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Oral, Poster contribution Original contributions on thermal spraying are accepted. We mainly expect contributions devoted to the analysis of spray processes,

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Presentation on theme: "Oral, Poster contribution Original contributions on thermal spraying are accepted. We mainly expect contributions devoted to the analysis of spray processes,"— Presentation transcript:

1 Oral, Poster contribution Original contributions on thermal spraying are accepted. We mainly expect contributions devoted to the analysis of spray processes, sprayed coatings characterizations (microstructural, optical, mechanical, physical, chemical…) and on recent methods such as suspension spray and cold spray. The papers related to post spray treatments are welcome. Environmental and energetic aspects of thermal spraying will be particularly of interest during this 5 th edition. Additionally, the contributions related to the coatings applications and their functional properties are kindly invited.Formation During the first day of the conference, the formation on thermal spraying will be held. The lectures of local and international scientists (ETSA) are foreseen Industrial exhibitions Thermal Spraying (process, diagnostics…) Materials for Spray (powders, precursor…) Characterization of the deposits (mechanical tests, porosity…) For more information ask Lech PAWLOWSKI SPCTS, Université de Limoges 12, rue Atlantis 87068 LIMOGES CEDEX Tel. (+33) 587 50 24 12 Location 5 th RIPT LIMOGES 2011 7 th to 9 th December 7 th to 9 th December Third Announcement Partners 1 day (with the choice) or 3 days: Students : 60 € / 130 € Academics :180 € / 350 € Industrialists : 210 € / 400 € Exhibitors : 500 € Formation 1 day: 750 €/500 € (students) Accounts: 1. Participation in 5RIPT: IBAN: FR76 1007 1870 0000 0010 0008 842 Bank: Tresor Public Account’s address: M l’Agent Comptable Universite de Limoges 33 Rue Fr Mitterand BP 23204 87032 Limoges Cedex France Please note on bank transfer Participation in 5RIPT 2. Participation in Formation on Thermal Spraying: IBAN: FR76 3000 4016 4200 0100 3250 110 Bank: BNP PARIBAS Agence VILLEN ASCQ ANNA Account’s address: European Thermal Spray Association ENSCL 8 Rue Mendeleiev 59650 Villeneuve d’Ascq France Please note on bank transfer Formation at 5RIPT Costs Les R encontres I nternationales sur la P rojection T hermique ENSIL Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Ingénieurs de Limoges,16 rue Atlantis, Parc ESTER Technopole BP 6804, 87068 Limoges To be registered complete and return the reply form below. The payment can have a form of: Bank transfer to the a account given in the internet site “Bon de commande” for the French Public Laboratories and Institutes and send to Prof. Pawlowski hands Cheque labelled “Agent Comptable University of Limoges “ and send to Prof. Pawlowski hands

2 Scientific Committee: BERGER L.M., Dr., Fraunhofer Gesellschaft, Dresden, Germany BERNDT C., Prof., Swinburne University of Technology, Hawthorn, Australia BIANCHI L., Dr., CEA, Le Ripault, France CANNILLO V., Prof., University of Modena, Italy COUDERT J.F., Prof., University of Limoges, France DENOIRJEAN A., Dr., University of Limoges, France FAUCHAIS P., Prof., University of Limoges, France GADOW R., Prof., University of Stuttgart, Germany GUILEMANY J.M., Prof., University of Barcelona, Spain HEIMANN, R.B., Prof., Oceangate, Görlitz, Germany ILAVSKY J., Dr., Argonne National Laboratory, Argonne, USA MATEJICEK J., Dr., Institute of Plasma Physics, Prag, Czech Republic KOZERSKI S., Dr., University of Technology, Wroclaw, Poland LAMPKE T., Prof.,University of Chemnitz, Germany LESAGE J., Prof.,University of Lille 1, France MONTAVON G., Prof., University of Belfort-Montebeliard, France NYLEN P., Prof., University West, Trollhättan, Sweden PAWLOWSKI, L., Prof., University of Limoges, France PUCHI-CABRERA E., Prof., University of Caracas, Venezuela. SMUROV I., Prof., ENISE, Saint Etienne, France STAIA M.H., Prof., University of Caracas, Venezuela STÖVER D., Prof., Forschungszentrum Jülich, Germany TULUI M., Dr., Centro Sviluppo Materiali, Rome, Italy. VARDELLE A., Prof., University of Limoges, France VASSEN, R.Prof., Forschungszentrum, Jülich, Germany VUORISTO P.,Prof., Tampere University of Technology, Finland Invited papers: AGEORGES, Hélène, Dr., University of Limoges, France BERTRAND, Ghislaine, Dr., University of Belfort – Montbéliard, France CANNILLO, Valéria, Professor, University of Modena, Italy FAUCHAIS, Pierre, Professor, University of Limoges, France GITZHOFER, François, Professor, University of Sherbrooke, Canada GUILEMANY, José Maria, Professor, University of Barcelona, Spain JORDAN, Eric, Professor, University of Connecticut, USA. LIAO, Hanlin, Professor, University of Belfort Montbéliard, France MEILLOT, Erick, Dr., CEA Le Ripault, Tours, France NYLEN, Per, Professor, University West in Trollhättan, Sweden PAWLOWSKI, Lech, Professor, University of Limoges, France PUCHI-CABRERA, Eli, Professor, University of Caracas, Venezuela SANCHEZ, Enrique, Professor, University of Castellon, Spain SIEGMANN, Stefan, Dr., Nova, Effretikon, Switzerland SMUROV, Igor, Professor, ENISE, St. Etienne, France VARDELLE, Armelle, Professor, University of Limoges, France VASSEN, Robert, Professor, Forschungszentrum Jülich, Germany VUORISTO, Petri, Professor, Tampere University of Technology, Finland WIELAGE, Bernahard, Professor, Technical University of Chemnitz, Germany E T S A European Thermal Spray Association meeting will have place on 7 December during the first day of 5RIPT Oral, Poster contribution Original contributions in the field of thermal spraying and, in particular, recent developments on suspension for thermal spraying have been accepted. 103 presentations will be given: 3 plenary lectures, 14 invited papers initiating each session, 62 oral presentations, 24 posters.

3 5 th RIPT LIMOGES - 2011 First day: 7 th December ENTRY HALL 14h00-18h30 Registration and installation of industrial exposition. Installation of posters. ESTER TECHNOPOLE 18H30-21h00 Welcome cocktail given by municipality of Limoges 21h30 Bus for center of Limoges offered by municipality AMPHI 1 10h00 Open lecture of Prof. François Gitzhofer from Sherbrooke University in Canada about Biomaterials SALLE DU CONSEIL 9h00-12h00 Meeting of ETSA Board of Directors Organizing Committee: PAWLOWSKI Lech (Co-Chairman) VASSEN Robert (Co-Chairman) AGEORGES Hélène BERTRAND Ghislaine CALVE Nicolas (webmaster) CHICOT Didier DENOIRJEAN Alain KROWKA Joanna LECOMPTE Jean-Pierre PATEYRON Bernard VARDELLE Michel Inscription formular 5 th RIPT Please complete and return the reply form below. PLEASE PRINT OR TYPE Title (Prof, Dr, Mr, Ms) Family Name First Name Job Title Organization Address Post Code Country Tel.Fax. Email Please, tick one of the following box: Invited contribution Oral contribution Poster presentation Exhibition Student intention to take part Academics intention to take part Industrialist intention to take part Formation on thermal spraying More information: Lech Pawlowski University of Limoges SPCTS 12, rue Atlantis 87068 LIMOGES Cedex - FRANCE Tel. (+33) 587 50 24 12 Email : Limoges 2011 PAPERS: The presented papers will be published in Surface and Coatings Technology (Elsevier). The format and full details of the manuscripts will be sent after receiving enclosed filled form indicating presentation of a contribution.

4 Session 1 – Nanotechnologies Chairman: Robert Vassen 9h00Improved Solution Precursors for Plasma Spray by Carful Choice of Precursor Chemistry- Comparison Suspension Spray. (Y2O3-MgO) E.H. Jordan - University of Connecticut (USA) 9h30Radiative and optical properties of suspension plasma sprayed YSZ films : a porosity estimation technique. L. del Campo 9h50Microstructure and Photocatalytic Activity of Plasma-Sprayed TiO2 Coatings. APS or SPS feedstock? E. Sánchez - University of Castellon (Spain) 10h20Understanding liquid injection into atmospheric plasma jets of 500 A plasma with 4 bar injection. D. Soysal 8h00: Opening ceremony, Chairman Lech Pawlowski Welcome words: Municipality, University, Faculty, ENSIL, SPCTS 10h50 – 11h20 Coffee break Session 1 – Cold spray Chairman: Jose Maria Guilemany 9h00Cold gas spray a new technology for nanostructured coatings. J. M. Guilemany - University of Barcelona, (Spain) 9h30Localization of Deformation and Particle Consolidation at Cold Gas Dynamic Spraying. O. Bielousova 9h50Structural and properties characterization of Stellite coatings obtained by Cold Gas Spraying. N. Cinca 10h10Experimental study of Ti-6Al-4V coatings on light alloys obtained by cold gas dynamic spray. M.Villa 10h30Influence of deposition conditions and heat treatment on the adhesion strength and microstructure of cold sprayed aluminium on Al2O3 and AlN substrates. T. Lampke Session 1 – Applications of coatings Chairman: Bernhard Wielage 9h00Next Generation Thermal Barrier Coatings – Modelling and Experiments. P. Nylén - University West in Trollhättan (Sweden) 9h30Influence of the CMAS on the ageing of titanium alloy β21s. T. Ait Younes 9h50Cold Sprayed MCrAlY+X Coating for Gas Turbines Blades and Vanes. A. Bonadei 10h10Wettability of various substrates to liquid alumina. S. Goutier 10h30Elaboration of TiO2 coatings by plasma spraying for water treatment by solar photocatalysis. I. Hidouri Session 2 – Nanotechnologies Chairman: Eric Jordan 11h20Understanding the generation of thermal-sprayed nanostructure coatings. P. Fauchais - University of Limoges (France) 11h50Enhancement of Amorphous Phase Formation in Alumina-YSZ Coatings Deposited by Suspension Plasma Spray. F. Tarasi 12h10Oxidation and hot corrosion resistance of atmospheric plasma sprayed conventional and nanostructured YSZ coatings. A. Keyvani 12h30Ceramic suspension/solution plasma sprayed coatings: what else? G. Bertrand - University of Belfort – Montbéliard (France) Session 2 – Cold spray Chairman: Michel Vardelle 11h20Experimental and Numerical Studies on Cold Gas Dynamic Spray Process. B. Selvan 11h40Acceleration of nanodispersed powder in cold spray sonic micronozzle using helium. A. Sova 12h00Numerical study of the effect of nozzle design on particle footprint distribution in cold spraying. X. Suo 12h20Effects of gas temperature and ceramic particle content on microstructure and properties of cold sprayed Al5056/SiCp composite coatings. M. Yu Session 2 – Applications of coatings Chairwoman: Armelle Vardelle 11h20Iron-based coatings arc-sprayed with cored wires for applications at elevated temperatures. B. Wielage - Technical University of Chemnitz (Germany) 11h50The Development and Optimization of Aluminium Alloys for Thermal Spray Coating Application to Steel Substrates. O. Lewis 12h10Plasma Spraying of Efficient Photoactive TiO2 Coatings. G. Mauer 13h00 – 15h00 LUNCH Amphitheatre A Salle CIADT Salle du Conseil Program of 5 th RIPT - Program of 5 th RIPT - Thursday 8 December 8h30: Plenary lecture: Stephan Siegmann, 100 years of thermal spraying. About the inventor Max Ulrich Schoop

5 Session 1 - Mechanical properties Chairman: Eli Puchi Cabrera 15h30Plasma spraying coatings for tribology applications. H. Ageorges - University of Limoges (France) 16h00Study of tribocorrosion performance of selected thermal sprayed polymers. C. R. Camello Lima 16h20Tribological performances of YSZ composite coatings manufactured by suspension plasma spraying. G. Darut 16h40Mechanical properties of suspension plasma sprayed yttria stabilized zirconia coatings. L. Latka 17h00Effect of the mechanical properties on drilling resistance of Al2O3 - TiO2 coatings. C. C. Palacio 17h40 – 17h50 Coffee break Session 1 – Coatings properties Chairman: Petri Vuoristo 15h30A review of corrosion properties and corrosion mechanisms in plasma and HVOF sprayed oxide coatings. P. Vuoristo - Tampere University of Technology (Finland) 16h00Influence of the feedstock characteristics on the microstructure and properties of Al2O3-TiO3 plasma-sprayed coatings. E. Bannier 16h20Characterisation of HVOF-sprayed WC-FeCrAl cermet coatings. G. Bolelli 16h40Microstructure and electrochemical behaviour of alumina-titania sprayed by two different plasma spray processes. A. F. Kanta 17h00Advanced microstructural study on suspension plasma sprayed ZrO2+8 wt. % Y2O3 coatings. L. Pawlowski - University of Limoges (France) Session 3 – Applications of coatings Chairman: Hanlin Liao 15h30Nanopowder Synthesis using the Induction Plasma Technology, with Applications in the energy, biomedical and construction fields. F. Gitzhofer - University of Sherbrooke (Canada) 16h00Fabrication and Characterisation of Nanostructured Cobalt Ferrites by Sol-gel Methods. N. Sanpo 16h20 Effect of spray parameters on microstructure and thermal properties of thermal barrier coatings formed by solution precursor flame spray. M. Saremi 16h40Effect of operating parameters on optical and electrical properties of heterogeneous plasma sprayed coatings. E. Brousse-Pereira Session 2 – Mechanical properties Chairman: Enrique Sanchez 17h50Fatigue behavior of AA7075-T6 aluminium alloy coated with a WC-10 Co-4 Cr cermet by HVOF thermal spaying. E. S. Puchi-Cabrera - University of Caracas (Venezuela) 18h20Mechanical properties of cold sprayed Aluminium coatings. C. Sunal 18h40Wear Properties of CrC-37WC-18M Coatings Deposited by HVOF and HVAF Spraying Processes. P. Vuoristo Session 2 – Coatings properties Chairman: Alain Denoirjean 17h50Evaluation of the effective mobility of boron in the Fe2B phase in the presence of chemical stresses. M. Keddam 18h10Reflective and diffuse plasma-sprayed alumina. J. Marthe 18h30Permeation of saline solution in Al2O3-13 wt. % TiO2 coatings elaborate by atmospheric plasma spraying. F. Vargas Session 1 – Biomaterials Chairman: Luca Lusvarghi 17h50Innovative bioactive glass coatings for biomedical applications. V. Cannillo - University of Modena (Italy) 18h20Suspension plasma sprayed bioactive glass coatings: effect of processing on microstructure, mechanical properties and in-vitro behavior. A. Cattini 18h40Development of new analysis tools for thermally sprayed hydroxyapatite. K. A. Gross, L. Pluduma 19h00Bioactivity and Mechanical Properties of Coatings Elaborated by Plasma Spraying from 31SiO2- 11P2O5-(58-x)CaO-xMgO Powders. M. Monsalve 19h10 Poster session / 20h00 Diner gala (Le Poudrier) Amphitheatre A Salle CIADT Salle du Conseil Program of 5 th RIPT - Program of 5 th RIPT - Thursday 8 December 15h00: Plenary lecture: Lech Pawlowski, strategic oxides for thermal spraying

6 Session 1 - Modelling Chairman: Igor Smurov 9h00Analysis by modelling of the plasma flow interactions with surrounding atmosphere and liquid injection E. Meillot - CEA Le Ripault, Tours (France) 9h30A Lattice Boltzmann Based Investigation of Powder In-flight Characteristics during APS Process, Part I: Modelling and Validation. R. Djebali 9h50Comparison of the Impingement Behaviour of Dense and Hollow MetalDroplets onto a Substrate during Thermal Spray Coating. A. Kumar 10h10Numerical simulation of coaxial round jets. N. B. Safer 8h30: Plenary lecture: Vaßen Robert, Thermal spray coatings for energy applications 10h50 – 11h20 Coffee break Session 1 – Spray processes Chairman: Per Nylen 9h00Vapor deposition from solid precursors in thermal plasma processes. A. Vardelle - University of Limoges (France) 9h30Optical monitoring of the thermal spraying. Y. Chivel 9h50Thermal Spray and the development of Filter systems. J. Ferraz 10h10Effect of Processing Variables on Titanium Nitride Coating by Gas Tunnel Type Plasma Reactive Spraying. A. Kobayashi 10h30Three dimensional simulation of liquid metal atomization in gas flow. K. Koutsakis Session 1 – Pre- and post spray processes Chairman: Luc Bianchi 9h00Improvement in the properties of plasma-sprayed metallic, alloy and ceramic coatings using dry-ice blasting, H. Liao - University of Belfort – Montbéliard (France) 9h30Characterization of sealing treatments on the behavior of aluminium phosphate sealed plasma – sprayed alumina coatings operating in extreme environment. A. Joly Session 2 – Modelling Chairman: Erick Meillot 11h20Influence of substrate and particles preheating on deformation behavior in cold spraying by Eulerian method. M. Yu 11h40Finite element modelling of the elastic modulus of thermal barrier coatings. J.H. Qiao 12h003D stochastic reconstruction-direct access to some properties of Bi-phase materials. R. Arab Session 2 – Spray processes Chairwoman: Valeria Cannillo 11h20Cr2C3-NiCr VPS thermal spray coatings as candidate for chromium replacement. M. H. Staia 11h40Plasma Characteristics and Coating Growth of the Thin Film Low Pressure Plasma Spraying Process (LPPS-TF). A. Hospach 12h00New generation Advanced HVOF Torch using Ethanol. M. Zwetsloot Session 1 – Laser process Chairman: Stefan Siegmann 11h20Comprehensive analysis of laser cladding. I. Smurov - ENISE, St. Etienne, France 11h50Laser cladding of metal/ceramic composites for wear applications. D. Deschuyteneer 12h10Optimisation of microstructure and mechanical characteristics of laser textured substrate using an experimental design approach. A. Lamraoui Amphitheatre A Salle CIADT Salle du Conseil Program of 5 th RIPT - Program of 5 th RIPT - Friday 9 December 12h30 Amphi 1 : Distribution of the Best Paper and Best Poster Prices 12h40 – 14h15 LUNCH

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