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Henry Ford 23 October 2009 International Investment Opportunities FundSource Adviser Day 2011.

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1 Henry Ford 23 October 2009 International Investment Opportunities FundSource Adviser Day 2011

2 Disclaimer The information contained in this presentation has been prepared solely for informational purposes. It is not an offer to buy or sell or a solicitation of an offer to buy or sell units in the Fund/s managed by Elevation Capital Management Limited, to participate in any trading strategy or a recommendation to invest. If any offer of units in the Fund/s is made, it shall be pursuant to a definitive Investment Statement and Prospectus prepared by or on behalf of the Fund/s which will supersede this information in its entirety. Any decision to invest in the Fund/s should be made only after reviewing the definitive Investment Statement and Prospectus, conducting such investigations as the investor deems necessary and consulting the investor’s own investment, legal and tax advisors in order to make an independent determination of the suitability and consequences of an investment in the securities. Any portfolio data, performance and risk targets contained in this presentation are subject to revision by the Portfolio Manager and are provided solely as a guide to current expectations. There can be no assurance that the Fund/s will achieve any targets or that there will be any return on or of capital. Historical returns are not predictive of future results. PAGE 1

3 PAGE 2

4 PAGE 3 “In 1969, I wound up my partnership and I had to help people find someone to manage their money. I recommended Bill Ruane of Sequoia Fund …” – Warren Buffett Robert Goldfarb and David Poppe Sequoia Fund Morningstar Managers of the Year Winner 2010, Runner-up 2008 “These managers had more than just the wind at their backs.” – Morningstar Return Since Inception (July 1970 to June 2011) = 24,552%

5 PAGE 4

6 PAGE 5 “Incisive, imaginative and smart, de Vaulx is highly regarded by fellow value investors and foreign-stock specialists.” – BARRON’S Charles de Vaulx Chief Investment Officer and Portfolio Manager International Value Advisers, LLC (IVA) Morningstar International Stock Manager of the Year Winner 2001, Runner-up 2006 Absolute Return Award Fund of the Year (Global Equity) Sofire Fund Ltd – 2005, 2006

7 PAGE 6

8 PAGE 7 “We’ve also spotlighted a top-performing international-only stock picker, Amit Wadhwaney of Third Avenue Funds.” The World’s Greatest Investors – SmartMoney “Amit doesn’t just look for cheap companies; he almost has to steal them,” – Jean-Marie Eveillard First Eagle Funds Amit Wadhwaney Portfolio Manager Third Avenue International Value Fund

9 PAGE 8

10 PAGE 9 For the FIRST TIME… New Zealand retail investors will have access to these “World Class” fund managers via…

11 PAGE 10 Fund Structure * As at 31 July 2011

12 PAGE 11 Portfolio Composition * As at 31 July 2011

13 PAGE 12 Fund X-Ray – World Regions

14 PAGE 13 Fund X-Ray – Top Stock Holdings Valeant Pharmaceuticals Berkshire Hathaway WBLTJX Fastenal Company Idexx Laboratories NetiaViterra Mohawk Industries Advance Auto Parts Precision Castparts ResolutionTotalRolls-RoyceAllianz WeyerhaeuserSampo Astellas Pharma Leucadia National Andritz Genting Malaysia Bhd NestleNexansSSECOMSodexo

15 PAGE 14 Genting Malaysia

16 PAGE 15 Weyerhaeuser “What to Buy? For those with a long horizon, I am sure well- managed forestry and farmland will outperform the average of all global assets.” - Jeremy Grantham’s 2011Q2 letter Part 2

17 PAGE 16

18 PAGE 17

19 PAGE 18 Fee Structure SequoiaThird AvenueIVA 1.00% 1.25% ECGVFoF 0.95%  ECGVFoF Management Fee will decrease as FUM grows.  No Performance Fees for Managers or Elevation Capital.  Management Fees:

20 PAGE 19 Conclusion  Unique product offering for NZ retail investors;  Value oriented investing style;  Unhedged, globally diversified portfolio;  World class fund managers with solid long-term performance track records;

21 PAGE 20 Contact Us Elevation Capital Management Limited Website: Email: Phone: 09 307 6741 Address: 77 Parnell Road, Parnell, Auckland 1052.

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