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RUN FOR PEACE. We thank Europe for supporting Ukraine as it strives for peace! The Run for Peace project is anunprecedented sporting event of international.

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2 We thank Europe for supporting Ukraine as it strives for peace! The Run for Peace project is anunprecedented sporting event of international scope, which seeks to unite citizens from over 40 countries in their desire for stability, peace and security. Our joint objectives are to successfully complete the marathon distance, meet government and business representatives, NGOs and the Ukrainian diaspora, and pray for peace in Ukraine and the whole world. 2 RunFor Peace 84 days16,585km 42European capitals 20 km every day per participant 12runners Starts in Kyiv onMarch21,2015

3 About the project We will take steps nobody has ever taken before. On March 21, the anniversary of the signing of the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the European Union, a team of 12 volunteers will run through all the countries of Europe. They will all, in turn, conquer unbelievable distances, regardless of the time of day, weather conditions or any hurdles they may encounter. They will attempt to visit all the European capitals in 84 days, running an estimated 17,000 kilometres in total. We will be grateful for any support we receive in the cities we visit. This is a testing time for Ukraine and we encourage everybody to join us on this run, whatever distance they can manage, from a few metres to tens of kilometres. In every city, we plan to meet representatives of official bodies, business organisations, civil society, and the Ukrainian diaspora. Together we will pray for peace in Ukraine and all over the world. This endeavour is supported by the personnel of Ukrainian embassies and by our sponsors. We are convinced that the Run for Peace will strengthen ties between Ukraine and the European Union and demonstrate that we are one. Together we can overcome any obstacles. Together we are stronger! 3

4 Map Our sincere thanks to the people of Europe for their support of Ukraine’s peace efforts! 4

5 RunforPeacein the record books With this marathon,we also aim to break a few records, particularly those of the longest uninterrupted run by a group of people and the fastest time for agroup to cross all the countries of Europe on foot. We have submitted the relevant application forms to the Guinness Book of Records and the National Registerof Records of Ukraine. 5

6 21.03.2015, 08:00: Morning prayer for peace in Ukraine and around the worldatSt. Michael's Golden-Domed Monasteryin Kyiv. 21.03.2015, 12:00: Start of the Run for Peace from the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine(Constitution Square) to the European Square/ Independence Square (about 2km). All those who wish to participate will be very welcome. The event will also be attended by prominent civil activists, Ukrainian and European politicians, media and business representatives, sports people and others. 12.06.2015: End of the marathon at St. Peter's Square in the Vatican, with collective prayer for peace in Ukraine and around the world. 6 Starting and finishing line

7 Plannedroute 7 1 st week: Kyiv21.03 Warsaw 24.03 Vilnius 26.03 Riga 28.03 Tallinn 29.03 Helsinki 29.03 2 nd week: Stockholm 30.03 Oslo 03.04 3 rd week: Copenhagen 06.04 Berlin 08.04 Amsterdam 11.04 The Hague 12.04 4 th week: Brussels 13.04 Luxembourg 14.04 Paris 16.04 London 17.04 5 th week: Edinburgh 23.04 Belfast 24.04 Dublin 23.04 6 th week: Porto 29.04 Lisbon 01.05 7 th week: Madrid 05.05 Barcelona 09.05 Andorra la Vella 05.05 8 th week: Geneva 13.05 Bern 14.05 Strasbourg 15.05 Prague 17.05 9 th week: Vienna 18.05 Bratislava 18.05 Budapest 19.05 Ljubljana 21.05 Zagreb 22.05 Sarajevo 23.05 10 th week: Belgrade 25.05 Bucharest 27.05 Sofia 29.05 Skopje 30.05 Pristina 30.05 Podgorica 31.05 11 th week: Tirana 01.06 Athens 04.06 Nicosia 04.06 Valletta 05.06 12 th week: Rome 12.06 Vatican15.06

8 The team 8 Victor Maziarchuk 34 years old, project initiator and director, marathon runner, social activist. "The idea of this marathon came to me in November 2014 when I was wondering what I could do to promote more love and goodness in the world – with anger in my heart." Xenia Djuhan 24 years old, financier, marathon runner. "I reject indifference. My country is one. Its future depends on us, on our actions. To change the world around you, start with yourself." Serhij Popov 34 years old, journalist, marathon runner. "We are ready to do incredible things for our country. We are strong and resilient because of our love for Ukraine. Together we will win." Oleksij Kononenko 34 years old, assistant trainer at Taras Bulba Marathon Club, marathon runner. "I run with hope for peace in Ukraine. The run demonstrates how people with the same goal, namely world peace, can be united." Dmytro Babenko 32 years old, manager of Taras Bulba Marathon Club, marathon runner. "For me running is not a sport, it is a lifestyle. I want to run to feel alive in a world without wars." Oleksandr Kuzin 40 years old,master of sports, Run for Peace coach, head of Taras Bulba Marathon Club, winner of Linz marathon (Austria, 2007, 2:07:33)

9 The team 9 Ihor Novikov 37 years old, entrepreneur. "I am not indifferent to the future of my country. In Ukraine, the words ‘sport’ and ‘peace’ must stand side by side." Roman Zhorin 36 years old, marketing manager. "I want to go to sleep knowing that there is a tomorrow for me, for my family and friends, for everyone. It is time to unite and stand firm against military aggression." Places for you and anybody wants to join us.

10 We were joined by 10 Tetjana Kusin 39 years old, master of sports at international level, trainer at Тaras Bulba Marathon Club, winner of the Rome marathon in a time of 2:25:44. Viktor Shlinchak 39 years old, journalist, social activist, marathon runner. Oleksij Mushak 32 years old, social activist, co-organiser of Run for Peace. Jurij Busev 35 years old, civil servant. Jurij Biriukov 40 years old, volunteer, adviser to the President of Ukraine. David Arachamija 35 years old, founder of the Association of Ukraine’s Volunteers. Hanna Hopko 32 years old, head of the Foreign Affairs Committee at the Ukrainian Parliament. Oleksander Struchaev Business coach, marathon runner. Roman Bondar 32 years old, triathlete, founder of Тalent Adviser. Vitalij Shershniov 29 years old, triathlete.

11 Our partners 11 Юридичний партнер Організаційні партнери Організаційнапідтримка АгрофірмаКо нрацьких Інформаційна підтримка Конгрес українців Італії

12 We would like to invite partners from different spheres to participate in this exciting new large-scale project that may well prove useful for business. How can our project be of potential benefit to businesses? Positive PR of your company in Ukraine and abroad, with a focus on being socially active and supporting both peace and sporting initiatives. Information on the campaign in Ukrainian and foreign media through websites, press releases, related activities, signage on sportswear and accompanying cars, etc. Thematic meetings with Ukrainian and European politicians, businessmen and representatives of NGOs in countries of interest to your business. Media campaign highlighting your participation and promotion of your company by marathon participants abroad. Information about you and your company in the final documentary and photo album to be published upon completion of the Run for Peace. Special events organised upon demand. What kind of support are we seeking? Full or partial project funding. Providing participants with transport, sportswear, food and accommodation. Organising events of different types in countries where the marathon will take place, starting from employees joining the marathon to BTL activities, meetings, etc. 12 Call for partners Our hope is to maximise the benefits of the project for all participants.Тhatis why we are flexible in defining the cooperation framework and willing to discuss individual conditions of sponsorship packages. We have our ideas, but are ready to integrate yours!

13 Project initiator and director Victor Mazjarchuk Phone number: 067444-222-1 E-mail: victor.mazjarchuk Twitter: @runpeacEUkraine Facebook: Peace/777984612278803 13 Contacts

14 14 Ubi concordia, ibivictoria! Where there’s unity, there’s victory!

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