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Woods Runner By Gary Paulsen Journal Responses.

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1 Woods Runner By Gary Paulsen Journal Responses

2 Chapters 1-3 Turn to page 17 and re-read about “Frontier Life”
What was Frontier Life like?

3 Chapters 4-6 Describe Samuel’s reaction when he came back to his settlement. (Use the 5 W’s to help with your answer)

4 Chapters 7-9 What does the word “Warfare” mean? (see page 25)
What can you infer (THINK) about the British Army warfare during the Revolutionary War?

5 Chapters 10-11 Samuel meets the Clark family and they invite him to eat with them. He learns that his parents had been there three days earlier with the Indians and British soldiers. How does this news affect Samuel?

6 Chapters 12-13 Samuel and Annie form a bond throughout their travels. Annie beings to say “our parents” in reference to finding Ma and Pa. “I’m proud, he thought, to have you as a sister.” Express why Samuel refers to Annie as his sister.

7 Chapters 14-15 Explain the two reasons why Abner had decided to help the American forces by working undercover.

8 Chapters 15-16 Describe how Abner and Samuel freed Samuel's father.

9 Chapters 18-19 What instructions did Samuel give to his parents and Annie? Why?

10 The End of Woods Runner What are the 2 most memorable events/situations from the novel? Why? 10

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