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The Kite Runner Chapters

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1 The Kite Runner Chapters 6-7-8-9-10
Abdullah M. Antoine C. Jaime S.

2 Kite Runner Background Research
Islamic Art-what are the characteristics? -Arabic Calligraphy and intricate pattern What is didactic literature? -Instructional or informative literature. ie. Bible or Quran What are parables? -Short story written in prose/verse telling a religious or moral lesson. What is the Koran? -Islamic Holy Book What does it mean to be compassionate? -Being able to show tenderness and kindness to others.

3 Connections between Research and Book
Chapters 6-10 through The Kite Runner relayed out how influential Amir is towards Hassan and how Amir truly feels inside of him. Hassan follows the path of the humble and loyal person. The ideal person to be found in the Quran. The one who will obey unflinchingly towards those he’s loyal to. Amir is on the other hand shown to have given the darker theme. For what every servant desires in a master, Amir has stepped crossed the line and showed just how uncaring he could be for Hassan, and his guilt through it. He tries to take the cowards way of facing things.

4 Chapter 6 Plot Synopsis School's out for the Winter and that means it's the beginning of the Kite Fighting Tournament. The tournament is one of the few things that Amir and his father can get along in. Kite fighting and Kite running are Amir & Hassan's respective strengths.

5 Chapter 6 Character Development
Amir is the favor to win the kite fighting tournament. He wants to win his father's approval by winning. Hassan is a legendary kite runner being able to predict the locations of kites with jaw dropping accuracy. Loyalty towards Amir Baba is a former champion of The Kite Fighting Tournament.

6 Chapter 7 Plot Synopsis Hassan has a dream the night before involving himself and Amir, which he explains in detail the next morning over Tea. Amir is thinking to himself why is it that Hassan can read him like a book, but he can’t read Hassan like one. This makes him feel kind of comfortable that someone knew exactly what he needed. Amir and Hassan won the Kite Fight and got a trophy which Amir wanted to show it off to his father. While Hassan went running after the runner-up’s kite Amir, Later found Hassan cornered in an alley by neighborhood bullies with his feet slightly apart and fists clenched to protect Amir’s prized 2nd place kite. A fight breaks out and Hassan gets raped after being beaten as Amir watched. Finally Amir ran away because he was scared and took Hassan for granted and left him.

7 Chapter 7 Character Development
Amir who was the victor in the Kite Fighting tournament. He was ecstatic about his victory till it was Hassan’s run to get the 2nd place kite. There Amir selfishly watched Hassan get raped and yet didn’t stand up to him. Hassan- Proved that even through the worst situations he would remain loyal to Amir Baba was Proud that Amir won the kite competition

8 Chapter 8 Plot Synopsis - Amir can't stand to see Hassan because every time he does there is a feeling of guilt. Relationship between Amir & Baba are getting better because of the win in the competition. Hassan tries to rekindle the relationship between him and Amir. Amir though tries to force Hassan to hit him so that Amir at least feels like he get what he deserves for not helping Hassan before. Hassan refuses & stays loyal. Amir tries to get Baba to get new servants. Baba refuses and call Ali and Hassan his dear family members. Amir celebrates his birthday in one of Baba's big parties. Where he has a talk with both Aseff and Rahim Khan.

9 Chapter 8 Character Development
Amir - Guilt stricken over watching Hassan's rape that he can't bear to face Hassan, that he's sunk low enough to try and remove Hassan's family from his home. Hassan - Must believing in a pit of a despair, after getting raped and having a friend who starts betraying he used to be. Still completely loyal to Amir. Baba - Bond formed from Chapter 6 starts to deteriorate after Amir made the suggestion that he needs new servants instead of Ali's family.

10 Chapter 9 Plot Synopsis Chapter starts with Amir opening the two presents at the party his father threw him for winning the tournament. Ali and Hassan give Amir a present as well. It was a book. Amir frames Hassan for stealing his watch and some cash. This results in Ali and Hassan’s departure from their servitude.

11 Chapter 9 Character Development
Amir realizes that his father only gave him the party and tournament because he had won the tournament. It was not purely love. During the discussion about Hassan’s theft, Amir receives a knowing look from Ali, telling him that Ali knows about everything. Amir feels glad that someone else knows. He was tired of pretending. This shows that Amir has seen that lies are tiring to keep up with. Amir wishes that he could go and stop them from leaving but he tells himself he can’t. He feels tortured by the sight of his father slumped in the rain trying to persuade Ali to stay.

12 Chapter 10 Plot Synopsis We are skipped ahead to March 1981
At the start of the chapter Amir and his father are in a human smuggling van going into Jalalabad. Amir’s father stands up for a woman while they are at the checkpoint. He refused to allow the indecency to take place even when threatened with death. The woman’s husband stands up and kisses Amir’s father’s hand. The passengers are held in a basement while waiting for new car parts for their next vehicle. The refugees resort to riding in a fuel truck to Pakistan. At the end of the ride, Kamal’s father (who was with them in the fuel tank) kills himself over his son’s death.

13 Chapter 10 Character Development
Amir is hurt by the way his father looks at him when he is sick from the car ride. Amir is shocked at the sight of Kamal’s father shooting himself. Baba showed bravery for others in the face of death.

14 Key Words ---- Vocabulary
Kite Fighting - An event that is the main attraction during Winter in Amir’s town Furrowed - To form grooves or deep wrinkles in Blood Money - Money obtained ruthlessly and at a cost of suffering to others Salaam - A salutation meaning ‘Peace’ Inshallah - Arabic meaning “If Allah wills (it)” Sultan - King or Ruler

15 Journal Prompt In these chapters, Amir saw his servant Hassan get raped by Assef and his gang. Hassan allowed all this to happen just because he wanted to keep the prize winning kite that Amir had rightfully won safe. Amir watched all this and than ran away from it. Seeing all this how far would you let a friend go for you? Would you be willing to let friends to all your wishes no matter what the cost or would you be one who would rather have the friend than the servant?

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