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Netball Yorkshire AGM 20 th October 2014. Introduction A Year of Change The Regional Plan for 2013-2017 is in place with many of the Year 1 targets being.

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1 Netball Yorkshire AGM 20 th October 2014

2 Introduction A Year of Change The Regional Plan for 2013-2017 is in place with many of the Year 1 targets being exceeded in many areas Support from a small, but hard working group of dedicated volunteers Development of robust governance & finance structures, including clear terms of reference for working groups Open recruitment policy, recognising the need for more skilled volunteers at regional level Communication with Counties by establishing County Chairs Forum Establishing the regional academy programme in line with EN Performance Pathway

3 Introduction The Challenges Ahead: Embedding the new structures Establishing fully functioning working groups to meet the needs of the Region and the delivery of the Year 2 Plan and beyond Monitoring the plan to ensure targets are met, including data collection Recruiting more regional volunteers, including a Treasurer Supporting volunteers through appropriate induction and training programmes Improving communication with members, including young people by setting up a YAG Facility development to meet the needs of programme delivery

4 Governance & Finance Successes: Policies and Procedures produced, including: –Codes of Conduct –Codes of Ethics Recruitment - Open advert for Regional Board Members and Chairs of TSG’s Terms of Reference for each of the TSG’s completed Financial Systems in place and Financial procedures drawn up Constitution review completed Challenges: Embedding the process Recruitment of a Treasurer Induction for paid staff and volunteers

5 Competition Successes: Regional Senior League (October – March) - 10 teams x 1 division – Winners: Hi-Tech, 2 nd : Leeds Athletic Delivered strong regional competition across all junior age groups: - U14 League (January- April) – 8 teams x 1 division – Winners : Chevrons 2 nd : Leeds Athletic - These 2 clubs went on to represent Yorkshire in the national finals at the English institute of Sport, Sheffield on the 10 th & 11 th May. Leeds Athletic finished 6 th and Chevrons 14 th - U16 League (January – April) – 8 teams x 1 division – Winners: Leeds Athletic 2 nd : Chevrons – These 2 clubs went on to represent Yorkshire at the national finals on the 24 th & 25 th May at Redbridge Sports centre, Essex. Leeds Athletic finished 4 th and Chevrons finished 15 th - U12 Festival (June 2014) – 13 teams (1 x South Yorks, 4 x North Yorks, 4 x Humber, 4 x West Yorks) – Winners: Leeds Athletic, 2 nd Chevrons - U19 Tournament (November 2013) - 5 teams (3 x Humberside, 1 x West Yorkshire, 1 x South Yorkshire) – Winners: Shipley, 2 nd : Chevrons

6 Competition Regional round of National Schools – Saturday 25 th January 2014 - 8 x schools competed in each of the 3 age groups (U14, U16 & U19) at Ashville College, North Yorkshire: Final placings: - U14: Winners: The Grammar School at Leeds 2 nd : Hymers College - U16: Winners: The Grammar School at Leeds 2 nd : Sheffield High School - U19: Winners: The Grammar School at Leeds 2 nd : Greenhead College The above winners and runners up in each age category went forward to represent Netball Yorkshire at the National Schools finals on the 15 th March 2014 at Whitby High School, Ellesmere Port with outstanding success Final placings: U14: 2 nd : The Grammar School at Leeds, joint 15 th Hymers College U16:Winners: The Grammar School at Leeds, joint 13 th : Sheffield High School U19: Winners: Greenhead College, 2 nd The Grammar School at Leeds

7 Competition The Region ran its first Regional Schools Games Finals for Year 7 & High 5’s The year 7 competition took place on the 30th April 2014 at the Sports Arena, Humberside. 8 secondary schools took part ( 2 x NY, 2 x WY, 4 x H): Harrogate, Woodhouse Grove, St Mary’s, Rydale, Malet, Hessle Wolfreton and King James Winners: Woodhouse Grove 2 nd Harrogate The High5 competition took place on the 15 th July 2014 at the E.I.S Sheffield. 8 primary school teams took part: St Andrews Kirkella, St Charles, Herringthorpe, Silkstone Common, Aspin Park C.P Primary, St Mary’s, Fixby and Sproatley Winners; St Andrews Kirkella, Humberside, 2 nd :St Charles, Humberside, 3 rd Sproatley, Humberside

8 Competition Challenges: More people to administer Facility access Aspirations of teams at senior level Ensuring availability of correct level of umpires for competition No engagement with clubs

9 Officiating Successes: Table officials supported the Yorkshire Jets games and events including the Common Wealth Games in Glasgow 14 x C Award Umpires (1 x SY, 4 x WY, 9 x NY) 1x B Award Umpires (WY) 3 x Working towards A Award (Laura Scaife, Humberside, Emma Hayter, North Yorkshire and Sharon Green, South Yorkshire Mentored 10 umpires (2 working towards the A award and 8 working towards the B Award) Provided support for the ‘Make the Game Live ‘ conference at EIS Sheffield Challenges: Obtaining data from Counties Providing umpires at correct level for Regional competition needs Need for more Tutors and Mentors Conversion rate Getting umpires to move up the umpire pathway

10 Coaching Successes: Coaching TSG established Upskilled 52 x Level 1, 17 x level 2 and 2 x Level 3 coaches as well as converting 12 x old EN level 2 coaches to the UKCC level 2 qualification 1 x Coaching CPD workshops with 10 attendees (Humberside) 4 x UKCC Level 1’s (70 attendees) - 52 coaches qualified (15 x H, 16 x WY, 10 x SY, 11 x NY) 1 x UKCC Level 2 (20 attendees) - 17 coaches qualified (4 x H, 9 x WY, 1 x SY, 3 x NY) 1 x UKCC Level2 conversion (16 attendees) - 12 coaches (1 x H, 6 x WY, 1 x SY, 4 x NY) Challenges: Recruitment of a Chair Obtaining correct coaching data (MyNet not fully functional at present therefore does not hold workforce qualifications) Engaging with coaches and ensuring what is delivered is right for them CPD/mentoring for coaches Upskilling current EN level 2 coaches to UKCC qualification

11 Performance It has been a year of change as the region had adopted and delivered the new EN Performance Pathway Successes : Yorkshire Performance WG established Good Regional position, having a strong regional academy programme including good county academies 1 x Regional Performance Academy (RPA) – U19 - approx 13 athletes 1 x Regional Academy (RA) – U17 – approx 20 athletes 1 x Transitional Regional Academy (TRA) - U17 for 6 months – approx 19 athletes The Development and quality of athletes is excellent After an assessment by EN, Yorkshire was successful in gaining an additional second Regional Academy. Performance Pathway Coach now employed full time Successful Tri regional match days held (RPA & RA) with the North East & Successful Versatility days held with RA/TRA and County Academy Athletes also allowing great Umpire development opportunities with mentoring

12 Performance Netball Yorkshire won the pilot Netball Performance Foundation League (NPFL) – in Redbridge in JULY for athletes in RA/RPA – U17 6 athletes successful in being selected for the national academy (U17 & U19) – Brie Grierson, Lucy Harris, Rosie Harris, Lydia Walker, Claire Wilsher: Imogen Allison selected for Potential and now advanced to national academy Brie Grierson and Claire Wilsher represented England U19 at the Netball Europe Championship and Brie also at the U17 Lydia Walker and Brie Grierson went on an England U19 tour to Botswana Success with the Netball Performance League (NPL) – U19 - All RPA athletes and some RA athletes were selected to training with the Yorkshire Jets NPL (with a couple at other franchises) many of whom were selected to take the court - Competed in the opening NPL tournament and finished 3 rd - Finished 3 rd in the league missing 2 nd on goal average

13 Performance Challenges: Facilities of the appropriate quality Need for a central performance training venue Introduction of the new EN Performance Pathway Programme demands a huge commitment from academy staff and athletes (time/expense/travel)

14 XXXXXXXXXXX 1.0 14 B2N Sessions Delivered (6 x Humber, 2 x N Yorks, 6 x S Yorks) with 266 participants 2 x B2N festivals run (Humber) with 122 participants 7 x teams established through B2N (4 x Humber, 1 x N Yorks, 2 x S Yorkshire) 2 x Netball Now sessions run ( 1 x Humber, 1 x W Yorks) with 51 attendees Playing the Game

15 XXXXXXXXXXX 1.0 1 x new U11 junior club (Humber) 2 x Junior clubs with new U11 sections (1 x Humber, 1 x N Yorks) 3 x O11 Junior Clubs (2 x Humber, 1 x N Yorks) 2 x Junior Clubs with O11 section (1 x Humber, 1 x N Yorks) 5 x Satellite Clubs (2 x Humber, 2 x N Yorks, 1 x W Yorks) 1 x PL4S club (Humber) 19 x colleges offering EN FE programme (9 x Humber, 1 x N Yorks, 7 x S Yorks, 2 x W Yorks 13 x High 5 Festivals run (12 x Humber, 1 x W Yorks) with 930 attendees 2 x FE festivals run (1 x Humber, 1 x W Yorks) with 85 attendees 9 x High 5 Orientation workshops run with 157 attendees (5 x NY, 2 x NE Lincs, 1 x H, 1 X SY) 1 x Youth Umpire Award orientation Workshop run ( 1 x W Yorks) Playing the Game

16 CAPS Clubs: New registrations x1: Leeds YMCA (West Yorkshire) New Bronze Clubs x 1 : Whitecross (Humberside) 4 Year re accreditations x 4 : Bronze: Fusion (West Yorkshire); Leeds Athletic (West Yorkshire) Silver: Haxby (North Yorkshire); Huddersfield Giants (West Yorkshire) Annual Health Checks x 10: 4 x Humberside (Goole, Wilberforce, Reckitt Benckiser, Brigg) 3 x West Yorkshire (Whitcliffe, Wakefield Phoenix, Wakefield Wildcats) 1 x North Yorkshire (Ripon Rockets) 2 x South Yorkshire (Sheffield Stormers, Sheffield Concord) Satellite Clubs:

17 Successes: Recruited 3 University Netball Officers (UNO’s): - Hull University - York University - Sheffield Hallam University 239 Young volunteers signed up to the Pass on Your Passion programme across the Region: (75 x H, 73 x WY, 68 x NY 23 x SY) Delivered a successful Goalden Globe Awards event combined with the Region’s l 40 th anniversary celebration Challenges: Recruitment & training of volunteers No support programme Development of the Youth Advisory Group (YAG) Playing the Game

18 Communication & Marketing Successes: Have a Regional Website + 4 County websites Quarterly newsletter Regional representation with EN through working parties/forums Have a communication structure through WG;s and County Chairs Forum Social media (Facebook & Twitter) Challenges: Need a Lead Review of structure – Does it meet our needs? Social media training Need to ensure direct communication to a wider membership

19 Goalden Globe Success Goalden Globe Nominations Received = 42 (24 x Humber, 6 x N Yorks, 2 x S Yorks, 10 x W Yorks) Goalden Globe Winners: Gill Newsome –Mary Bulloch Administration Award Felicity O’Leary –Officials Award Rebecca Hutchinson –Grassroots Coach Award Ebony Greatorex–Young Volunteer Award Sarah Watts –Teacher Award Jenny Skelton –Muriel McNally – Grassroots Award Wakefield Wildcats Netball Club – Outstanding Netball Club Award Odelle Hazlett – Unsung Hero Award

20 Celebrating 40 Years Yorkshire Regional Netball Association THANK YOU ALL!!

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