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Extraterrestrials… (ALIENS!!!) Outcome: 117-11 Analyse examples of Canadian extraterrestrial encounters.

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1 Extraterrestrials… (ALIENS!!!) Outcome: 117-11 Analyse examples of Canadian extraterrestrial encounters.

2 WebQuest... For each slide, follow the instructions and go to the indicated website to answer any questions. Key Terms are in PINK.

3 Extraterrestrial Extraterrestrial: Life that does not originate from Earth. It is unknown whether any such life exists. There is no evidence to this claim! The theorization of extraterrestrial life is known as astrobiology or exobiology (like exo-planets).

4 Extraterrestrial Explanations One possibility to explain the existence of extraterrestrial life is that life has emerged independently at many places throughout the Universe. Another possibility is exogenesis, in which life would have spread between habitable planets.

5 Extraterrestrial – What types of life count? Possible forms of extraterrestrial life range from simple bacteria-like organisms to sapient beings far more advanced than humans.

6 Extraterrestrial – Where is this possible? Suggested locations on which life might have developed, or which might continue to host life today, include the following: –Planets Venus and Mars –Moons of Jupiter and Saturn (such as Europa and Titan) –Extrasolar GOLDILOCKS planets

7 What is a goldilocks planet? Go to the following to find out the answer! What is a goldilocks planet? What does a planet need to have to classify as one? Read the following article to determine some possible goldilocks planets… goldilocks-planet-may-be-just-right-for-life.html goldilocks-planet-may-be-just-right-for-life.html

8 Evidence for Extraterrestrial Life The vast size of the observable universe and the number of galaxies, stars, planetary systems seems to suggest that life is very probable. Visit the website below and find at least 3 pieces of evidence that you find convincing… 10-controversial-pieces-of-evidence-for- extraterrestrial-life.html 10-controversial-pieces-of-evidence-for- extraterrestrial-life.html

9 Stephen Hawking The following sites look at Stephen Hawking’s view of aliens and extraterrestrial life (the first is a video, the second is text). What does he think? Do you agree with him? en-hawking-alien-contact- risky/story?id=10478157 en-hawking-alien-contact- risky/story?id=10478157

10 UFO UFO: Unidentified Flying Objects Most UFO sightings are explained either as sightings of Earth-based aircraft or known astronomical objects, or as hoaxes. Some sightings have remained unexplained, in some cases having been reported by trained professionals.

11 UFO Sightings in Canada! Almost 10% of Canadians believe they have seen a UFO 78% of Canadians believe in life on a planet other than Earth 57% of Canadians believe that the government is hiding information about aliens… Information from: archive/97poll.htm archive/97poll.htm

12 UFO Sightings in Canada! UFO Sightings in Canada: Go to the following website to find out where UFOs have been seen! Have there been any sightings in Nova Scotia? Where? html html

13 UFO Sightings in Canada! On the next few slides, I have put the websites and also the newspaper articles for some famous Canadian “alien” or UFO sightings!!! Feel free to read/listen! Some are weird!

14 Shag Harbour Sighting… Visit the following website to see some CBC videos/radio clips of people describing UFO sightings! WEIRD!!! lained/topics/725/ lained/topics/725/ This website discusses a famous sighting nearby in Shag Harbour! RTy=0&RC=1&RP=1&RD=1&RA=0&th=1&x=0& y=0 RTy=0&RC=1&RP=1&RD=1&RA=0&th=1&x=0& y=0

15 Close Encounters of the Canadian Kind - Radio unexplained/topics/725/ unexplained/topics/725/ 7 min

16 One of Canada’s earliest paranormal sightings Broadcast date: Aug. 24, 1962

17 UFO Landing Sight unexplained/topics/725/ unexplained/topics/725/ An invitation that’s out of this world (July 2, 1967)

18 CBC TV clip unexplained/clips/4343/ unexplained/clips/4343/ 3 min

19 Canada’s famous UFO encounter Broadcast Date: Feb. 21, 1983

20 Radio Recording…1986 unexplained/clips/4399/ unexplained/clips/4399/ 24 min

21 Alien Abductions in Canada Broadcast date: Oct. 8, 1986

22 Crop Circles in Canada… CBC unexplained/clips/4350/ unexplained/clips/4350/ 4 min

23 Crop Circles: Leaving a mark in Canada Broadcast Date: Aug. 21, 1990

24 The Truth is Out There unexplained/topics/725/ unexplained/topics/725/

25 Math and UFOs The Drake Equation Developed by Frank Drake in 1961 as a way to focus on the factors which determine how many intelligent, communicating civilizations there are in our galaxy (Milky Way). Go to the following equation and test out the theory!!! ETI/drake_equation.html ETI/drake_equation.html

26 What is Life???

27 What are the requirements for life as we know it?

28 Drake Equation The Drake Equation is: N = N* x f p x n e x f l x f i x f c x L where: –N = # of civilizations in our galaxy with which communication might be possible –N* = number of stars in the Milky Way –f p = fraction of those stars that have planets –n e = average number of planets that can potentially support life per star that has planets –f ℓ = the fraction of the above where life potentially evolves –f i = the fraction of the above that actually go on to develop intelligent life –f c = the fraction of civilizations that develop a technology that releases detectable signs of their existence into space –L = the length of time such civilizations release detectable signals into space

29 The Answer… Find the number of civilizations in our galaxy with which communication might be possible, according to this equation using the current estimates indicated on the website! Now play around on the site using different probabilities (the page will do the calculations for you!) Do you think this equation is useful or not? Why?

30 Review Questions 1) Key Terms: UFO, extraterrestrial, astrobiology or exobiology, goldilocks planet, exogenesis 2) What are some possible explanations for extraterrestrial life? 3) Where might extraterrestrial life exist? What kind of life is it? 4) What is a goldilocks planet? Give an example. 5) Give at least 3 pieces of evidence for extraterrestrial life. Do you think this is enough to convince you that aliens may exist? Why or why not? 6) What does Stephen Hawking think about extraterrestrial life? Do you agree with him? Why or why not? 7) What are UFOs? What are most UFO sightings deemed to be? 8) Have there been any sightings in Nova Scotia? Where? 9) Listen or read about some UFO sightings in Canada. Do these descriptions change your mind? Why or why not? 10) Drake equation: Do you think this equation is useful or not? Why?

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