing well under pressure Working well in a team and being a team player A self-starter able to work on your own and use your initiative Being easy going, friendly and pleasant to work with Being confident and tenacious Having the ability to charm, flatter and blag!

20 What Skills Do You Need? Good creative skills - coming up with ideas for shows Good communication skills, both written and verbal Ability to sell yourself and your ideas to employers Being able to handle rejection

21 TV Training Schemes Graduate schemes offered by broadcasters: BBC, ITV and Channel 4 Big independent companies such as: Endemol, Shine, Princess Productions and RDF Industry bodies such as: Skillset, Producers Alliance and PACT

22 Work Experience “Get as much work experience as you can to get that first foot in the door” Lucy Reese, Series Producer “Work experience is where you get noticed” Jo Taylor, Talent Manager, C4

23 How Do I Get Work Experience? Draw up a list and write to all of them! Pester, haggle and offer to work unpaid Target key executives and series producers Persist and keep on writing to people Target production managers – they usually hire the runners and interns

24 Work Experience: Talent Manager Undertakes most of the hiring Nurture and retain production talent Maintain a database of CVs Very approachable and open to being contacted

25 Networking “Your personal network is absolutely vital. You should never assume that people will know that you are looking for work” Moray Coulter, Production Executive, ITV

26 Networking Speak to and get to know as many people as possible Make friends with people you work with Offer your help and enthusiasm where needed Ask questions when its feels natural and appropriate Get to know how the company ticks Absorb information like a sponge Offer your services again when the work has finished

27 That First Job: The Runner “I answered the phones, made tea and generally did any crap necessary for almost a year.” Conrad Green, former runner at BBC “I did horrible jobs, like going to the chemist to collect a presenter’s Viagra and pick sultanas out of their muesli” Kate Phillips, former runner at Talkback Thames

28 That First Job: The Runner  The first rung on the TV ladder  The first paid position in TV  A good way to get a creative job in TV  Most successful producers, directors, commissioners started as runners

29 The Role of a Runner Run errands, get lunches, makes tea Deal with general queries/admin Help on shoots Help find contributors and locations Even shoot a camera! Great position to see what’s going on Observe how the industry works

30 The Career Path

31 Key Points to Remember Network, network, network! Get as much work experience as you can Be prepared to do work unpaid Do your research on the company you’re writing to Get the names of key personnel within company Never doorstep people – very unpopular approach Join networking forums and sites Be prepared to work hard and expect the hours to be long

32 The Best Job in the World “I honestly think it’s a privilege to do what we do. I love working in TV and the thrill of seeing your show on the screen or hearing people talk about it is great” Harjeet Chhokar, Channel 4

33 The Industry’s Online Network for TV, Film & Commercial Production

34 CV Surgery

35 CV Structure: Key Points One Page Only! Short Intro – keep it concise – 5/6 lines maximum Skills – technical skills such as editing, cameras Work experience – non media included Education References – work experience, personal tutor

36 CV Structure: The Not To Dos  Bad spelling and grammar  You’re not a director yet!  Showreels are not necessary  Don’t boast – keep it real  No photos  Have sensible hobbies/interests

37 The Prefect Graduate CV Geoff Example 07559999999 20 Clifton Court E2 9NW Full clean driving license Profile: Dedicated, hard working and creative individual with a passion for television production. Currently working as a freelance production runner with ambition to become a researcher in food television. Employment History/Work Experience: Whats Cooking Live : Production Runner 29/4/2013 to 2/6/2013 Currently working as a production runner on the new C4 cookery chat show, Whats Cooking Live. Live studio format, working very closely with talent, food producer and junior/senior producers. Undertaking usual runner duties along with assisting with props, food prep and clear up. Jackpot Joy Advert : Floor Runner 3/4/2013 to 5/4/2013 Assisting the AFMs and Floor Manager on a busy 3 day shoot. Advert was in a game show format, filmed at Teddington Studios. As well as floor runner duties, was also tasked with looking after talent, release forms and contestants. Live At The Electric : Production Runner 20/1/2013 to 27/1/2013 Meeting and greeting executives, talent and BBC commissioners on a busy week of studio recordings. Assisted in general runner duties along with managing a float, organising cars and assisting the production secretary and coordinator with a smooth running of travel arrangements. Key Skills: High level of fluency in Spanish, Irish and a command of French. 2.1 B.A. Hons in Communications at Dublin City University, class of 2010, and specialised in video production. References: Sarah Lloyd, Production Manager, What’s Cooking Live. Suzanne Knight, Production Executive at Avalon Television Ltd.

38 The Industry’s Online Network for TV, Film & Commercial Production

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