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1.Living c_________, such as human beings, animals or plants, depend on water and air to live. 2.When I heard that I wasn’t chosen into the school football.

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1 1.Living c_________, such as human beings, animals or plants, depend on water and air to live. 2.When I heard that I wasn’t chosen into the school football team I felt rather d___________. 3.The murderer was sentenced to death a________ to today’s newspaper. 4.In order to save more people, the scientists are doing r_______ on the causes of the disease. 5.The police tried to find more w________ of the accident who had w_______ it. 6.Show me some e________, or I won’t believe you. 7.Looking at her p______ expressions, I see that she still hasn’t understood the problem. 8.The reason why he was late is not very c__________. 9.The p_________ of breaking the world record never occurred to him. reatures isappointed ccording esearch itnesses itnessed vidence uzzled onvincing ossibility

2 1.Last night I had a n_________ and woke suddenly. 2.Whether Arafat was m________or died naturally is still unknown to the world yet. 3.There is no p_________ that a similar earthquake will happen in the same place again. 4.He didn’t s_____ up until the party was over. 5.He p_______ his brain all day over the problem, but didn’t solve it. 6.They went out in s_______ of the missing boy. 7.He has s______ up his training to prepare for the race. 8.Mistakes d____ to carelessness may have serious result. 9. He had to m_____ up an excuse to explain his absence. 10.Her f_________ expressions suggested she said something f__________ and was f___________. ightmare urdered ossibility how uzzled earch tepped ue rightened ake rightening rightened

3 Unit 1 Tales of the unexplained Welcome to the unit

4 Programs 1)science and technology 2)broadcast the latest news at home and abroad 3)report and analyze the current situation 4)comment on the global economy and finances 5)related to sports and music 6)introduce different local customs What kind of TVprograms would you like to watch?

5 knowledge Strange things phenomena mysteries information information 现象

6  Are you curious about mysteries? Why?  Have you ever thought of exploring some of the mysteries? of the mysteries?

7 Leonardo da Vinci painted the Mona Lisa on a piece of pine wood in the year 1506.

8 Is the Mona Lisa just the painter himself?

9 Pictures: What’s the common characteristics of the What’s the common characteristics of the five pictures? five pictures? mysteries which are hard to explain mysteries which are hard to explain

10 UFOs The chances for seeing a UFO are greater for those people who live in small towns or in the country and are outside late at night. UFOs come in all shapes and sizes. Some are only small spots of light that move in strange patterns across the night sky. Some can be seen in the daytime,which are often disk- or saucer-shaped. : unidentified flying objects

11 Himalayas the highest mountain range in the world Yeti half-man and half-beast be supposed to live in the highest Himalayas. Sightings of footprints have been reported. Yet none of them have been supported with evidence

12 Loch Ness the largest of a series of interlinked lochs, or lakes, located in north. one of Scotland’s top tourist attractions. Lock Ness Monster 1)Nessie, was sighted as far as the 6 th century 2)four fingered beast 3)feet of eight inches 4)powerful soft-footed animal about 20 feet in length 5)breathe like a crocodile with one nostril out of the water

13 the Sphinx half human, half lion, 240 feet long /66 feet high Pyramids, Egypt The Great Pyramid The Great Pyramid of Khufu, served as burial places for the Pharaohs.( 法老王 )

14 Stonehenge place: place: time: time: shape: shape: in southern England in southern England built between 2800 and 1500 BC built between 2800 and 1500 BC two concentric (同心) circles of two concentric (同心) circles of standing stones standing stones

15 3. If you saw a UFO or a monster some day, what would you do? Group discussion 1. Do you believe in unexplained things mentioned above? Why or why not? 2.What other unexplained things in China do you know about?

16 Phrases: 1. 无法解释的 / 神秘的故事 2. 充满神秘 3. 今天先进的科技 4. 一艘沉船 5. 一个气象气球 6. 遇见雪人 7. 建造金字塔的原因 8. 看到几个脚印 9. 相信无法解释的事情 10. 有一天,某天 1.tales of the unexplained 2.full of mysteries’s advanced science and technology 4.a sunken ship 5.a weather balloon into a Yeti 7.the reason for building the pyramids 8.see a few footprints 9.believe in unexplained things 10.some day

17 advanced (adj.)1. 高级的 2. 年老的 3. 先进的 1.The USA has the most advanced weapon systems in the word. 2.He is spending a year on advanced studies. 3.He’s advanced in years. advance (v.) 1. 往前走 2. 上涨 3. 提出 1.They were going to advance thirty-five miles per day into Germany. 2.Sugar has advanced two cents a pound. 3.The plan he advanced was not good. 先进的 高级的 年老的 往前走 上涨 提出

18 run into 1. 碰到 (某人 ) 2. 和 — 相撞 3. 遭到(危险 / 困难 )4. 达到(某个数量) 1.Lester did not expect to ____________ __________ (遇到很多他的朋友) 2. Joe lost control of his bike and ___________ (撞上了树) run into many of his friends. run into a tree 3.They _________________________ in the course of construction. (碰到了许多困难) ran into many difficulties 4.The wealth they took with them ran into hundreds of millions.

19 sink sank sunk/ sunken 1. 正在下沉的船 已沉的船 2. 正在升起的太阳 已升起的太阳 3. 纷纷落下的树叶 落叶 the sinking ship the sunken ship the rising sun the risen sun the falling leaves the fallen leaves the reason for 名词 / 代词 / 动词 -ing/sb.doing sth. 或 why 从句 1.___________________________was drinking the polluted water. (他生病的原因) 2.Give me your reason for ________(do) it. 3.____________________is that there was a breakdown on the railway. (他迟到的原因) 4.The reason for many animals dying out is man’s hunting and killing. The reason for his illness doing The reason why he is late

20 Savages in Shennongjia the Terracotta Warriorsthe flying stick the Hung Coffins

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