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Professor Park Jae Woo (Seoul, Korea) developed a vision of the Hands and Feet as a miniature human body. He, as I have already mentioned, based on Correspondence.

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1 Professor Park Jae Woo (Seoul, Korea) developed a vision of the Hands and Feet as a miniature human body. He, as I have already mentioned, based on Correspondence of five protruding parts of the body and five parts of hands and feet, where, for example, middle and third finger correlate with the legs, and forefinger and little finger with the arms, and thumb with the head (the same correspondence for feet), brought this knowledge to the humankind

2 The idea about Homo Sapiens is to allow using his/ her hand or foot in case of health problems as a means of remote control of Body Processes by stimulating its elements. The function of the Law of Correspondence is somewhat similar to a remote control for switching channels or a computer control.. you press a certain button and start a certain program. What you press,so you get! This branch of health recreation was called Su Jok by professor Park, where su means hand and jok means foot (Korean).

3 A fragment of the “Creation of Adam” painting The God points with his finger to WHAT EXACTLY (Hand and Forefinger) will help Adam to rise – i.e. to Reestablish the Primary State from the Moment of Creation of his Body GENIOUS KNOELEDGE OF GENIOUS MICHELANGELO.

4 “ …Hand is the most balanced part of a body, forefinger is the most balanced part of a hand and a nail – the most balanced part of a forefinger …” (an extract from Avicenna’s Canon) GENIOUS KNOWLEDGE OF A GENIOUS DOCTOR (Other countries. Other times. But the idea is the same!)

5 Every Person, who becomes a Person of Consciousness can see projection of his/ her body on his/ her Hand and Foot! And in case of any health problems he/ she will stimulate with his/ her finger or nail – the projection of a diseased organ on Hand based on a simple correspondence of anatomic body structure and hand - A striking correspondence! For us not to make mistakes the Creator even designed the thumb with only two joints – just like Head and Neck. Look at your Hand and find yourself on the palm!

6 Su Jok is a simple curing method, absolutely safe and as effective as a keypad to control displaying of a digital picture or a TV remote control for switching channels. And in the body of a certain human a “picture”, displaying after a “button” on a hand or foot is pressed – is a return of a body to a program of perfect structure and function of a homo sapiens… Are you interested to know Who, When and How puts batteries into a remote control of a Body? And what (what energy network) is this “body – TV set” connected to, and you already know about antenna – a hair on skin!

7 There are also correspondence systems “discovered” by Sensory Physiology. The word “discovered” is quoted because this knowledge had just been lost through time or is still hidden from the mankind Here I mean, for example, such correspondence systems as Tendon-Muscle Meridians (in Sensory Physiology they are named according to their function – Vibration Meridians).

8 Energy Energy Meridians From the old Chinese medicine we got some knowledge and diagrams on Energy Meridians, which show the channels of Life energy flow through the body. Heart MeridianSmall intestine MeridianLung MeridianLarge intestine Meridian Brain Meridian AXIS LAW WORKS HERE! Uterus and prostate Spinal Cord Meridian

9 Energy Meridians Spleen-Pancreas Meridian Stomach Meridian Urinary bladder Meridian Kidney Meridian Gall bladder Meridian Conception Meridian Governing MeridianLiver Meridian AXIS LAW WORKS HERE TOO!

10 it Creates life. Organs are the “distributors” of Life Energy. That’s why Energy channels are called according to their “types”: Lung Meridian, Urinary Bladder Meridian etc. There are twelve of them which equal the number of basic organs. At the same time some insignificant knowledge about Tendon-Muscle Meridians was received from the same sources. Their real function was essentially unknown. This Energy is like water of the Nile river in desert -

11 Tendon-Muscle Meridians Tendon-Muscle Meridian of Gall Bladder Tendon-Muscle Meridian of Spleen- Pancreas Tendon-Muscle Meridian of Kidneys Tendon-Muscle Meridian of Urinary Bladder Tendon-Muscle Meridian of Liver Tendon-Muscle Meridian of Stomach

12 Tendon-Muscle Meridian of Small intestine (on the right) and Spinal cord (on the left) Tendon-Muscle Meridian of Large intestine Tendon-Muscle Meridian of Heart Tendon-Muscle Meridian of Cerebrum Tendon-Muscle Meridian of Lungs Tendon-Muscle Meridian of Spleen (secondary) Tendon-Muscle Meridians

13 The science of Sensory Physiology has proved with practical studies that Tendon-Muscle Meridians show Vibration channels. Namely those Vibrations which go through the body as a result of an Organ Function (the one the Meridian is named for). And at the same time any vibration or other action along the channel of a Tendon-Muscle Meridian results in a respective Vibration of the corresponding organ! This is not just a sculpture It shows us the Action of Tendon-Muscle Meridians

14 What does this knowledge give us in terms of using the Hand and Foot correspondence systems for Recreation of Health Status? Every Tendon-Muscle Meridian starts at a certain finger or toe. That’s why cognition of the Channels of the Vibration Meridians (now we should get used to their real essence and name) must become a basic element of physiological culture… analogous to knowing numbers and letters, i.e. ability to read, write and count. Don’t get scared it won’t be as hard as in the first year at school, because there are only thirteen Vibration Meridians! And it’s very easy to remember their channels – you should only draw a line, using diagrams herein, from a certain finger or toe in the direction of vibration of “its Meridian” TO BE MORE PRECISE, FROM A NAIL AS A STARTING POINT OF VIBRATIONS

15 Note an extremely important thing that has always be considered by a Man of Consciousness – the vibrations along all the meridians go only in one direction – UPWARDS! We can make an important conclusion: the FUNCTION OF VIBRATIONS (i.e. of these Meridians) and the function of analogous Organ, and it is obvious, is to raise a Human with its vibrations to Vertical position for him/ her to be able to move THIS way. There is interrelation between a Vibration Meridian and an Organ: if one of them vibrates – the other has to vibrate too. If one stops the other has to stop too!

16 What can and does stop the function of a Vibration Meridian, an Organ and consequently Life? The Conclusion is distressing and unambiguous: An Organ fails because You have stopped the Freedom of Vibration in the Vibration Meridian. Or in contrast made it “too active” by negatively affecting Skin and Hair on it with baubles, “discharging clothes”, exercises, massage, sauna, cream etc. We can see the same message on this fresco!

17 To recreate the Life Force Vibration in Organs and take advantage of the incredible Potential of the Vibration meridians – and their Potential is archi important for a Homo Sapiens since these are they that create Sapiens on the Earth, because they maintain Verticality, Mobility and Shape of a Homo Sapiens. These are they – the Vibration Meridians – that keep a person standing and move his body from place to place… The only thing you have to know is on which of the fingers or toes the Vibration of a Meridian starts!

18 Since every finger and toe is a projection of Head or Arm or Leg it’s not hard to adjust your Verticality, your Mobility and your Shape – that is Standard Program Function and Viability (including continuous rationality) as well as Health of any Organ – Free your fingers, or rather finger tips! FREE FINGERS!!!

19 And now give yourself simple and logical answer – can such Vibration Meridian as, say, Spinal cord Meridian, reestablish the Verticality Maintenance Function of a Human and his/ her life (as well as the Function of the Spinal Cord itself) if a “hoop” such as a ring adorns the third finger, which with its state and movements determines the Function of a Vibration Meridian (because vibration resulting from actions of any finger initiates vibrations of a Vibration Meridian as well as a corresponding Organ!)? A ring stops Normal Vibration – and it’s because very simple Laws of Physics work here. Besides it distorts Direction of a Vibration Signal and even changes its damp because of resonance with vibrations of the material a ring is made of!

20 Just a wedding ring!! But a man of Consciousness, when looking at a well known diagram of a Spinal cord energy meridian, developed by Chinese Medicine and Energy and Vibration Meridians (thought different in function, but they are like brothers), will see, WHICH ORGANS (uterus and prostate etc.) will be affected by abnormal vibration and thus stop or alter normal function… And, having realized this, he/ she takes off a signet or a wedding ring… ties it and the ring of his/ her beloved with a ribbon and sticks it to a framed wedding picture… It looks so nice and at the same time it’s really healthy! Uterus (prostate)

21 Or let us take nails for example (the beginning of Vibration Meridians), people grow them against the Creator!. The Creator designed nails of a Homo Sapiens to break! Why did he do it this way? The answer is the Law of Necessity. Moreover we have to consider one more Law of Physics. If current goes through a metal circle - and any energy, even yours, is like current – it results in… Electromagnet! And magnet restricts the freedom of motion and mind and turns body into “strait-jacket” for a Homo Sapiens. In which case we can’t even speak about Normal vibration! As well as about unrestricted life and activity?!

22 If you look carefully at the hand of a Homo Sapiens you will easily see that a hand, just like a human body consists of three inseparable parts (Body: Head, Chest, Abdomen. Arm: upper arm, forearm, hand ). That is by analyzing this fact on the basis of such a Law of the Universe as the Law of Correspondence – you come to cognition, Thus, according to the Law of Correspondence, which is one of the fundamental Laws of the Universe Structure, it appears that pubic hair and underarm hair is, essentially, the same thing!!! that Hand is a projection of head! Forearm is a projection of chest! And upper arm is a projection of abdomen

23 It is not without reason that there is such a legend in Kalachakra Medical philosophy of Tibet: “When Gods were creating people they gave one goddess a task to hold wind under her arms…” To hold wind the goddess had to live in the sea. But one day she forgot about Gods’ task – she went out of the sea and released it! From that moment on (the legend sais) people became susceptible to diseases!»

24 The essence of the Tibetan Legend is that when the hair under a woman’s arm is pressed, Skin is not irritated and it’s warm and nice there. And that means it’s warm and nice in underarm correspondence area – Pubis area! And a Man of Consciousness, who knows that an arm is a projection of the body and that pubic hair corresponds underarm hair, will realize the essence of the ancient messages: legends, myths, tales… And in this case will realize why the goddess “held the wind” Because when “there is no wind” under arms, and it’s warm there the cold won’t get there, consequently it will be warm in the uterus, where a child is developing. AND CHILDREN, JUST LIKE WATERMELONS, GROW ONLY IN WARM CONDITIONS!!!

25 If the Skin and Hair under arm are not irritated, then everything is alright in and with uterus! Multi-century statistics of the Tibetan Medicine shows that 90% of women who shave underarm area have hysteromyoma... That is the powerful influence of the Fundamental law of the Universe – The power of its action is in backward signal! (here a signal from the skin under arms irritated by shaved hair to the Uterus which has to “respond the way it can” – and it increases in size … to protect the internal!) By the way the position of arms - i.e. whether she holds wind under arms or not – shows a woman’s general and hormonal health status – because this position of a woman’s arms is a Sensory physiological norm. The Law of Necessity is the reason - It’s easier to hold a baby this way. That’s why women love handbags! Trying this way (intuitively) to hold wind under arms.

26 Note! My therapeutic and diagnostic practice based on laws on Sensory Physiology showed: artificially elongated nails are dangerous for life! They, being the termination point of fingers and deprived of natural breaking, programmed for a Homo Sapiens, do their part – deprive finger tips of tactile sense! They are the beginning of Vibrations. It’s nails and finger/ toe tips that “turn Vibration Meridians on”, creating a Homo Sapiens…

27 In addition, skin on a finger tip according to the Law of the Universe is a projection of brain cortex and a nail - that of a cranium! Touch your nail and see how blood circulation reestablishes after pressure – and you will know everything about Brain… and not only about the Brain! (see eastern medicine – fingernail diagnostics) You’ll know everything about Brain!

28 It is the nail as the beginning of Finger and not as the termination of hand that is the battery of Body remote control and the remote control itself and even a remote control for other people – everybody looks where you point! WHERE YOU POINT!

29 Nails, grown against will of the Creator, stop perceiving and moving in an adequate manner and after that the same thing happens to finger tips, consequently, the same will happen to their projection - cerebral cortex… Normal Vibration “raising a Human to Vertical Mobile position” will stop: Vibration Meridian of the Large Intestine, which starts its and your life from the nail of forefinger, Vibration Meridian of Lungs, which starts its and your life from the nail of thumb, Vibration Meridian of Brain, which starts its and your life from the middle finger, Vibration Meridian of the Spinal Cord, which starts its and your life from the third finger, Vibration Meridians of Heart and Small Intestine, the life of which, and thus yours too starts from the nail of a small finger…, What great Power in a small Nail!! (Engraving – Message from the Pasty – about the same thing!)

30 ......That is why the Creator designed nails to break – for Rationality or, to be more precise for Rational Human Life. Some men, for example, often grow a nail on their little finger… and soon find themselves in cardiology at best! HEART AND SMALL INTESTINE MERIDIANS start their and your life with little finger. Many of my patients were cured from stenocardia and extrasystole… immediately after cutting this nail off.

31 And how many women got rid of headaches by cutting off their nails – it’s impossible to count them all. And it’s also impossible to count how many women got rid of pain in mammary glands, mastopathy and spinal deformity! It’s because the Vibration Meridian of Lungs, where the mammary glands are and that of Large intestine start WORKING according to their program (see diagrams) Tendon-Muscle Meridian of Large Intestine Tendon-Muscle Meridian of Lungs

32 One more fundamental law of the Universe – the Law of Correspondence - works here For example, one more type of correspondence system is visualization of separate external Body parts as “copies” of a whole Body. If I see a patient with a red spot on his/ her lip… I don’t need any analysis, radiography or ultrasound check – the diagnosis is obvious. Our body displays on the outside any of internal problems, it’s just like displaying information – here, for example, on the lips and it displays the information in almost all the correspondence systems – on the face, body, eyes, movements of fingers and body parts.

33 Observe, Study, Apply! And you will always be healthy!

34 A Body “displaying on its outside some information” does that with the only objective – to let you know as soon as possible, which Organ, Body Part is restricted in self actualization, self repairing and freedom of functioning…And that results in inflammation process in some Organ, System or Body Part and a red spot will appear in correspondence area and in case of hypo function – a white sport, and if it is a long lasting process – a dark one etc. A Homo Sapiens (You) when diagnosing using Correspondence systems and comparing their replications to take into account some other Factors, say, development forms – to eliminate randomness of the diagnosis – will be able to reestablish Circulation, Vibration and other Processes and consequently the freedom of vital activity, using the Technology of Continuous Health Status Renovation! It would be very appropriate here, in the Lessons of Sensory Physiology Section, i.e. Lessons of cognition of Physiological culture as a technology of recovery and renovation of Initial Body State to make you familiar with the Law of Analogy. (working name of the Law – the Law of Development Forms) It is very simple.

35 If you see something that moves on four legs you will immediately recognize an animal in this creature. If it has feelers and wings – you’ll understand at once that it is an insect… That is the Law of Analogy or the Law of Recognition: “What is it?” Remember the thesis of the wise men of the ancient times: Cognition comes through comparison!» What is it?! WHY IS IT THE WAY IT IS?!

36 Though there are lots of species among animals and insects, take cats or dogs for example, they are all ANALOGOUS! It is GENERAL STRUCTURE, i.e. Information processes occurring in their bodies, that makes them analogous (dogs, though different, but they all can bark). We are very different but we all can bark!

37 The Law of Analogy, in principle, is somewhat similar to the Law of Correspondence with just a few differences. If acting according the Law of Correspondence I get a recovery result on the basis of informationally superposed SIMILARITY. For example, the similarity of hand/ foot and a human body in the number of protruding parts both of a body and those of hands/ feet (Su Jok therapy). When studying a problem (diagnosing) on the basis of the Law of Analogy, I analyze model similarity of Organs, Systems and Body Parts – their physiological similarity – and on this basis I model physiological processes and interactions between them. The Law of Analogy is a kind of universal matrix, based on which different Organs and Systems were created.

38 Let’s take for example two “analogy portraits” - Lungs and Thyroid Gland. You can see that the similarity of their shape is obvious, but it is interesting to know that this similarity is proved.. even by cellular (histological) structure parameters! Consequently, according to the Analogy law, though it may seem surprising to you, they are analogous in processes, that occur in them! I won’t go deep into details here since it’s a lecture for general public and detailing would be interesting for neo-physiologists, sensory physiologists. And now, when I, as a doctor, diagnose, knowing the action of the fundamental law of the Universe – the Law of Analogy – I clearly realize that if my patient has a problem with his/ her thyroid gland it’s not the problem of the gland, but of its analogue – Lungs! To be more precise, it’s the problem of breathing function. According to Sensory Physiology, Thyroid gland and Lungs are ANALOGUES, just like a Fly and Cockroach, since they are both insects.

39 And if you kill the Fly… As for a human.. Suppose a surgeon cuts out the thyroid gland because it FOR SOME REASON (no one in medicine knows why) enlarged or developed nodes. Then for a cockroach (here lungs) it seems to mean nothing… But it only seems so!!! Many scientific researches have shown that a tree adversely responds to presence of a person who previously was cutting grass, which ALSO belongs to the kingdom of plants!

40 Do you happen to be interested why does a thyroid gland enlarge? Or why does it develop nodes or other artifacts? Or why are thyroid gland problems mostly “women’s” ones? Sensory Physiology gives us, as usual, simple and logical Etiological Diagnosis. When analyzing “diseases” of a Thyroid gland on the basis of the Law of Analogy I came to the conclusion – and this conclusion allows curing patients – that the problem is in breath restrictions (Lung function). The lungs are constantly in saturated condition. That is “neither inhalation nor exhalation” condition That is the way a continuous blocking of function of sternocostal and vertebrocostal joints develops.

41 But in each case it happens because those women (most of those who have the problem) WALK WITHOUT BREATHING! Some of them might have painful menstruation and some had surgeries and the others had postnatal pain… And that’s how they’ve developed a habit to WALK TENSELY IN CONSTANT FEAR OF PAIN OR CONSTANT “ESCAPING” FROM PAIN It’s not their fault – it’s an intuitive action! Why do they do this? Sensory physiology can give us the answer: the air stays in lungs for a longer period (and the air in the process of burning (oxygen assimilation) heats and lifts a woman, at least a little, relieving her feet from body weight).

42 And what does a Response (“failure”) of thyroid gland have to do with this? It is an analogue of Lungs! That’s why it just has to respond ANALOGOUSLY (just the same as when a dog starts barking in response to other dog’s barking, though they look different – one of them is a small spaniel and the other – a huge mastiff). The thyroid gland “starts barking” ANALOGOUSLY either by accrementition or by developing nodes in areas, analogous to lung areas, where circulation arrest occurred, etc. That’s what happens on cellular level… But the Thyroid gland has one more problem! A woman walking like this (pain expectation) has to always toughen neck muscles… And how can a Thyroid work properly under pressure of toughened muscles? AND HOW CAN VOICE BE FEMININE – I.E. TENDER AND MELODIOUS?!

43 The Law of Analogy is a very important Law for understanding the design process of a human body. Let’s take as an example such VISIBLE body part as an ear – you can easily see that it is one of the universal elements (bricks) of a Human body, and according to its model (by the model of Ear Development) most visceral organs were punched by the Creator. PUNCH EVERYTHING! EAR IS THE MODEL

44 When a TRUE WOMAN looks at her ear from this point of view (from the standpoint of the Main Designer of a Human) and this is the moment of enlightenment and transformation of Rationality into Consciousness, when a TRUE WOMAN, as a person of Consciousness can see in her ear (in its form of development) a UNIVERSAL MATRIX for most visceral organs and even brain and will regard the ear as a model of development form of a fetus… Then she, being a person of consciousness will reflect if she should interfere with development of her own child and wear those trinkets – earrings!

45 Or in a problem with some organ, analogous to ear by the form of development! или Проблему какого-то Собственного Органа – Аналога Уха Формой Развития! And this will happen exactly in the area of brain or other organ, where according to the Law of Analogy “earrings rage”. But those problems will inevitably arise not only in one’s own organs and systems, not only in own brain, but in organs, systems and brain of a developing fetus and, as practice has shown in those of a child!!! So many children suffer from cerebral palsy, autism and other health and development problems due to trinkets of their moms! A child’s body HAS TO respond this way, because the Law of Analogy is not a trifle, but a fundamental law of the Universe – the Law of Development Forms, but also the LAW OF PROCESS FORMS. Trinkets, irritating earflap, which is projection of brain, will ultimately result in brain problem, determining its processes… Note: A Human body HAS to react this way because the Law of Analogy is valid not just for a human being, it is the Law of Development and Process Form, which is working in the whole UNIVERSE

46 Why is the knowledge of the Law of Analogy so important – because it allows limitless use of its power. A punch is a punch!… Bang – and analogous part is ready! – it just has to be corrected a bit. Let’s take one more example of “punching” and lay anatomical model of uterus and ovaries over a female face. Now it becomes clear even for a prejudiced person that it’s easy to address genital and hormonal problems by providing unrestricted functioning of eyes and eyebrows, lips, tongue and nose… or prevent such problems at all!

47 If we realize, for example, the analogy of a foot as the most important sensing and springing system supporting Mobile verticality of a person and his/ her Collarbone… COLLARBONE Its shape is so similar to Foot arch!!! Why?! (see also Water Molecule Structure)

48 Or realize, for example, the same analogy of Shoulder Girdle Bones and Design of a woman’s body. As well as analogy of a female reproductive system… Give yourself the answer if suffering are needed to gain a Venus body or can a woman aware of the Law of Analogy have some diseases?

49 Logical (Sensophysiological) Conclusion – which is made on the basis of proposed (just solitary) examples: Continuous health status is the process of realization what eyebrow one has to move to correct circulation in feet (since eyebrow is its analogue by the form of development) or to reestablish the function and movement of a collarbone – because collar- bone is an analogue not only of a Foot, but also that of an eyebrow - or how to change the view of the world to free shoulder girdle and sternum, i.e. to prevent and cure uterus and breast cancer... Realize which eye, foot, rib, which part of the tongue, lips and which shoulder blade we have to slightly move… or to free to reestablish Life energy circulation! Brief format of my lessons on Physiological culture doesn’t let me show all existing analogies. But I am sure and I am happy to think that you yourself will find them in methodology of Sensory Physiology and develop YOUR OWN Technologies of Renovation of Continuous Health Status!

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