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2 Dr. Karam Singh Garewal was born on 4th Feb
Dr. Karam Singh Garewal was born on 4th Feb at village Rai Singh Wala in Erestwhile state of Patiala. It was an ordinary peasant family of S. Uttam Singh Smt. Dharam Kaur.

3 He had schooling in nearby town Bhiwanigarh passed FSC from Mohindra College, Patiala in 1928.

4 He passed MBBS from KEM College in 1933, Lahore standing first in all the major subjects. Was best Medical Graduate in 1933 of Punjab University Lahore. After housejob and working as Astt. Demonstrator in Patholoogy. He joined PCMS in He worked at different places. Central Jail Multan; Mental Hospital at Lahore; Isakhail in NWFP, Bhera in Sargoda Distt. Ferozepur.

5 Had special training in Arogyawarm in Trichnapli in Madras (Chinnai) in Tuberculosis.
He joined medical school (College) in As lecturer in Anatomy with working in E.N.T. He passed M.S in 1945.

6 He went to England 1947 under Colombo plan for training in Orthopaedics. He worked in Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital London and passed FRCS in 1948.

7 He returned in Feb and established Orthopaedic Department in Medical College, Amritsar the fifth one in the country after Bombay, Madras, Calcutta and Lucknow.

8 Within few year of establishment the department became well known in the country for patient care, teaching and research. He trained many young orthopaedic surgeons who headed orthopaedic department in different medical colleges and hospitals in India and abroad.

9 He became Professor in 1958 and retired from service in 1968.
Receiving scroll from Dr. Radha Krishnan as founder fellow of NAMS

10 He was appointed visiting professor of Orthopaedics in the state of Jammu and Kashmir and continue till 1975.

11 Dr. N. D. Aggarwal, Dr. P. S. Grewal, Dr. M. L. Gupta, Dr. P. S
Dr. N.D. Aggarwal, Dr. P.S. Grewal, Dr. M.L. Gupta, Dr. P.S. Maini, Dr. Hardas Singh, Dr. Jasbir Kaur Keer, Dr. S.M.Tuli, Dr. Rachhpal Singh Sandhu, Dr N.S. Chaddha, Dr. R.S. Setia, Dr. S.K. Chhibbar, Dr. G.S. Girgla, Dr. Gurdev Singh Purewal, Dr. Tejpal Singh, Dr. Joginderpal Singh Chhina, Dr. Harbhajan Singh, Dr. J.S. Bedi, Dr. Vijaypal Singh Sidhu, Dr. Baldev Singh, Dr. R.S. Bawa.

12 Many other doctors work for their thesis under this guidance
M.G Nagia, Dr. Shumer Singh, Dr. VM Charnalia, Dr. Kuldip Singh He was one of the three persons as driving force behind the creation of Indian Orthopaedic Association which decision was taken in his drawing room in Dec and was its president in

13 He presented many papers at national conferences (atleast one paper in each conference) and international conference (NROM and Syndrome, Singapore, Kaulalumpar). He published many papers in national and international journals.

14 His original contributions to orthopaedic literature are:
Amritsar approach to the hip joint (it is posterolateral approach). He used to call this approach as Anatomical approach. Etiology of Volkman’s Ischaemic Contracture (He produced Volman’s ischaemia by ligating the veins producing venous obstruction). This contradictory the theory of arterial obstruction being the etiology of VIC. Split tibialis anterior tendon transfer in relapsed club foot.


16 He was an excellent teacher, very good clinician (dignostician), operator, could with both hands equally efficiently. He was a multifaceted personality. He was plant lover, established Punjab Horticulture Society of which he was found President. He was very good marksman. He was voracions read had more than 100 book in his library. He was a very good chess player. He was blessed with 8 daughters and one son. He passed away on 6th Jan at the 68 years.


18 Dr. Karam Singh Memorial Oration is delivered every year in the Annual Conference of NZIO
Dr. Karam Singh Commemoration Lecture is delivered annually at the Annual Conference of IOA Thank you


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